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7 best leave-in brands, how to use and make yours at home (Hairstyling Inspo)

7 best leave-in brands, how to use and make yours at home

7 best leave-in brands, how to use and make yours at home

The leave-in is definitely a powerful product and full of advantages for the locks. There are several types that have different functions and meet the needs of all types of hair. Know what it is for, how to use it and know the best products to buy yours. Check it out!

What is leave-in and what is it for?

Leave-in is a fast-acting product, used after washing your hair and after conditioning it. There is no need to rinse and can be used on all types of hair. Currently, there are products with different functions, and we can find them in cream textures, sprays, mousses or serums.

The function of the leave-in is similar to that of the finishers, but the first has functions such as reducing volume, shaping the wires, controlling frizz and intensifying hydration and shine. It also works as a thermal protector and protects against external agents (sun, pollution, wind and humidity). Some assist in the definition of curls and in the pre-brush, facilitating straightening. The finishers are more suitable for composing and finishing hairstyles.

7 best leave-ins

Do you have any doubts about which brand to buy? We select the best leave-ins based on the evaluation of bloggers who tested the products. Check out:

1. Leave-in Cicatri Renov Elseve L´Oréal Paris – $

L´Oréal’s leave-in provides several benefits in one product. In addition to the main functions, it treats the wires instantly, continues to act throughout the day and also functions as a thermal protector.

“I used the product with wet hair next to my combing cream. I felt the threads a little heavy, but without too much exaggeration. I confess that I felt the thread much brighter and more defined. Regarding frizz, I didn’t feel any difference when compared to hair without Cicatri Renov. It really does have a sliding touch and immediate clearance. ” – Kahchear

2. Leave-in Fades Hair 5 in 1 Forever Liss – $$

If you have chemically treated hair, this product is right for you. It improves the dryness of the hair, moisturizes, reduces frizz and provides softness and silkiness.

“My hair is very thin, so any wind it gets goosebumps. This product seals the wires and leaves them longer in place. I really liked the result and I have always used it. ” – Bruna´s Closet

3. Pantene Leave-in Curls Conditioner Cream (4ABC) – $$

Pantene launched a leave-in for curly hair. The product guarantees ultra-hydration, as it is formulated with more concentrated provitamins of the brand and coconut oil – which provides defined and radiant curls.

“Look, I think that if you have curly and curly hair, you have to try this product and, if it works for you, know that I will be very happy and even with a bit of envy that you can take this package with you forever beautiful, amen! ” – Beauty Therapy

4. Amend – $$$ Curl Activator Leave-in

Another product developed especially for curly hair, Amend’s leave-in works as a curl activator and provides high definition. In addition, the product has assets such as D-Panthenol, shea butter and biotin – responsible for preventing hair loss and strengthening the hair.

“In my 2B hair, he really did the job together with a texturizing gel. My hair is up to my neck, so it fills easily without a more powerful product. However, despite Amend’s leave-in being a little fluid, I really thought it activated my curls and gave me the exact volume without weighing it with a ton of oil. ” – Waves that I like

5. Leave-in Revlon Professional Uniq One ​​- $$$

This leave-in has 10 incredible benefits for hair and even works as a finisher. The product protects the wires from high temperatures of the dryer and the flat iron, in addition to offering UVA and UVB protection, protecting the hair against the sun’s rays.

“Right when I saw this product, I thought it would never work with curly hair. But it’s not that I was wrong! The Revlon Professional Uniq One ​​Leave-in did a great job on my hair, I’m in a love affair with it! ” – Stylish Brunette

6. Truss Finish Hair Protector Leave-in – $$$$

Currently, there are products that combine several beneficial functions to the hair, and the Truss product is one of them. This leave-in, in addition to protecting against mechanical damage caused by the use of dryers and flat iron, also works as a treatment and helps in the recovery of the damaged hair structure. The result is shiny, malleable and protected hair.

“I was really impressed with this product, it is mega-powerful, treats hair deeply and pleases everyone. The straight ones will love it because they leave the hair with that beautiful movement and the curly ones will love it because it detangles the strands so well and treats the hair so deeply that the curls are impeccable. – Glamorous Rose

7. Leave-In Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste Thermique – $$$$$

If you often use a hairdryer, flat iron and babyliss, this product is perfect for protecting your hair. In addition to detangling and revitalizing the hair fiber, it protects hair subjected to heat tools up to 230 ° C – which is great for preventing dryness and hair breakage.

“I bought this leave-in for two reasons: first, because it belongs to the Extentioniste line, which is simply one of my favorite Kerastase masks! MASTER! Second, because several of you recommended me… And there was no mistake: this leave-in is wonderful! ” – I’ll go in pink

Did you like the tips? In the next topic, follow videos that will help you a lot when applying the product on your hair!

How to use leave-in

Check out the videos below and see important tips on how to apply the product correctly and get the best results:

How and when to use leave-in

If you have doubts whether you can use the product in your daily life and how it should be applied, see this video in full. The professional Débora Facioli gives infallible tips on how to use it and get incredible results in your hair. Watch it!

Tips for leave-ins that don’t weigh on your hair

In this video, youtuber Iasmim Migueis talks about the texture of leave-ins available on the market. In addition, she chooses the 5 best products, which leave hair looking natural and more malleable. Watch it!

How to use leave-in and what is the ideal amount

One of the main doubts when using leave-in is about the adequate amount to not make the hair look heavy. In this video, you’ll see tips on how to apply it using the required amount of the product. It’s worth watching!

Bonus: homemade leave-in

In addition to the various brands available in the beauty market, you can still make your own product at home with just 4 ingredients: apple cider vinegar, styling cream of your choice, saline and glycerin. Watch the video, learn how to apply and apply to your hair!

Now that you know everything about leave-in and how to use it, just take advantage of our product tips and buy yours. Enjoy and check the benefits that hydration with glycerin provides to the hair and keep the locks beautiful and healthy!

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