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Meet the shades of copper red and tips to keep the color radiant (Hair Updates)

Meet the shades of copper red and tips to keep the color radiant

Meet the shades of copper red and tips to keep the color radiant

The coppery red is a more natural tone and, currently, one of the most requested when it comes to renewing the look. The color has lighter, darker, golden or more intense nuances, it depends on the shade of red you want to adopt. Find out more about its nuances, care, what dyes to buy and check out photos to get inspired!

What are the shades of copper red hair

  • Light coppery red: this shade is closer to blond, has coppery pigments and is indicated for those who want well-lit hair.
  • Very light coppery redhead: it is the copper reddish tone that most resembles the tones of natural redheads. The color is easy to maintain if the strands are kept toned and hydrated. It is ideal for those who want a more natural, clear tone, and very bright hair.
  • Dark coppery red: this shade of red is very reminiscent of brown tones and is very popular with those who want a more closed and discreet red.
  • Medium coppery red: medium copper is also popular, especially for those who want to try the red for the first time. It is a shade with a lighter base than dark copper and also has copper pigments.
  • Intense copper red: this shade of copper red is perfect for those who want more vivid and vibrant colors, as the color is pulled to a more intense orange.

Whether a shade more closed, intense, orange or more natural, the copper red has different numbers that allow to achieve the desired color. Find out more about them!

The numbering of the coppery redhead

The numbers vary according to the desired tone. If you prefer a discreet and closed red, choose dark copper blond (5.4 and 6.4) or medium copper blond (7.4). For light reds, opt for light coppery blond (8.4 and 8.44) or very light reds (9.34 and 10.34). Now for intense redheads, choose intense copper blonde (8.44) or medium copper blonde (7.44).

Where to buy dye to leave your red hair auburn

There are good options of dyes in the cosmetics market with quality and variety of prices. We have selected some products to help you choose yours. Check it out below:

  1. Color Kit Beautiful & Golden Auburn Gold Color 7.43, in Americanas
  2. Maxton Ruivo Coppery coloration kit 8.43, at Ikesaki
  3. Tintura Cor & Ton 7.44 Auburn Red 7.44, at Casas Bahia
  4. Yamá Professional Color 3D Light Blond Coppery 8.4, at Loja Beleza Ruiva
  5. Koleston Acaju Acobreado 0.64, at Lojas Redes
  6. Eico Pro.Color Light Blonde Copper Intense 8.44, at Loja Beleza Ruiva
  7. Wella Soft Color – Red Tones – Copper Brown 54, at Época Cosméticos

Now that you know where to buy your dye, just choose yours and check the main care to keep the tone overwhelming!

5 care of copper red hair

The red color is beautiful, but requires some care to keep the color alive and the healthy threads. Find out what these precautions are:

  1. Hydration: at least 3 times a week use treatment masks, ampoules and cauterization to hydrate the wires. This process prevents the hair from becoming dry and with a split effect.
  2. Use toner: the coppery red tends to fade easily, so tone the hair every 15 days to revive color and maintain shine.
  3. Avoid hot water: always wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water, as the high temperatures favor the fading of the color, opacity and dryness of the strands.
  4. Avoid using anti-residue shampoo: this type of shampoo removes the ink more easily, so opt for shampoos with red pigments and specific for red hair.
  5. Color maintenance: every 15 days or, depending on the growth of the hair, it is important to go to the beauty salon to touch up the root and maintain the color. This is essential to keep the copper red color alive and beautiful.

In addition to the precautions mentioned, it is important to note that exposure to the sun is another factor that impairs the durability of the color. So, always use products with sunscreen to protect the wires.

How to leave auburn hair with the desired shade

Next, check out some videos that show the step by step of how to apply the dye and hints of nuances to achieve the perfect shade for you:

Coppery redhead at home

If you have dark hair and want to change the look, but without radicalizing it, youtuber Caroline Mair shows you step by step how to paint the strands with dye 7.4. Watch the video and see the result!

Maintenance with coppery golden red

This shade more drawn to gold is perfect for those who want the lightest and brightest threads. Watch the video and see how to maintain your red with the 8.4 + 9.04 dye from keune!

Retouching the copper tone in curly hair

Curly hair is beautiful in itself, but the red tone highlights and illuminates the curls even more, making them look wonderful. In this video, youtuber Gleici Duarte shows you step by step how to touch up the wires at home. Check the result!

As we have seen, it is possible to change the look at home, but if you are not totally sure to do it yourself, look for a professional and conquer the redhead of your dreams!

25 photos of copper red hair to fall in love with the tone

Now that you know more about the necessary shades and care, check out beautiful photos with different nuances for you to choose the red that best matches your skin tone:

1. The coppery red is a fascinating shade

2. It is one of the most requested colors in beauty salons

3. When it comes to visual upgrades

4. You can choose from different shades

5. Until you choose the one that harmonizes with your skin tone

6. Intense red is for those who like vibrant colors

7. And want a more daring transformation

8. The shade of dark red is for the most discreet

9. The lighter nuances are perfect for a brighter look

10. Some people prefer the reddish tones

11. Or more closed tones

12. See how well the coppery tone looks in curly hair!

13. And makes the straight hair brighter

14. This shade of red is more like that of natural reds

15. This one, on the other hand, highlighted the beautiful curls

16. The coppery golden redhead is full of power

17. And he is one of the most famous redheads

18. The nuances of the copper redhead are very democratic

19. Match all ages

20. They look great on more classic women

21. In the most stripped

22. In the sweetest and most romantic

23. Just choose the tone that suits you best

24. With your style

25. And with your personality

As we have seen, the coppery redhead has nuances that combine with women with light skin, brunette and black, a very democratic tone, isn’t it? Enjoy and check out the best products to make your hair shine at home and boost your hair color.

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