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30 side braid ideas to fall in love with hairstyle (Beauty Inspo)

30 side braid ideas to fall in love with hairstyle

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30 side braid ideas to fall in love with hairstyle

The braid is a classic hairstyle that, over time, has been modernized, being used by all races and social classes and gaining more variations. The side braid is one of the possibilities that the style brings, so we will present beautiful photos for all occasions and tutorials on how to make this beautiful hairstyle. Check it out!

How to make side braid: step by step in a simple and practical way

In addition to this hairstyle being beautiful and looking good in any type of hair, there are practical ways to do it. Check below the step by step of one of them:

  1. Hair division: first, divide the hair and choose the side where the braid will be made.
  2. Use accessories to facilitate: with a piranha or rubber band, attach the other side to facilitate the construction of the braid.
  3. Take a lock at the top of the head: start by taking a small strand on the front, divide it into three parts and start braiding.
  4. Incorporate the braid: then, add very thin strands on the sides and join them with the braid to incorporate it.
  5. Finishing the strands: Do the same process until the strands are finished.
  6. Braid to the tip of the hair: finish with a common braid until the rest of the hair.
  7. Finishing the hairstyle: finally, secure with an elastic band of your choice.

This is just one of the ways we can make the braid. See now how it is possible to design other hairstyles and further enrich your side braid!

Other ways and ways to make side braid

The braid really is a very versatile hairstyle and with different ways to do it. Next, you can see videos with tutorials that show some of the possibilities:

Side braid on both sides

In this video, youtuber Isabella Closet teaches you how to make this beautiful hairstyle inspired by one of the looks worn by actress Marina Ruy Barbosa. Check out the step by step and see how the braids on both sides look beautiful and delicate!

Recessed side braid

The built-in braid is one of the most beautiful variations of the hairstyle and is not as difficult to make as it looks. In this video, youtuber Pamella Rocha teaches you step-by-step in a very didactic way. Watch it!

Side nagô braid in curly hair

The Nagô braid – or root braid, as it is also known – can also be made on the side, and the result is incredible. Watch the video and learn how to make this beautiful hairstyle!

Inlaid side herringbone braid

Do you go to an event and don’t know how to fix your hair? The fishbone braid or fish scale is a sure-fire hairstyle to rock at any party. Learn how to do it by watching the video!

Low bun with side braid

The bun is a classic, elegant and timeless hairstyle: with side braid, it becomes even more sophisticated. Watch the tutorial and learn how to do it yourself at home!

Side braid with ribbon

If you love a colorful look and love an accessory, the ribbon side braid is right for you. Learn the step-by-step how to do the hairstyle, which can be used in a June party or any other party. The video is worth watching!

Sidecut side braid

To make this hairstyle, you will need silicone rubber band and hairpins. Youtuber Pamella Rocha teaches you how to make the “fake sidecut”, another variation that the side braid allows!

Did you see how the braid is one of the most democratic hairstyles that exist? So do not waste time: use and abuse the hairstyle and look beautiful!

30 side braid photos to fall in love

Whether inlaid, fishbone, on both sides or with ribbon, the hairstyle offers several possibilities of use. We made a selection of beautiful photos that prove it. Check out:

1. The side braid is a hairstyle full of charm

2. Very democratic and versatile

3. Looks beautiful in all hair types

4. And it’s perfect to shine at any event

5. The braid can be herringbone

6. In the side nagô braid style

7. Can be more bulky

8. Or in the sidecut style

9. You can do duo braid on the side

10. Or a thicker, more classic braid

11. You can use accessories to compose the look

12. Ribbons are good options

13. Because they add an extra touch to the look

14. Look how amazing this fake inlaid braid is!

15. Side braid and bun are the perfect match

16. And it makes the hairstyle even more exquisite

17. You can braid and leave the rest of the strands loose

18. Or braid both sides

19. Because, in this way, it is full of delight and charm

20. The herringbone braid can be used with loose hair

21. Can be finished with a bun and beautiful accessory

22. Or with another centralized braid and clips

23. The hairstyle can be more stripped, for trainees

24. More sophisticated, for parties

25. Very minimalist, for simpler events

26. Or even for everyday use

27. This hairstyle featured a braid from the side to the middle of the head

28. The braid is a hairstyle full of possibilities

29. Looks good on all ages

30. And for people of all styles and personalities

It is a more beautiful inspiration than the other and it is difficult to choose your favorite, isn’t it? Enjoy and check out babyliss hairstyle ideas for you to make beautiful at any party or event!

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