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30 matte nail polish ideas to rock nail art (Instagram Ideas)

30 matte nail polish ideas to rock nail art

30 matte nail polish ideas to rock nail art

Getting your nails done is part of the skin care routine for many women. It is time spent with you that helps to increase self-esteem by using and abusing creativity by thinking about various options for decorated nails. Matte nail polish is one of them. Want to know about this product? Keep going here!


The best matte nail polishes to rock nail art

For a beautiful finish, a good product makes all the difference. Thinking about matte enamel, you have two possibilities: choose a matte enamel with color or use a creamy enamel and then transform it with a matte base. So, check out the best products on the market:

1. Zero Base Brightness Dailus Status Off – $

The Dailus Zero Shine base promises to transform all color nail polishes into matte, in addition to offering an easy and texture-free application.

“In addition to helping to leave the nail intact for longer, it also facilitates the application of more complicated nail polishes, such as clear ones and without much coverage!” – Nalu

2. Anita Matte Enamel – $$

The matte enamel by Anita has different colors, in addition to promising long-lasting and fast drying.


“It is very creamy, very pigmented. I found the color in the photo a little different, but beautiful. I used two coats and it dries fast.” – Eliane Siais


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3. Impala Matte Foundation – $$

The best quality of this product is the extra matte effect that the brand promises. With an affordable price, you will have a nail polish with a good brush and that still strengthens the nail.

“The Extra Matt Coverage of the Impala Special Care line promises fast drying and fulfills this function perfectly. It dries really fast.” – nail polish addict

4. Avon Matte Enamel – $$

With this enamel, Avon offers a semi matte finish, bringing the matte in the right measure. Its hypoallergenic PPE formula and color palette are amazing!

“The nail polish has a semi matte finish and is hypoallergenic. Some colors have better coverage than others. I thought it was fun and I loved the colors, especially the pastels and the more vibrant colors.” – Eliane Siais

5. Ana Hickmann Sombrio Matte – $$$$

Do you want a basic but lackluster little black dress? This is the ideal option. The product is easy to apply and spreads very well, in addition to delivering a mega matte coverage!

“The nail polish is perfect. It is a smooth and wonderful matte and I didn’t need to apply any top coat. It dries really fast and is super matte.” – Eliane Siais

With the right products in hand, there’s no one who doesn’t become a professional. Whether it’s color matte nail polish, or turning creamy options with a matte base, you know you need to have these products on your shelf!


30 matte nail polish photos that won’t take the shine out of your look

Want inspiration to get out of the obvious? Check out a list of matte nail polish options below that are beyond creative. But don’t worry, the classics never go out of style and are part of the selection!

1. First things first: the black matte NEVER goes out of style

matte nail polish 4

2. Because, for those who like the classics

matte nail polish 5

3. There is nothing more beautiful than simple enamelling

matte nail polish 6


4. If you are more daring

matte nail polish 7

5. The prints are there to be used!

matte nail polish 8

6. Want to stay in the middle?

matte nail polish 9

7. Working with an only child is ideal

matte nail polish 10

8. Regardless of your style

matte nail polish 11

9. The matte enamel finish

matte nail polish 12

10. It won’t dull your look

matte nail polish 13

11. It will just make you stylish

matte nail polish 14

12. Bringing a delicacy to the nails

matte nail polish 15

13. And even a touch of fun

matte nail polish 16

14. It will only depend on your creativity

matte nail polish 17

15. The matte enamel finish

matte nail polish 18

16. Removes the creaminess of the nail polish

matte nail polish 19

17. Leaving it with a matte appearance

matte nail polish 20

18. However, mix it with a creamy nail polish

matte nail polish 21

19. And see a breathtaking result!

matte nail polish 22

20. It suits all nail shapes

matte nail polish 23

21. And with all the nail polish colors

matte nail polish

22. To make your life easier

matte nail polish

23. Now there are foundations with a matte effect

matte nail polish

24. That is, with only one product

matte nail polish

25. You turn all colors into matte nail polish

matte nail polish

26. And brands are rocking the quality

matte nail polish

27. With effort and technology

matte nail polish

28. Bring complete products

matte nail polish

29. Which help in the health of the nail

matte nail polish

30. And leaving the matte enamel finish perfect

matte nail polish

Did you like the inspirations? And if you don’t want to spend money buying a matte nail polish, why not reproduce the following tutorials to make your own product at home?

How to make the nail polish matte

There is the possibility to transform your creamy nail polish into a matte one or create your own matte base. And the best: the procedures are simple and very fast. See the tutorials:

How to make homemade matte nail polish

With cornstarch and banana oil you will transform your creamy nail polish into a matte nail polish. Apply a layer of regular nail polish, then apply a layer of the mixture and watch the magic happen.

How to turn your creamy nail polish into matte nail polish

In this video, Ana Carla proves by A plus B that creativity moves the world. After your nail polish is ready and almost dry, boil water and put your nails in the steam of hot water and you will see the transformation: the creamy nail polish becoming a matte nail polish.

How to make a homemade matte foundation

Choose a foundation of your choice, separate your acetone, cornstarch, a disposable jar and an orange tree stick. With these ingredients and the measurements given in the video, you will have an ultra-matte and super-cheap foundation!

The matte nail polish will enhance your look and bring elegance to your style. With that in mind, how about checking out some nude nail polish ideas? This color will bring the sobriety you are looking for, without forgetting the fun.

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