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50 sidecut photos that will convince you to join the cut (Beauty Hot trends)

50 sidecut photos that will convince you to join the cut

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50 sidecut photos that will convince you to join the cut

The sidecut broke out in the 1980s and over the years it has been gaining variations and modernizing without losing its own style. The cut looks amazing on any type of hair and makes the look authentic, cool and full of personality. Learn more about style, how to make and check out stunning photos to get inspired!

What is sidecut

The sidecut is a haircut of English origin and, in the literal translation into Portuguese, means “side cut”. The cut consists of shaving the side of the head and leaving the longer strands to the side. The style is similar to the undercut, however it can be cut at the ear level, but the entire neck area must be shaved.

50 sidecut photos to adhere to the fearless style

If you still have doubts about adhering to the look, check out our selection of amazing photos that will help you decide!

1. The sidecut is a cut that was very successful in the 80s

2. And it was one of the most used cuts by young people all over the world

3. In recent times, the trend has returned with everything

4. The cut is more evolved and won more feminine versions

5. With its own style

6. Adapted for the most delicate women

7. And for the most daring and stylish

8. More mature women also adhered to the cut

9. And even those most classic women

10. The sidecut looks good on the waves

11. In the smooth

12. And there is a separate show in the curly ones

13. The sidecut is a very authentic haircut

14. With a lot of representation and empowerment

15. Makes the look mega stylish

16. With sidecut you can use creativity

17. Make a more personalized cut

18. Highlighting your tattoo

19. You can do two discrete and simple risks

20. Or leave the side totally shaved

21. The sidecut is full of versatility

22. It is a modern and stripped cut

23. You can invest in shapes and designs

24. In colors and brightness

25. And make the sidecut your own

26. You can shave the side and make the strands shorter

27. Or leave the longer hair tossed to the other side

28. Cutting is an alternative for those looking for authenticity

29. Modernity and boldness

30. You can increase by making a frontal lock

31. Opt for a more stylish design on the side

32. Keep a shorter fringe

33. Or scrape a small part on the side

34. Cutting allows for several possibilities

35. Here, the sidecut was made with a nozzle chanel cut

36. What made the perfect match

37. The sidecut has become very popular with curly women

38. And the more drawn the more stylish it gets

39. The important thing is to put your personality

40. And make the look more like you

41. To gain your own style

42. Dare without fear

43. And transform the look with authenticity

44. Really, the sidecut is a powerful cut

45. Looks good on women of all styles

46. ​​You can explore your creativity

47. Customize your cut

48. To make it closer to your way of being

49. Not afraid to dare and be yourself

50. So, have you chosen which one of the inspirations suits you the most?

The sidecut is a cut full of authenticity that shows all the strength and freedom of women. If you like a cooler and more modern look, this style is perfect for you!

How to make sidecut

Now that you have checked out the most amazing versions of this haircut, watch the videos below and learn how to do the sidecut!

How to make sidecut with long bob cut

In this video, professional Marcia Maria shows how to adapt the sidecut with a long bob cut. The result is incredible, as it unites two types of cuts that are widely used and full of modernity and style. Watch the video!

How to make sidecut with scissors

Using scissors to not leave the side totally scraped is also one of the options to compose the sidecut. Check out the tutorial on how to make the cut at home and see how it looks!

Sidecut in colored hair at home

The sidecut and colored hair are a pair that always works in style. Youtuber Ana Vianna shows you step by step how to cut and color your hair. Did this transformation work? Watch the video and see the result!

Sidecut in curly hair

If you have curly hair and are thinking about joining the style, be sure to see this video. Youtuber Daiane Lima tells what it’s like to have this cut in curly hair, talks about the growth of the hair and the necessary care. Watch it!

Sidecut alone at home

Alopecia (female hair loss) affects many women, it can be very traumatic and affect self-esteem. In this video, you follow youtuber Fran joining the sidecut and showing all the pride and courage to be herself. It’s worth watching!

Nothing better than being yourself and feeling good about your chosen haircut, right? How about adding a frontal lock to your new look and rocking in style ?!

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