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Acrylic nails: the perfect extension for nails arts (Instagram Hot trends)

Acrylic nails: the perfect extension for nails arts

Acrylic nails: the perfect extension for nails arts

Acrylic nails are made using a stretching technique that is very popular among women. In addition to stretching, the procedure promises durability. Specialist Karla Oliveira spoke on the subject and clarified doubts. At the end of the article, there are inspirations and tutorials to get you on the trend. Check out!


What are acrylic nails

According to the nail designer, the acrylic nail is “a stretching technique built with acrylic powder and gel”. In addition to these materials, the type It is used to lengthen the nail to the desired size and shape.


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5 questions about acrylic nails answered by the expert

Any trend in the nail universe generates a lot of curiosity. Therefore, the specialist clarified the most common doubts about the acrylic technique. Follow:

  • What is the difference between acrylic nails and gel nails? To make the gel nail, only the paper mold and the gel are used. The acrylic technique uses the typeacrylic powder and gel.
  • What is the estimated price? The price varies according to the region, but costs around R$80 to R$150.
  • How long do acrylic nails last? Depending on the care, it can last up to a month.
  • What are the disadvantages of acrylic nails? The only downside is the application time, which varies from 1 to 3 hours, according to each nail designer.
  • Are there any contraindications to having acrylic nails? The technique is contraindicated for people allergic to the components of the product used, as well as for those who suffer from psoriasis and diabetes.
  • What are the tips for maintaining acrylic nails? I recommend not using acetone and not removing the product from stretching at home. Therefore, always seek a professional to perform the work with excellence, avoiding damage to natural nails.

The technique really enchants those who like long and modeled nails. However, for a good result, look for a nail designer who understands the subject. In the next topic, follow inspirations.


20 photos of acrylic nails to bet on this trend

As with other stretching techniques, acrylic nails can be decorated to your liking. So, check out beautiful decorations for different styles and personalities:

1. The acrylic stretching technique is amazing

white and blue acrylic nails

2. It leaves the nails with a perfect finish

acrylic nails 4

3. Also, you can choose the nail art you like.

acrylic nails 5


4. And bet on current trends

acrylic nails 6

5. French nails are always a good choice

acrylic nails 7

6. And they can be made in different colors

acrylic nails 8

7. You can choose the oval nail shape

acrylic nails 9


8. Or lengthen your nails in a ballerina format

acrylic nails 10

9. Glitter encapsulated decorations look luxurious

acrylic nails 11

10. Light colors are delicate

acrylic nails 12

11. How about combining colors and making a gradient?

acrylic nails 13

12. The traditional nude is not to be wrong when choosing

acrylic nails 14

13. Now if you have a bolder style

acrylic nails 15

14. Decorated stilleto nails are perfect

acrylic nails 16

15. Be in the shape of a square nail

acrylic nails 17

16. With minimalist decorations

acrylic nails 18

17. With flowers and simple stones

acrylic nails 19

18. Combining glamorous gold with black

acrylic nails 20

19. Or the reverse francesinha technique with flowers

acrylic nails 21

20. Acrylic nails are a show apart!

acrylic nails 22

Have you chosen your favorite nail art to do on acrylic nails? In addition to a decoration that matches your style, it is important to know how the technique is performed. See in the next topic!

how to do acrylic nails

Decorated acrylic nails are a true work of art! With the selection of videos below, you will see the technique step by step, how to maintain it, as well as care tips to prolong its durability. Follow up!

Acrylic nails: step by step

In this video, nail designer Isabele shows all the steps of the acrylic stretching process. In addition, she teaches you how to file your nails, as well as apply acrylic powder and gel in a practical way. Check out!

acrylic nail care

In addition to performing maintenance with a professional, it is important to take some care to prolong the durability of the procedure. In this video, youtuber Lívia shares tips to protect nails from everyday activities. Watch!

acrylic nail maintenance

As with other stretching techniques, acrylic needs maintenance. As the specialist explained, it is not recommended to remove the product at home. Therefore, check out all the steps involved in the maintenance of nails made with this material.

Now that you know how to have long and beautiful nails, bet on encapsulated nails – a nail art technique that combines sophistication and durability.

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