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Doubts about gel nail polish and indication of the best brands (Instagram Hot trends)

Doubts about gel nail polish and indication of the best brands

Doubts about gel nail polish and indication of the best brands

Gel nail polish became a trend because of its durability and great finish. But does this product harm the health of nails? The dermatologist Dr. Barbara Carneiro (CRM-SP 202968) and the manicurist Natália Santana answered the main questions about this product. Check out!


Frequently asked questions about using gel nail polish

Before using a product, it is essential to know more about it. That way, you guarantee that you will use it correctly and you will also guarantee that it is safe. So, answer the most frequently asked questions about gel nail polish:

Why does gel nail polish last longer than regular nail polish?

Natalia Santana (NS): the basic difference is that traditional nail polishes dry at room temperature and gel nail polishes only dry in LED/UV cabinets.



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What is the difference between gel nails and gel nail polish?

NS: gel nails can be divided into stretching or gel baths. In both modalities there is the construction of a gel structure. On the other hand, gel enamel has no structure, only a layer of preparation and shielding of the natural nails to be able to receive the gel enamelling.

How long does gel nail polish last?

NS: in an average of 20 to 30 days, and it needs to be removed or reapplied in the next maintenance.


Why does gel nail polish last longer than usual?

NS: Normally, nail polish peels off around the edges because of the makeup of natural nails. This happens because our natural nail is covered by the hydrolipidic mantle, which leaves that shiny appearance on the surface, making it difficult for common nail polishes to adhere.

In gel enamelling, this does not occur, as there is a physical preparation that removes the shine of the nail, giving the surface porosity. Then there is the chemical preparation with the use of dehydrator and adhesive primer. These processes enhance the adhesion of base gel and gel enamel.

Does gel enamel need a booth?


NS: yes, because this type of enamel contains polymers that need to be catalyzed. So there is no way to dry them at room temperature, requiring the use of the LED/UV cabin.

Can you use gel nail polish on natural nails?

NS: Yes, you can, but the preparation and shielding of natural nails is necessary.

How to remove gel nail polish?

NS: there are two ways. The first is mechanical removal with abrasive sandpaper or low speed drills, and the second is with gel nail polish removers.

How to soften gel nail polish?

NS: gel nail polish removal is done with nail polish removers or pure acetone.

Is gel nail polish more harmful to nails than regular nail polish?

Barbara Carneiro (BC): Gel nail polish contains chemicals that can damage nails because they are more invasive.

What are the effects that gel polish can have on nails?

BC: Due to the difficulty in removing the gel nail polish, the products used in this process can damage the nails even more, leaving them dry and brittle. This can contribute to the appearance of fungi.

Why can’t you touch the gel nail polish to the cuticle?

BC: never touch the gel nail polish on the cuticle, as this way you avoid health problems, such as contact allergy.

Are there contraindications to the use of gel nail polish?

BC: Yes, they exist. People with lupus, nail diseases, who are undergoing cancer treatment and children cannot use gel nail polish.

It is important to pay attention to the information provided by professionals, because in this way it is possible to prevent pathologies and damage to the nails. In addition, always use good products and take care of your nails with qualified professionals.

5 best gel nail polishes to test and adhere to

Are you wanting to join the gel nail polish trend? So just check out the best brands according to the evaluation of users who tested and gave details about the products. Then choose the product that best suits your situation:

1. Colorama Gel Sky Lilac Enamel – $

Gel-effect nail polish is a good option for everyday use, as this product delivers shine and durability, lasting up to 10 days. Just apply a layer of top coat after enameling and let it dry naturally. That is, the enamel has a gel effect without using an LED/UV drying cabinet.

“We have reached the tenth day and my nails are really intact, without any chips and without the nail polish coming off. I believe this happened because I did the maintenance using this top coat. This nail polish is great, it worked and I’m seeing that if I continue to apply this top coat every three days or every day, suddenly it will last for more than ten days” – Renatha Cardozo

2. Risqué Diamond Enamel Natural White Tea Gel – $

Risqué is one of the most popular nail polish brands and has excellent quality. The brand launched the Diamond Gel line with a hypoallergenic formula and free of substances that cause allergies. In addition, the product comes with an 800 bristle brush that provides more precise application, ensuring high coverage and shine on the nails.

“Wow, super cute. You can do a lot with this nail polish. It runs a little, because it is very soft and well watered. Only it doesn’t get smudged and doesn’t get accumulation in the cuticle. So, if you’re one of those people who has a little bit of trouble doing white nail polish, you can buy this nail polish without fear” – Naty Scalada

3. Avon Pro Gel Color and Gloss Cream Nail Polish – $

This nail polish has beautiful colors in its collection, being perfect for different occasions. The brand promises stronger-looking nails during use and long-lasting enamelling, without peeling.

“It is a darker brown, a darker nude and this color is perfect, guys. With two coats he gets this coverage and look at the shine, people. These nail polishes are very shiny, I didn’t apply the extra shine, as I always tell you, and it was perfect. They are good quality nail polishes and the color is wonderful” – Fabiane Canalli

4. Eudora Gel Enamel Ultra Shine Rose Subtle – $$

Eudora’s nail polish has high-intensity pigments that leave your nails vibrant and shiny. In addition, the product is hypoallergenic, has a 5 free formula and does not form bubbles.

“It really shines a lot. About the color, I had to apply two layers. Overall I recommend it guys. I recommend it even more for people who don’t have time to retouch, to go to the maricure or who works and takes care of the house” – Tips from Tia

5. D&Z red gel nail polish – $$

D&Z gel polishes are for professional use. It has a flat brush that provides uniform coverage. In addition, the colors that make up the collection have high shine and durability to enamel your nails and make them beautiful and stylish.

“I tested it, I overcame it! What did I love about him? It closes with one coat, is very pigmented, dries in 30 seconds and polarization doesn’t need 60 seconds. It doesn’t go flat, so if I don’t want to put the top cot on, there’s no need. It is already well concentrated, so it has a 100% smooth surface and no residue.” – Artes da Gih

Now that you know which brands to buy, just choose the one you liked the most to have nails decorated in different ways!

Video reviews on gel nail polish

Next, check out videos with reviews and gel polishes to get even more inside the trend. Write down the tips and tricks for a perfect finish:

How to apply gel nail polish

In this video, expert Nath Machado teaches you how to apply gel nail polish and gives important tips to get good results. Watch!

Gel nail polish on natural nails

Roberta Rangel reveals the step-by-step process to apply gel enamel on natural nails. So if you don’t have stretching, watch the video and see how to do it!

best gel nail polishes

In this video, you will follow a review made by youtuber Larissa Garbiatti, in which she indicates the best products and gives her honest opinion about them. Watch!

Now that you have cleared the main doubts about gel nail polish, just buy the products that you liked the most and follow the guidelines of the experts. Enjoy and learn more about fiberglass nails and learn how to do this stretching technique.

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