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30 inspirations and step by step to make almond nails (Nail Ideas)

30 inspirations and step by step to make almond nails

30 inspirations and step by step to make almond nails

Almond nails are perfect for those who like to follow trends. The shape, which resembles an almond, transitions between the stiletto nail style and the oval nail. Next, learn how to make, care for and check out beautiful inspirations.


How to do almond nails in a practical way

The almond shape is very simple and you can do it yourself. So, take a regular double-sided nail file and follow the instructions:


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  1. First, with a pencil, make a line in the middle of the nail to define the tip;
  2. If you have a square nail, use cutting pliers to cut it on the sides in a V shape;
  3. Then file the nail diagonally from the sides to the tip;
  4. After that, gently round to give the almond shape;
  5. Finally, with the thinnest part of the sandpaper, sand the tip gently to remove the burrs and finish.

Did you see how easy it is to make the almond nail? In the next topic, see beautiful inspirations that value the format with enameling and decoration.

30 pictures of almond nails with different decorations

Almond nails never go out of style! In addition to being beautiful, the format is very sophisticated. Below, check out a selection of photos and choose your favorite decoration.


1. The almond nails appeared in the 1920s

almond nails 4

2. And the format is successful until today

almond nails 5

3. It matches various sizes

almond nails 6

4. Looks delicate on shorter nails

almond nails 7


5. Bold and chic on long nails

almond nails 8

6. There are many decoration options

almond nails 9

7. You can bet on animal print

almond nails 10

8. Or in the pretty francesinha smile

almond nails 11


9. Almond nails are the darlings of the moment

almond nails 12

10. And they match all women

almond nails 13

11. A timeless trend

almond nails 14

12. You can polish your nails in pastel shades

almond nails 15

13. Or combine shades of pink and lilac

almond nails 16

14. Francesinha is a nail art that cannot be missed

almond nails 17

15. It can be colored

almond nails 18

16. Or in the reverse French version

almond nails 19

17. Using the encapsulation technique

almond nails 20

18. You can bet on delicate almond nails

almond nails 21

19. Or unleash your creativity with colorful nail art

almond nails 22

20. How about giving your nails a romantic touch?

almond nails 23

21. Red nail polish is the classic!

almond nails 24

22. The almond shape can be done on gel nails

almond nails 25

23. That look as beautiful as the natural ones

almond nails 26

24. Almond nails are practical

almond nails 27

25. Perfect for everyday life

almond nails 28

26. Or for a more popular party

almond nails 29

27. Just match your favorite colors

almond nails 30

28. Create a different nail art

almond nails 31

29. That matches your style and personality

almond nails 32

30. And look beautiful to rock on several occasions!

almond nails 33

As seen, you can make different decorations on almond nails, as the shape allows you to explore creativity. In addition, the model helps to preserve the enamel for longer and avoids breaking your nails easily. Learn more about it in the next topic!

How to care for and keep your almond nails clean

Next, check out videos about the benefits of having almond-shaped nails. In addition, there are care and maintenance tips to keep them looking beautiful.

From square to almond nails

The square format is the most common, but innovating is always good, right? So, watch the video and learn from the professional Talita Cardozo how to transform your nails into almonds!

Maintenance of almond nails

Almond nails don’t require so much care. In addition, the format is perfect for those who have weak and brittle nails. To learn more about this model, watch the video and check out the maintenance tips from youtuber Rafaela Costa.

Advantages of having almond nails

In this video, youtuber Vanessa Nunes talks about the almond shape and its main benefits. In addition, she shows how to model the nail in a practical and simple way.

fiberglass nails

Fiberglass is a stretching option for those who want long nails. In addition, it is possible to structure the nail in the desired shape, including almond. Watch the video and see how it’s done!

Almond nails are really wonderful, aren’t they? But if you want to change it up every now and then, check out the article about ballerina nails, another format that is a hit in beauty salons!

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