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45 photos and tutorials of hairstyles for short curly hair (Hairstyle Hot trends)

45 photos and tutorials of hairstyles for short curly hair

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45 photos and tutorials of hairstyles for short curly hair

For those who like to make changes in the locks, but do not want to cut or dye the strands, the tip is to try different hairstyle styles for short curly hair. Whether for a special occasion or simply because you are in the mood to renew your look, a different hairstyle can make you feel even more wonderful. Throw yourself into this trend!

Hairstyles for short curly hair: learn the step by step

Renewing the look is all good. Even better is not having to go to the beauty salon to create a cool production. Therefore, we have selected tutorials that teach various types of hairstyles. Check it out and try your favorites!

Three hairstyles for short, voluminous curly hair

Those who have a lot of volume on their hair and want to value the curls can play in these three hairstyles that Nanda Soares taught. They are great for hair with big chop, which is that cut for those who are in hair transition and want to remove all the straightened part of the hair. Check it step by step!

Rock with a hairstyle for short curly hair for a party

Anyone who finds it difficult to do a party hairstyle with short hair will change their mind with this video by Monalisa Nunes. She showed that it is possible to rock with three options of beautiful hairstyles for you to stand out in the production!

Upgrade your look with a hairstyle for hair in transition

Hair transition is a process full of discoveries and challenges. Not every day we feel so confident about hair, and hairstyles help a lot in this phase. In this video, Ana LĂ­dia Lopes and Grazi Max showed six different and stylish hairstyles for you to try.

Go back to school even more beautiful: hairstyle to go to school

Whether at school, college or course, we always want to have a beautiful production, right? Carol, from the Soeiros channel, showed five hairstyle styles for these occasions, which are very practical and have that Tumblr style that is super hot. Check out the tutorials on the video!

Messy bun in short curly hair to rock the day after

The bun is one of the most classic and easy hairstyles. In this video, Cris teaches a messy version, which gives that look more modern and stripped. Check out this great hairstyle option for the day after!

Learn how to do a hairstyle for short curly hair for wedding

The wedding is a super special moment and calls for a production to match, right? In this video, Samyra Priscila gave a great tip for you to do your hairdo at home, using a super easy to put puff bun. The result is super elegant. Check out!

How to do a hairstyle for short curly hair with elastics

The elastics are great allies when it comes to making a hairstyle. You can bet on those that have the color of your hair, if you want to leave them camouflaged. But it also looks beautiful and super cool with colorful rubber bands. Learn the step by step with this video by Camila Thaynara!

Play your braids with three hairstyles for short curly hair

Braids are super-versatile and can be used on a wide variety of hair types. The secret is to practice a lot; thus, they will get better and better. See Nanda Soares’ tips in this video with three types of hairstyles using braid!

Did you like the tutorials? Now that you’ve checked out different hairstyles, just try on your curls the ones you liked the most and rock the productions!

45 hairstyles inspirations for short curly hair

Want to have more hairstyle ideas for your hair? Check out the photos and get inspired with the variety of styles to renew your look:

1. Doing a hairstyle can give your production a boost

2. In curly hair, they look beautiful

3. The possibilities are endless

4. Whatever your style

5. You can bet on accessories, like the bandana

6. The mohawk hairstyle looks wonderful with barrettes

7. Just like coke with colored erasers

8. Baby hair is a trend and gives your hairstyle a grace

9. Another option is the braids that go from the root to the ends

10. Or a hairstyle with semi-curled locks

11. The mini-piranhas look really cute too

12. Just like the double bun, which is superTumblr

13. The puff bun with side fringe suits every occasion

14. Look at this hairstyle for short curly hair to go to school!

15. The scarf makes all the difference when it comes to attaching the threads

16. You can create a super-stylish look with side braids

17. Or well stripped, with messy bun

18. Or this hairstyle for short, voluminous curly hair

19. Combine practicality and beauty

20. With beautiful and easy-to-do hairstyles

21. So, you rock every day

22. Be with a hairstyle for short curly hair for a party

23. Or with an afro puff full of volume

24. Hipsters love the bun at the top of the head with loose threads

25. The gel can be used to create a refined effect

26. And the colored barrettes give a new face to the hairstyles

27. Rock out at all times

28. You can make a fake fringe with this type of bun

29. Or create a volume on the side

30. There are many hairstyles for short curly hair in transition

31. They hide the difference in texture until you make a cut

32. And there are beautiful hairstyles for short curly hair for a wedding

33. Or for other special events, like parties

34. There is no shortage of options

35. Be it to feel wonderful on a daily basis

36. Or to rock a lot at night

37. Even simple hairstyles look amazing

38. And they value their curls with a lot of style

39. In those moments when you want to do a different production

40. Or stay cool on hot days

41. With just one elastic band, you can already do something beautiful

42. The hairstyle can accompany elegant makeup

43. Or stand out in those days without make up

44. Make a hairstyle that has everything to do with your style

45. And feel even more beautiful!

With so many hairstyle possibilities for short curly hair, you may already be in the mood to go out there with a new look. Throw yourself and rock! Want more ideas for yarns in other sizes? Check out 50 beautiful hairstyle options for curly hair!

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