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Ombre hair: 50 photos and what you need to know to bet on this look (Hairstyle Trends)

Ombre hair: 50 photos and what you need to know to bet on this look

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Ombre hair: 50 photos and what you need to know to bet on this look

The ombré hair is versatile and modern for those who are thinking about a transformation in the look. In addition to being a trend among celebrities and influencers, this hair is very popular in beauty salons. Learn more about the technique, its advantages and disadvantages, inspirational photos and videos to learn how to do it.

What is ombré hair?

The ombré hair is a technique of lightening the strands, which leaves the ends of the hair lighter, while maintaining the natural color of the root. Unlike the Californian, the ombré hair has the transition of shades done in a subtle and shaded way, without being marked. Unlike lights, this technique provides uniform lightening and not strands scattered from the root.

Curious to know more? See the advantages and disadvantages of this technique and decide if the ombré hair is for you.

Pros and cons of ombré hair

Currently, there are countless techniques for whitening and coloring the hair. Check out some advantages of ombré hair:

  • Frequent touch-ups are not necessary. The technique keeps the hair root in its natural shade, so there is no need to touch up as regularly.
  • The technique can be done on any type of yarn, from the smoothest to curly and in different lengths. In addition, the ombré hair matches all skin tones.
  • Another positive point of the ombré hair is that you can decide the desired shade. In addition to the most well-known blonde, you can bet on red hair, caramel, or even colored yarns.
  • The ombré hair renews and illuminates the look with lighter points. The technique is a great idea for those looking for a modern transformation and who value the look.

Like any change in look, the ombré hair also has some disadvantages, such as:

  • Due to the discoloration process, your hair can become fragile and damaged. To prevent them from breaking, care will be needed such as reconstructions and weekly hydrations;
  • The ombré hair maintains the natural color of the root, therefore, it may not be the recommended technique for those who want to cover gray hairs or totally change the color of the hair;
  • In addition to the cost of the procedure, there are expenses with maintenance and special products to keep your hair healthy.

It is important to consider the pros and cons to avoid regrets. Remember that the ombré hair is just one among several bleaching techniques. And if you are determined to bet on this look, check out the inspirations below!

Ombré hair: 50 inspirations for a stylish transformation

The ombré hair combines with different types of hair and there are different shades for you to choose one that suits you. Check out 50 inspirations and decide your next look!

1. The ombré hair is a visual trend

2. And the technique lightens the threads in a subtle way

3. Creating a tone gradient

4. That goes from the dark root to the light tips

5. Unlike the lights, the coloring is more uniform

6. The ombré hair is an idea for those who want the lit brunette

7. And there are several shades to choose from

8. It is possible to leave the tips platinum

9. Or lighten them slightly, just one shade above your root

10. And the technique can be done on the dark root without any problems

11. The ombré hair on black hair creates an interesting contrast

12. In addition to the blond, much in demand…

13. You can also invest in a colored ombré hair

14. Super stylish, isn’t it?

15. And this discoloration matches all types of yarns

16. It highlights the smooth locks

17. Looks glamorous on the wavy

18. And the ombré hair in curly hair is powerful

19. In curls, the color tends to look natural

20. Lighter ends renew long strands

21. And the ombré hair in short hair is full of attitude

22. To complete the transformation, how about a long bob?

23. In the middle, at the height of the shoulders, it is super versatile

24. This look matches the style of the most serious

25. And with the most relaxed too

26. For a sophisticated look, the tip is to bet on a light shade

27. The hair honey ombré looks natural

28. Great for those who want a subtle change

29. You can choose a grayish blond

30. Or a golden hair ombré

31. Preserving the root is one of the characteristics of this technique

32. Light dots stand out among the natural hair color

33. This is an original idea of ​​ombré hair in blond hair

34. You can discolor halfway down

35. Or closer to the root

36. The important thing is to blend so as not to be marked

37. And there are many shades of ombré hair to choose from

38. Can be a medium, chic and versatile blonde

39. Or a tone pulled for the redhead

40. Being able to be discreet

41. Or else super authentic, with a gradient to be envious!

42. For a light brunette, the tone can be close to the natural

43. For you to lighten the wires slightly

44. And leave the highlights shiny

45. The ombré hair leaves the strands looking like summer

46. ​​As if the tips were burned by the sun

47. Remember that to maintain this look, care is needed

48. But the result is really devastating!

49. For combining with all types of yarns and styles

50. The ombré hair is the darling look of the moment!

As you have seen, there are inspirations for different hair types and shades. For a complete transformation, bet on colored paints or a platinum blonde. And to subtly lighten the color of the threads and maintain a natural and bright look, invest in honey or gold tones.

Ombré hair: tips and tutorials to do at home

And if you are determined to adopt this look, check out videos that show you how to do the procedure at home. In case of doubts, always look for a professional hairdresser.

Tutorial: light brown ombre hair

This is a super detailed step by step of how to make the brunette look light, using the ombré hair technique. It is advisable to do this procedure with at least one person to assist. Check out the secret for the hair not to be marked and how to separate the strands for discoloration.

Golden hair ombré: how to do it yourself

And it is possible to make the ombré hair alone at home. You will need hydrogen peroxide volume 30 and a bleaching powder. It is important to unravel the strands so that the transition of tones is natural. Details and results can be seen in the video.

Ombre hair in curly hair: step by step

And if your hair is curly, follow this tutorial that shows how to do the ombré hair in the curls. Remembering that the final shade can vary according to the natural color of your hair and the time you let the bleach act.

How to care for an ombré hair

Care is needed to keep hair healthy and shiny, especially after a bleaching process. Check out product tips and what to do to make your ombré hair always impeccable.

Now that you know everything about ombré hair, just choose an inspiration to do with your hair and renew your appearance! And for other looks, check out photos of hair with highlights and get inspired by a transformation.

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