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Side bangs: discover their beauty for all types of cuts (Hairstyling Inspo)

Side bangs: discover their beauty for all types of cuts

Side bangs: discover their beauty for all types of cuts

The charming side bangs look amazing on hair of different sizes and textures. This versatility makes the bangs a great option for those who want to change the look without changing the length or style of the wires in general. Discover tips and inspirations for adopting this haircut, valuing its essence.

Side bangs for short hair

In shorter cuts, such as pixie and chanel, for example, the fringe makes the look even more stylish, combining with different face shapes. Check out some possibilities:

1. Short hair looks beautiful with side bangs

2. It is a great option for those who have straight hair

3. As with wavy wires

4. The frayed side fringe is pure style

5. And the cuia cut came back with everything

6. The fringe enhances all face shapes

7. And it also looks amazing on curly hair

8. You can cut the side bangs in layers

9. You can bet on the long side fringe

10. Or try a short side bang


11. Whatever your style, the cut will look great

12. Because the elegance of short hair

13. Allied to the versatility of the side fringe

14. Has everything to make you even more beautiful

15. With a lot of style

16. And a hair that is your face

See how short hair is all about side bangs? Now just throw yourself in the new look and rock around.

Side bangs for medium hair

Medium haircuts are practical and charming. With the side bangs, they are renewed and look amazing in the most varied styles. Check out some ideas to get inspired by the next cut:

17. Gain movement with a peak cut

18. The layered curly looks beautiful with the bangs

19. You can model the fringe with a brush

20. Or styling with babyliss

21. Emphasizing the beauty of your hair

22. The side fringe can be very smooth

23. Or have enough volume

24. It looks good on all hair textures

25. And frames your face with great beauty

26. The long bob is all about the bangs

27. It is a cut that adapts well to all styles

28. As with straight wires

29. The side fringe for a round face can be longer

30. Find the cut that has the best effect on your face shape

31. With the guidance of a visagist

32. Whatever your medium hair style

33. The fringe will transform your look

34. And make you rock

Now that you know the power of the fringe, just choose the cut that most has to do with your style and make it on your strands.

Side bangs for long hair

Who wants to renew the look, but does not give up keeping the strands long, can experience a change in the bangs. Whether short or long, it will look amazing on your hair. Check out:

35. Long hair is transformed with a cut in the bangs

36. It helps to lower the forehead

37. And can be styled with a fixative spray

38. The cut has a youthful look

39. Leaving your long strands more lightly

40. You can highlight the fringe with lights

41. This style of wick is a super trend

42. In colored hair, she also looks beautiful

43. Cutting with layers gives movement to the strands

44. And it makes the wavy ones more defined

45. The peaked cut with side gradient fringe is super modern

46. ​​Just like the fringe on the red hair

47. Which creates a unique look

48. And the sidecut with bangs, it’s pure style

49. Throw yourself on the side fringe

50. And rock with a cut that enhances your beauty!

With so many possibilities and inspirations, there will be plenty of cutting options for your style and the texture of your threads. Get even more beautiful renewing the look.

How to cut side bangs

Did you decide to cut your bangs at home? Be sure to check out these videos to get the cut right and look even more beautiful.

Short side bangs: discover the power of this cut

Want to have a short fringe and full of charm? In this video, Jeh from the channel Femme Fatale by Jeh taught how to cut your own bangs in a super practical way and with a beautiful result.

Gain movement with the gradient side fringe

The fringe with gradient effect is incredible, because it creates a light and balanced look. It looks complex, but Beatriz Bielow showed a very simple and easy way for you to cut and raze.

Long side bangs: discover this super practical cut

Do you want a beautiful trim on your bangs without decreasing it a lot? This tutorial from Renata Castilho is perfect for you. Check it out and change your look in style.

Rocking out: how to straighten side bangs

Now that you know some ways to cut your bangs, find out how to model straight hair with this video by Andressa Chaban, creating an incredible effect on your hair in a very simple way.

Do you already know everything about the side bangs? So, it’s time to put the tips into practice and look even more beautiful with a new look. Also check out tips and ideas especially for those who want to have curly hair with bangs.

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