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30 photos that will prove you how stylish gray hair can be (Hairstyling Inspo)

30 photos that will prove you how stylish gray hair can be

30 photos that will prove you how stylish gray hair can be

Wearing gray hair was once considered carelessness or lack of vanity by some, but that has changed. Currently, the female public has taken on white hair with pride and a lot of personality. Check out tips on how to take care of them, as well as photos and videos to encourage you to take on the natural tone!

Gray hair care tips

Like other hair tones, gray hair also demands attention to keep it beautiful and healthy. Check out valuable tips to include in your care routine:

  • Use specific products: there is a diversity of specific products for gray hair on the market, such as shampoos and tinting masks. Bet on them!
  • Hydration: invest in products based on amino acids and panthenol to keep hair healthy and hydrated.
  • Minimize mechanical damage: the habit of using blow dryers, flat irons and babyliss often causes damage and the breakage of gray hair. If it is not possible to reduce the frequency of use, be sure to use thermal protectors to protect the wires.
  • Bet on the rinse: this type of temporary, ammonia-free paint keeps the strands gray and removes the yellow color. Currently, it is more difficult to find it on the market, if it is not found, it is possible to replace it with brightening toners.
  • De-yellowing shampoo: once a week, wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo and a de-yellowing shampoo. This process keeps the color alive, with shine and prevents the yellowish tone.

According to some hairdressers, the haircuts that most value white hair are: short, medium, long in layers and the classic chanel. However, this does not prevent you from choosing the cut that you feel good and comfortable with.

20 ideas for proudly taking on gray hair

We have selected the most beautiful pictures of gray hair that explore the beauty and glamor of the woman who chooses to keep her natural hair. Follow:

1. Gray hair is very charming

2. Demonstrates pride and personality

3. And also an attitude of not following the standards

4. White hair can appear at any age

5. But at any time in life

6. They are beautiful and full of charm

7. And assuming them can be synonymous with freedom

8. The most stylish are also adept of gray hair

9. You don’t need to dye your hair to be beautiful

10. The important thing is to feel good

11. Pixie cut is a favorite of gray hair

12. There are those who prefer longer strands

13. You decide how to cut your hair

14. The gray transition is a unique moment

15. Moment when you will be free

16. The routine of having to touch up white hair

17. There are no rules

18. Why be well with yourself

19. It’s what really defines what it’s like to be in fashion

20. So, have you ever thought about taking on the natural tone of your hair?

If you still have doubts if you are going to leave the dye aside and opt for the natural color of your hair, we have separated more information about gray hair. Check out!

Learn more about gray hair

Check out our selection of videos that show you how to care for white hair. In addition, you will accompany testimonials that report the experiences and difficulties with the transition and adaptation phase to the natural tone. Look!

Gray hair transition

Going through the transition to color uniformity is a moment that generates doubts and anxiety. To help you in this phase, the influencer Aline Cavalcante talks about your experience and what it was like to make the decision to cut your hair to speed up this process. It’s worth watching!

Care for gray hair

In this video, you will receive incredible product tips, learn how to care for and maintain beautiful gray hair. That way, it will be easier for you to adapt to natural yarns. Watch it!

When to use the purple tint

One of the most frequent doubts for those who are going through the transition is when to use the purple tint. The influencer Lu Mouriño answers this question and informs in what situations its use is indicated. Follow the guidelines by watching the video!

Homemade mask for white hair

In this video, you will learn how to make a natural banana mask to recover the damaged and dry white hair. To make it, you will need the following ingredients: banana, coconut oil and honey. See how to do and apply to hair!

If you are thinking about keeping your hair white and want to cut it short, enjoy and check out pixie cut inspirations that combine beauty and sophistication.

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