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40 incredible ideas of blonde hair ombré to boost the look (Beauty Inspo)

40 incredible ideas of blonde hair ombré to boost the look

40 incredible ideas of blonde hair ombré to boost the look

The blonde hair ombré is the perfect style for those who want to adopt a modern and natural look. The effect can be achieved with strands or lights that recreate a gradient between the natural color of the strands and the shades of blonde. Check out videos of how to do the ombré hair at home and see beautiful photos to get inspired!

How to make blonde hair blonde at home

We have separated videos with tutorials and practical tips on how to make ombré hair alone at home. It is not so difficult to perform the procedure, but it does require some care and techniques so that the threads are beautiful and with a salon result. Watch it!

Perfect blonde ombre hair at home

In this video, the professional expert in locks shows the step by step of how to make the ombré at home. In addition, it gives valuable tips on how to use the right products so as not to damage the wires and achieve the desired tone. Watch it!

Ombre hair honey and light blond

There are some tricks to make the ombré hair softer: one of them is to unravel each lock well before passing the product. This and other tips you can follow in this video, along with the step by step of how to do the technique at home. Look at that!

Ombre hair blonde in curly hair

In this video, youtuber Monick Lopes teaches you how to prepare your hair before starting the ombré hair technique. In this way, the curls do not dry out with discoloration and do not lose definition. Follow the step by step and check the result!

If you still have doubts about how to do the technique or are apprehensive about trying it at home, look for a professional you trust. Thus, she will assess the health of your hair and indicate which shade of blonde that best matches your skin tone.

40 photos of blonde ombré hair that show beauty and glamor

If you are thinking of changing the look in style, be sure to check out our selection of beautiful photos that will help you choose the right shade of blonde for you. Check out:

1. The blonde ombré hair is perfect for those who want to change their look

2. And seeks style and naturalness

3. You can choose from the many nuances of blonde

4. That match your skin tone more

5. Or with the natural color of your locks

6. The blonde ombré hair looks amazing on any hair texture

7. And with curly hair, it looks perfect

8. The golden blond ombré hair highlights the curls

9. And it contributes to its definition

10. Pearly tone is one of the most requested

11. Just like the platinum ombré hair

12. The light blond is a sure bet to compose the ombré hair

13. You can achieve a very clear pearly tone

14. Enhance your skin color

15. Using lights in the honey blond tone

16. To break the natural color of the strands a little

17. And enhance your favorite haircut

18. For the ombré hair to be perfect, it is important to blend the ends well

19. So it looks beautiful in any length of hair

20. You can play with the shades of blonde

21. And choose the one that best suits your face

22. Here, you can see a blonde ombré hair with a contour

23. Because the bet of style is to maintain naturalness

24. Brown skin stands out with the honey tone

25. The purpose of the blonde hair ombré is to be striking in a natural way

26. Thus, the strands are born and ended without markings

27. To further highlight its original features

28. And value the beauty of your hair

29. The golden blond ombré hair helps to disguise the white strands

30. And illuminates the face of those who have the darkest strands

31. These are the main characteristics of the ombré hair

32. Because style can combine the richest tones

33. Of the lightest blonde highlights or highlights

34. Even the darkest blondes

35. To be sure which tone to use

36. Look for a professional you trust

37. To recreate an ombré hair

38. With your style and personality

39. Matches your hair and skin tone

40. And make you feel unique and powerful!

So, have you already chosen which shade of blonde to use to make your ombré hair? Enjoy and know the incredible benefits that hydration with glycerin provides to the hair. After all, due to discoloration and the use of products to perform the technique, the threads tend to become more dry.

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