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35 gray blonde photos to know the color and adhere to the look (Hairstyling Trends)

35 gray blonde photos to know the color and adhere to the look

35 gray blonde photos to know the color and adhere to the look

Are you thinking of innovating in the color of the locks? The grayish blond can be an excellent choice. This is a versatile color that matches all skin tones. Below, you can learn more about the coloring, check out inspirational photos and also watch videos on how to paint the threads. Follow with us!

What is the grayish blonde?

The grayish blond is a cold tone that, as the name says, has gray or silver tones, in addition to having lighter or darker nuances. Meanwhile, the platinum blonde is an extremely light shade, and can pass for white, grayish and also pearly.

To achieve the grayish blond, it is necessary to choose a base color that goes from 6 to 10, which represent the shades of blond. The reflection should be 1, which represents gray. An example: the numbering 6.1 is a dark grayish blond. For those who want a very light grayish blond, it is necessary to go for dyes like 11.11, 12.11 and 12.111.

How to care for gray blond hair

To keep the color and hydration of the locks up to date, it is necessary to follow specific care. See below the suggestions that we separated so that you can make your hair as beautiful as possible:

  • Use moisturizing shampoo;
  • Wash your hair with purple shampoo;
  • Bet on a specific conditioner for blond hair;
  • Hydrate frequently;
  • Apply leave-in and tip repairer;
  • Cut the locks every 3 months;
  • Avoid using a hairdryer, flat iron and babyliss too often.

With the tips above, you guarantee healthy hair with a color that lasts longer. So, if you are going to join the grayish blond, don’t forget to put them into practice.

35 photos of gray-blond hair to adopt the look

Before leaving for a change in the color of the threads, it’s worth checking out inspirational photos to try to find out what result you want. See only the options we selected below:

1. Let’s start with gray-blond with dark roots

2. The smoky version is a good bet for those who want naturalness

3. And so as not to have to worry so much about the finishing touches

4. But it is also worth leaving the natural root on display

5. The light grayish blond is a striking color

6. So it is perfect for those who want to highlight the wires

7. Regardless of the size of the locks!

8. As this is a color full of attitude

9. It is perfect for those who want a stripped-down look

10. You can bet on lights

11. Or also in a global coloring

12. The choice only depends on the result you are looking for

13. In the case of lights, there are nuances of tones

14. Which can make the look even more interesting

15. As in this case, with shades of gray

16. And the roots can be darker than the tips

17. Has gray blond hair for brunettes

18. And also for natural blondes

19. So it doesn’t matter the original color of your wires

20. You can achieve different shades of gray-blond

21. You may need to discolor the wires

22. So that you get a very clear hue

23. If this happens, don’t forget the care

24. Which must be redoubled to keep hair healthy

25. And to maintain all the beauty that they deserve

26. There are too many shades of gray to use

27. And the name of the color is also known as ash blonde

28. Gray can be just the background color

29. How does this inspiration show

30. This is a perfect choice for a more discreet look

31. Where gray is not so striking

32. As you can see, there is no lack of shades

33. Also has a dark grayish blond color

34. There are many color proposals

35. Just choose one to call yours!

So, did you find any of the options to your face? It is worth saving the ideas that you like best to try to achieve a similar result!

How to get the gray blonde

Don’t you want to go to the salon to dye your hair? No problem! With the videos below, you can find tips to change your look at home.

Home smoky root

Do you want to touch up the root without having to go to the salon? In this tutorial, the tip is to first discolor the threads and then use a graphite toner. See the detailed step by step in the video!

How to dye your hair dark gray blond

In this video, the dye used is 6.1, while the creamy ox is 10. The result, however, depends on the color in which your strands are currently.

Gray-haired blonde with dark hair

You have dark hair and you want to know what it would be like to use a grayish blonde dye on your hair? After watching this video, you can get an idea of ​​what to expect.

If, after knowing this color, you are still in doubt as to whether it is really the chosen one, see also pearly blonde inspirations that are pure success!

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