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Platinum hair ombré: discover the color of the moment (Hair Hot trends)

Platinum hair ombré: discover the color of the moment

Platinum hair ombré: discover the color of the moment

The platinum ombré hair is a trend for those who want to adopt the very light blond in the strands, but without discoloring from the root. The main characteristic of this coloring is the gradient transition between the natural color of the hair to the platinum blonde, creating a more natural look. The effect is amazing on different hair and skin tones.

50 photos of platinum ombré hair to inspire your look

There are several possibilities of ombré hair with more or less contrast between the natural color of the strands and that of the dye. The technique is quite democratic and can be used in different lengths and textures of yarns. Check out 50 photos to get inspired.

1. The smudge between your tone and the blonde creates a more natural effect

2. And the platinum ombré hair in dark hair has a beautiful contrast

3. The technique looks amazing on wavy hair

4. From the longest

5. To midfielders

6. The platinum renews the chanel in the smooth wires

7. You can choose a smaller root

8. Or let the natural color show more

9. A big advantage is not having to touch up the root frequently

10. The short long bob looks amazing with the ombré effect

11. Why the gradient values ​​cutting

12. Before discoloration, it is worth strengthening the strands

13. For your platinum to have a great result

14. Then, continue taking care of the hair’s health with good products

15. The healthier your hair is, the more beautiful it will be

16. And the more powerful your look will be

17. After discoloration, you should dye your hair

18. Being able to choose a gray, gold or white platinum hair ombré

19. Afterwards, it will be important to use matting products periodically

20. To prevent the wires from oxidizing and losing the desired tone

21. When choosing the shade, see what suits your skin

22. Blondes can bet on ombré with less contrast

23. A widely used technique is to platinum bangs well

24. The platinum ombré hair in curly hair looks beautiful

25. As with smooth and wavy

26. Rock with ombré hair platinum on long hair

27. The versatility of the technique is incredible

28. Everyone can bet on it without fear

29. Because it creates a beautiful effect

30. In all hair types

31. For women of all styles

32. The ombré platinum hair for black women is also a hit

33. There is no one who can resist the glamor of this blonde

34. Light up and parade around with a lot of attitude

35. You will not go unnoticed

36. Be with the clearest root

37. Or darker

38. With natural blonde yarns

39. Or brown

40. Be with the huge hair

41. With a modern mid-cut with a marked fringe

42. Or with a more discreet platinum ombré hair

43. The technique to lighten the strands gradually has a stylish effect

44. Looking amazing on all women

45. So, if you feel like

46. ​​Bet on this technique

47. And take good care of your hair’s health

48. To renew the look

49. Get even more powerful

50. With the hair of your dreams!

With so many possibilities for platinum ombré hair, you probably already know what your next hair style will be like. Just choose and transform the production with a lot of attitude and personality!

How to make ombré platinum hair

Do you want to renew your hair in an economical way, without leaving home? First, make sure that you feel comfortable doing this transformation for yourself. Then, check out the videos we’ve put together with several tips for you to rock.

Learn how to make ombré platinum hair on dark hair

Priscila Madalena, owner of brown hair, showed the step by step to get the lightest color without marking the strands. The result is very natural and beautiful. Check out!

Discover how to rock with a platinum ombré hair on long hair

In this video, Carla Abdo lightened her long strands by herself, showing that it is possible to change the look at home and have a super beautiful result.

Ombre platinum hair in medium hair: check out the step by step

Short to medium sized hair also looks amazing with platinum ombré hair. Learn how to do the technique on your wires with this video by Julyanne Silva.

Platinum hair in curly hair: know how it is done

Want to transform the look of your curly hair? In this video, Suzane Camila showed all the details of how the ombré hair is made in her hair.

Now that you know the techniques for making platinum ombré hair, just put the tips into practice and look even more beautiful with the new look. If you prefer a less light hair tone, also know the ombré hair honey.

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