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Short haircut: 100 reasons why you should adhere to this idea (Hair Inspo)

Short haircut: 100 reasons why you should adhere to this idea

Short haircut: 100 reasons why you should adhere to this idea

Have you thought about joining the short haircut? Many women adopt this option to not only guarantee more practicality on a daily basis, but also to add a dash of style to their look. And if you love the idea, but still lack courage, get inspired by the following images and fall even more in love with the short strands:

Short straight haircut

You know that cut that is just to wash, blow a dryer quickly and be ready in 3 minutes? This is the practicality of short hair, and in this list you will see some incredible options of straight hair that will make you delight:

1. The short straight haircut is a practical option for everyday life

2. Because it is often just dry and ready

3. The cuts can vary in hundreds of styles

4. And are perfect for any age

5. The chanel is the most traditional of all

6. And the pixie cut is perfect for young girls and ladies

7. See how this peak has become killer

8. While this messy fringe is cute

9. The short is ideal for thin or round faces

10. And rejuvenates that it is a wonder

11. Short hair is very practical to care for

12. And it is cheaper (and easier) to maintain the wires

13. The reward for that? A lot, but a lot of style

14. Your short can be quite messy

15. Or all behaved little

16. At the end of the day, there is a perfect short for all styles

17. The side cut is perfect for those who are not afraid to dare

18. The side fringe ensures a very elegant look

19. And it is also a timeless option

20. The peaked pixie cut is very modern

21. While the long bangs enhance the face a lot

22. You can keep the strands very straight too

23. Or choose something more disconnected

24. The important thing is that the cut matches your personality

25. And make sure you feel beautiful when looking in the mirror

From pixie cut to long bob, you can’t go wrong with the straight short haircut.

Short wavy haircut

After seeing the straight hair options, you must be thinking “but my hair is wavy, cutting it short will not be fine”. That’s where you’re wrong! Want proof? Just take a look at the following images:

26. Have you ever thought about using your wavy to your advantage in a chanel with bangs?

27. Or guarantee a very modern beak bob?

28. Wavy pixie cut? We love

29. And it goes for the peak too

30. You can still count on a fixative to make your waves more apparent

31. Or leave the tips in the spotlight

32. A little ointment also helps in this mission

33. The wavy hair gains a special volume with short hair

34. And it guarantees a very sensational tuft

35. And when does the bob cut get a special color?

36. The peaked peaked chanel is great, don’t you think?

37. With the short, you can take care of the details

38. And highlight the face in a unique way

39. This redhead was even more highlighted with the short cut

40. Just like this modern color

41. See how this short fringe made everything more different

42. Wavy gives that natural, beachy look to hair

43. And an indispensable lightness when cutting

44. The wave may look like a stripped-down version of the short cut

45. But the truth is, he can have the face you want

46. ​​Whether with short bangs

47. Long

48. Or average

49. Let the movement of your hair reign in its short

50. And choose a cut that enhances your natural hair

Your wavy look will be even more beautiful with a short cut – you bet!

Short Curly Haircut

Get inspired by the stylish curly hairs in the images below that will convince you to join the team of women with short hair:

51. The short one makes every woman powerful

52. And you value natural curls even more

53. Be it with a modern and personalized cut

54. Keeping the back of your neck fresh

55. Or adopting the more traditional cut between the curly ones

56. In fact, short curly hair becomes a perfect shape for the face

57. And it further highlights the beautiful features of your face

58. Not to mention the perfect volume that it guarantees to the hair

59. Some bets make the look more romantic

60. Others are full of personality

61. A finisher will make everything shine

62. And the very perfect curls

63. The layered cut guarantees a charming symmetry

64. In addition to an essential movement to the wires

65. Preventing them from getting heavy

66. Who says curly hair can’t have bangs?

67. To give a light, bet on the lights

68. There are no limits to a short

69. Even for curly ones

70. And when it comes to freedom

71. Nothing better than leaving your hair natural

72. And still define the curls well

73. You can still determine the volume you want

74. And, of course, choose a cut according to your style

75. And that will fit perfectly into your routine

What’s up? Have you ever fallen in love with these short curls?

Short curly haircut

Whether bulky or very short, the short haircut for curly locks shows how democratic and full of personality this option is. Check out:

76. Curly hair goes hand in hand with curly hair

77. And care is basically the same

78. The difference is that you can also define each curl

79. Or not

80. If the idea is to define them, how about lighting the cut with some lights?

81. But if you prefer something more stripped down, just make the wide comb your companion

82. See how your very short version is divine

83. While the bulky ones get a very modern look

84. And stripped

85. But the truth is that both options are elegant

86. Black power is the most classic short among curly hair

87. While cutting in layers will add more movement to the strands

88. How about giving the tips a discoloration?

89. Or in the whole hair?

90. It will also be divine to the natural

91. With the short, you add an earring and the look already changes the figure

92. Short curly hair leaves the look full of attitude

93. And we are talking about a lot of attitude

94. The tapered cut has the nape and the sides shorter

95. You can still make the back longer

96. Or make the curls shorter

97. The perfect choice will be the one that will define your personality

98. Regardless if it’s very short

99. Bulky

100. Or the classic chanel

And after passing the scissors through the locks, how about checking out 60 images of hairstyles for short hair that will inspire you?

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