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Tumblr hairstyles: rock the cool style of it girls (Hairstyle Trends)

Tumblr hairstyles: rock the cool style of it girls

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Tumblr hairstyles: rock the cool style of it girls

If you are daring and love to rock betting on the coolest trends, Tumblr hairstyles are your thing. Whether in the day-to-day routine or live with friends, there are plenty of options full of fashion and practicality for all types of hair. Get inspired and learn how to do amazing hairstyles!

40 Tumblr hairstyles to transform the look

Do you want to vary the style of your hair without having to cut or dye your hair? Bet on cute and funky hairstyles to look even more beautiful.

1. Dreads are stylish and represent resistance to black culture

2. The braid with loose threads has a mega romantic look

3. Experience the practicality and beauty of the high ponytail

4. And rock using your braids with a patterned scarf

5. Tumblr hairstyles with a high bun look even more beautiful with braids

6. And the bangs on the bangs are super hot

7. Semi-bun is a great choice among Tumblr hairstyles for short hair

8. As with the longest strands

9. Rock out trying out braided Tumblr hairstyles

10. And look stylish with the practicality of the bangs stuck back

11. The low ponytail with braid is pure glamor

12. Tumblr hairstyles with bandana make your hair even more wonderful

13. Transform the basic semi-prisoner with a fluffy handkerchief

14. The bun rocks the Tumblr hairstyles for curly hair

15. And for straight hair, bet on the elegance of the low ponytail

16. These little coconuts are beautiful and super cute

17. Just like the afro puff, which has this round and voluminous shape

18. Braids at the root make curly hair very stylish

19. And the side ponytail has an eighteenth-century vibe full of charm

20. Long strands are even more beautiful with a Tumblr hairstyle

21. Just like the short ones, which are cute

22. Bun and braids are all about

23. Rock with a chic hairstyle for curly hair

24. The more braids, the cooler your hairstyle

25. They are great for holding the bangs with a touch of style

26. And go with all types of hair

27. In addition to being practical and versatile

28. The side coconuts combine with a relaxed look

29. And Afro braids are wonderful and empowering

30. The tufted ponytail goes well in any occasion

31. Whatever your vibe

32. Tumblr hairstyles will make you look even more beautiful

33. Because they have style to spare

34. And look good on all types of yarns

35. Joining practicality and a lot of beauty

36. For fashionistas who love to set trends

37. And rock at all times

38. So throw yourself at the change of look

39. And try new hairstyles

40. You will love it!

Now that you’ve been inspired by several cool Tumblr hairstyle options, it’s time to choose your favorites and rock with style.

How to make wonderful Tumblr hairstyles in your hair

Want to learn something new and change your look without spending anything? Try putting some hairstyle tutorials into practice and let your hair look stylish.

Tumblr hairstyles with bun: try the stripped mess

In this video, Gabriela Angeli will teach you how to make one of the easiest and darling hairstyles among Tumblr girls. This style of coke combines with several occasions and can be done in a few minutes.

Tumblr hairstyles with braid: learn how to make the boxer

Boxing braids are super versatile and beautiful for all types of hair. If you want to know how to put this stylish hairstyle into practice, just check out Brenda Leite’s step by step.

Tumblr hairstyles with bangs: a simple and beautiful option for curly hair

Frizzy hair with bangs is a trend that came back with everything! Therefore, this hairstyle that is very Tumblr and easy to do, will win you over. Learn the step by step with Jublack and rock it.

Tumblr hairstyles for curly hair: highlight your waves with lots of charm

Ana Josi brought a tutorial for you who want to learn how to make Tumblr hairstyles in your curls and rock anytime. Try it on your hair and discover new ways to straighten your curls.

Tumblr hairstyles with bandana: step by step to rock easily

The bandana is an item that is the face of the Tumblr trend, because it transforms the look in an instant and leaves you cool. In this video, Açucena Cordeiro brought a tutorial for anyone who wants to learn how to use the accessory in the style of it girls.

Tumblr hairstyles for short hair: options for those who want to renew their look

Some people think that the short strands do not have a lot of possibilities to be arranged with the Tumblr style. But Viih Rocha brought this video to prove that it is possible, with hairstyle options that will transform your look and make you even more beautiful.

Did you like the tips and inspirations? Now just train on your hair and rock the Tumblr vibe. See, also, other options of hairstyles with bangs.

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