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How to bleach your hair: complete guide to razing (Hair Updates)

How to bleach your hair: complete guide to razing

How to bleach your hair: complete guide to razing

Everyone wants to transform the look at least at some point in their lives. One way to do this is by changing the color of the locks. Therefore, we have brought a complete guide for you to learn how to bleach your hair. Check the initial preparations, the step by step for discoloration and all the care after the wires go through chemistry.

Preparation before bleaching

Even with the best professional and the best products, bleaching is an aggressive procedure, which can end up damaging your hair. Therefore, it is important to take some precautions before lightening the locks.

First, make sure your hair is healthy. If they are brittle and fragile, it is best to prioritize a capillary schedule with hydrations, nutrition, moisturizing and capillary reconstructions before discoloration. In addition, it is important to do a wick test to see how your hair reacts to the bleach. If everything goes well, you can do it on your hair.

How to bleach hair: step by step

Did you follow the previous steps and are you ready to lighten the wires? Check out how to bleach your hair in the tutorial below and blow away new locks:

  1. Protect your hair: with dry strands, use a comb or brush to detangle them and apply liquid keratin from the scalp to the ends;
  2. Divide into wicks: separate your strands into four or more strands, depending on the amount of hair you have. Then, secure each part with piranhas or clips;
  3. Mix the products: use an amount of bleaching powder that is in accordance with the size of your hair and add hydrogen peroxide, while mixing both until they are homogeneous;
  4. Apply the bleach: start with the strands from the nape to the front, using a brush to pass the product on the strands, always from the tips to the root, because the tips usually take longer to clear;
  5. Let the product act: be careful with the time, checking the wires every five minutes. The maximum time that the bleach can stay in the hair is thirty minutes, only for those who have very healthy hair and want a very clear result;
  6. Wash your hair: use shampoo and rinse the product of your hair with cold water to remove all residues;
  7. Hydrate: to regenerate the hair, use more liquid keratin and a good hydration mask.

Ready! Now you can show your new look around. But do not forget that this is an aggressive procedure for the hair and that it requires some care before and after. Take good care of your hair to rock every day.

5 basic bleached hair care

This is the time that you are already loving the new look, isn’t it? So, check out these tips to continue with the amazing yarns after discoloration!

1. Perform capillary reconstruction

Periodically, you will need to strengthen the fiber in your strands so that they do not break, in addition to making them retain nutrients better.

2. Take care of the color of your wires

Light hair is more sensitive to blemishes and oxidation. Therefore, use a tinting product to prevent yarns from turning yellow. Also, give preference to specific shampoos and conditioners for discolored hair.

3. Avoid exposing the wires to chemistry frequently

After discoloring, let your hair recover well before it lightens again. Putting more products that attack the wires will weaken them more and more.

4. Avoid dryers and by-products

Appliances that expose the wires to excessive heat, such as dryers, flat iron and babyliss, dry out and damage the wires that have undergone some chemistry. So, avoid using them as much as possible.

5. Make a capillary schedule

The most efficient way to take care of discolored hair is to do continuous treatments. Therefore, the capillary schedule will be your main ally, replacing fundamental elements for the health of the hair, such as vitamins, nutrients, water and lipids.

With this care, you can already say that in addition to being beautiful, your hair is very healthy. Put everything into practice and do not regret the discoloration.

Ways to bleach different types of hair

The yarn discoloration process is not always the same. It can vary depending on the color or texture of your hair before discoloration. In addition, there are different products and procedures that can be used. Check out some tutorials explaining everything:

How to bleach black hair

Brunettes who want a radical transformation can bet on discoloration. The important thing is to do the procedure with care and good products. Check out the step by step with the hair stylist Heder Freire.

How to bleach dyed hair

Dyed hair requires a pickling process to remove artificial pigments before discoloration. See the video of Wesley Paula showing the step by step to leave the blonde strands.

Processes to bleach curly hair

In the case of curly hair, it is important to take some extra precautions to preserve the curvature of the strands. See the entire discoloration process of Bruna Ramos, who has platinum-plated her curls.

Tips for bleaching red hair

This procedure requires that your hair is very healthy, because it is a color more difficult to leave. To color your red without fear, check out Talyta Rosa’s step by step.

How to bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide

It is important to be careful when choosing hydrogen peroxide for your hair, as it is a strong product that can weaken the hair a lot, if it is of a high volume. Louise Alencar showed how she arrived at a super beautiful result using hydrogen peroxide and a mattizer.

Bleaching hair is a great option for those who want to change their look. The important thing is always to be careful and, giving preference to a professional with good indications to transform your hair and leave you even more beautiful. Check out blond hair inspirations now and find out which one is best for you.

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