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35 photos of nails with military green enamel to bet on the color of the time (Nail Collection)

35 photos of nails with military green enamel to bet on the color of the time

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35 photos of nails with military green enamel to bet on the color of the time

Each year new nail polish trends emerge in the world of nails that explore different colors and tones. Therefore, we have selected beautiful photos of nails with military green enamel and tutorials for you to bet on the tone of the time. Follow on the article!

35 photos of nails with military green enamel to explore the tone

Military green is a color that always returns to be a trend and pleases those who have the most classic, sporty or stripped style. So, check out our selection of photos with nails enamelled with the shade to use at any time of the year:

1. Military green enamel is always on the rise

2. Because the color fits perfectly in any style

3. Especially for those who want to get away from traditional colors

4. And bet on different colors

5. Military green enamel goes well with black

6. And with lighter enamels

7. You can combine it with other shades of green

8. Or just use it on the only daughter

9. You can choose more elaborate decorations

10. More modern and creative

11. Or more sophisticated

12. The military green enamel combines with the classic French smile

13. With glitter and jewelry

14. With flower decorations

15. And luxurious stones

16. Military green enamel can be matte

17. And also in creamy texture

18. Looks great on more delicate nails

19. Combines with other nuances of green

20. And with the famous nail art of animal print

21. There is no shortage of ideas to explore the tone

22. Be for simpler decorations

23. With details and stones

24. With glitter on the ring finger nail

25. Or in minimalist nail art

26. This inspiration combines green and military print

27. And this one, shows the harmony with nude color and gold

28. How about making a gradient with white and military green?

29. Or simply decorate the only daughter with your favorite flower?

30. Some people like more romantic options

31. Or decorations with geometric designs

32. The important thing is to let your imagination go

33. Combine the military green enamel

34. With that powerful decoration

35. Full of beauty and sophistication!

Each inspiration more beautiful than the other, isn’t it? Now just choose the one that most identifies you and match your favorite look!

Military green enamel: where can you buy it?

Don’t know where to buy your nail polish? We selected some stores with the product to help you in this mission. Check it out below:

  1. Nail Polish Anita Creamy Equality, at Danny Cosméticos
  2. Enamel 5F Vult fig tree, in Americanas
  3. Nail Polish Impala The Color of Olive Fashion, at Loja Shopping dos Cosméticos
  4. Enamel Ana Hickmann Origens Fauna Collection, at Magazine Luiza
  5. Enamel Lhamastê – I only came for Dailus’ food
  6. Nail Polish Risqué K-POP Love Warrior of the Rainbow, at Fikbella Store
  7. Nail Polish Miss Rôse 055, at Loja Esmalte Bonito

Now that you have checked out the inspirations and already know where to buy your nail polish, it is important to know how to enamel your nails and decorate them with the color of the moment!

How to apply military green enamel and make your own

Do you want to learn how to enamel your nails, combine shades and make decorations with military green? Watch our selection of videos that show you step by step. In addition, you will also learn how to make your own nail polish with this wonderful shade!

Nail polish with military green

If you like to combine the colors in your nail polish, be sure to watch this video. The nails were enamelled with two shades of military green and looked beautiful. Watch the video and see the result of this combination!

Nails decorated with military green enamel

In this video, professional Laís Castilho teaches two beautiful decorations using military green. Drawings are easy to make and you can use the enamel brush itself. Watch and do it yourself at home!

Powerful decoration with military green enamel

Youtuber Gabriela Becker shows a nail art tutorial that was very successful among gringo. The decor combines the tone of military green with the nude color, white, black and gold. Watch the video and learn how to make this killer nail art!

How to make military green enamel

Did you know that it is possible to make your own military green enamel at home? You will need three items: yellow and blue nail polish and a clean bottle. Watch the video and learn how to get in the tone!

Did you like our inspirations tips and tutorials to always stay in fashion? If you love to enamel your nails with different colors, be sure to check out neon nail inspirations to seal with striking tones.

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