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Curly haircut: photos and tips for all styles (Hairstyling Updates)

Curly haircut: photos and tips for all styles

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Curly haircut: photos and tips for all styles

Changing the look is always a delight, but it also beats that indecision. How do you know which curly haircut has more to do with you? Whether short, medium or long, there are a variety of incredible and stylish cuts. To help you choose, check out 70 curly photos, as well as tutorials for cutting your own hair.

Short curly haircut

Short hair is ideal for those looking for a practical and modern cut. It also requires less product when it comes to hair care, which makes it an economical option. Here are some cutting tips:

1. Short hair is very practical

2. In addition to being super-stylish

3. Anyone who loves to be different can bet on the peak

4. Or in colorful

5. Fringe is also an ally for the daring

6. Just like the side cut

7. Another option is to combine two colors

8. With a different cut, the short curly rejuvenates

9. You can experiment with the shape that suits your face

10. And also with your style

11. In addition to being beautiful, the short curly one is economical

12. Because it requires less quantity of treatment products

13. And when you try it you will fall in love

14. You can choose where you want to add more volume

15. The cut with less volume at the nape is on the rise

16. Combined with bangs and volume on the sides, it looks amazing

17. As well as with more volume at the top of the head

18. In a gradient effect

19. Another option is the curly chanel

20. Those who like volume can bet on cutting in layers

21. With a fork comb you can direct where you want

22. Another indispensable tool is the diffuser for the definition and volume

23. The short curly haircut is synonymous with practicality

Did you like the suggestions? Now just choose your favorite and try a new cut.

Medium curly haircut

For those who want an intermediate size, there are a variety of options for cuts and hairstyles. This type of hair is very versatile and combines lightness with beauty. Check out some inspirations:

24. The medium is great for those who want movement without having so much work

25. It looks great with a lot of volume

26. And goes with all types of curls

27. By lightening some strands you light up your face

28. Choose a shade that matches your hair color

29. With the bangs, you get a retro look

30. The medium cut can be straighter and more versatile

31. Or asymmetrical and stylish

32. The important thing is to loosen your curls

33. And enhance your natural hair

34. With a cut that has to do with your style

35. And be practical on a daily basis

36. The more layers, the greater the cut volume

37. The colors are incredible, but they need special care

38. Because the threads are discolored and need to be hydrated to recover

39. The rounded cut with fringe is a trend

40. And the volume is also on the rise

41. Colored strands can renew your curly cut

42. Just like hairstyles, which are super easy

43. The swag cut is a trend

44. And curly redheads are full of attitude

45. Among the favorite cuts is the long bob

Medium-sized hair opens up a range of stylish cutting possibilities. Choose the one that has the most to do with you and renew the look.

Long Curly Haircut

Democratic and classic, long hair is full of charm. It blends well with all face types and can be used in a variety of ways. Stay on top of the best cut options for long ones.

46. ​​The “V” cut is one of the most used in long

47. It preserves length without weighing

48. And the layers leave the size distributed

49. In addition to combining all hair tones

50. Another option is the “U” peak.

51. Which has a more discreet and smooth finish

52. Diagonal layers ensure balance and movement

53. Long cuts are ideal for round faces

54. Because they have the effect of elongating the face

55. The long curly haircut is very versatile

56. Allowing you to arrange in different ways

57. In addition to being practical

58. Because it doesn’t need maintenance as often as the short

59. To keep it beautiful it is important that you are healthy

60. Moisturizing, nourishing and rebuilding your hair

61. Especially if the hair is dyed

62. An option to renew production is the colorful scarf

63. By lightening small locks, you have a light, dark look

64. Invest in specific products for curly hair

65. How vegetable oils

66. And thermal protectors, before using the dryer

67. To avoid damaging, avoid washing your hair with hot water

68. And even if you want to keep the long one, it’s important to cut the ends

69. So that the strands keep growing healthy

70. And you continue to feel beautiful

You already know what your next curly haircut will be. Option is not lacking! Enjoy and renew the look with the cut you loved the most.

Curly haircut: how to make yours

Did you know that it is possible to change your locks without leaving home? We have put together some tutorials with easy tips for you to cut your own hair. Check out:

Easy cut to make at home

In the Camarim da Mila channel, she explains how to make a “U” haircut very simple and fast. Great tip for those who want to remove the tips without having to spend.

Curly haircut for volume

In this video, Thamires Stephane shows you how to cut your own hair with a special volume. She teaches some tips, such as how to cut gradually so as not to take too much of the size and regret it.

Gradient curly haircut with nozzle

In the video, Camila Santana makes a vlog showing how her hair, which was long, was cut to have a stylish beak chanel.

Five cutting options

Thamires Stephane brought five more different cuts for you to choose your favorite and make at home. It shows you the entire step by step to get the desired effect.

Curly haircut to stay younger

In this video, Jaqueline Santos showed how she cut in layers with fringe. This cut, in addition to being quite high, rejuvenates the look.

Have you already managed to decide what your next cut will be? Try changing the look and rock! Also check out these hairstyles for curly hair and get the look right.

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