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40 oval nail photos to adhere to this beautiful shape (Beauty Collection)

40 oval nail photos to adhere to this beautiful shape

40 oval nail photos to adhere to this beautiful shape

The oval nail is very successful among women of different styles, as it is the balance between the round shape and the stiletto. Also, it can be done on short or longer nails. So, if you want to bet on a new nail shape, check out beautiful oval nail ideas and learn how to file your nails!


oval nail x round nail

The oval nail has the thinnest and slightly rounded tip, so to achieve this shape you need to be careful when sanding so as not to break it. Now the round nail has a wider and more fully rounded shape. In this way, maintenance is practical, after all if it breaks a little, it is possible to sand it and, in many cases, regain its shape.


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40 photos of oval nails to bet on this style

Whether enameled or decorated with creative designs and full of accessories, the oval nail is incredibly beautiful. So, here’s an amazing selection of photos and choose your favorite:

1. The oval nail became a trend in the nail world

oval nail 4


2. Being one of the preferred formats when sanding them

oval nail 5

3. You can bet on different decorations

oval nail 6

4. Match vibrant colors like red

oval nail 7

5. With a delicate color, like pink

oval nail 8


6. This nail shape lets you get creative

oval nail 9

7. Exploring glitter and rhinestones

oval nail 10

8. And simple drawings of daisies

oval nail 11

9. You can only decorate the only child

oval nail 12


10. Or make the traditional decorated francesinha

oval nail 13

11. But, if you prefer nails rich in details

oval nail 14

12. It is possible to create a more sophisticated nail art

oval nail 15

13. And apply various accessories, as in this proposal

oval nail 16

14. Oval nail can make your hands dazzling

oval nail 17

15. In addition, it matches nails of various sizes

oval nail 18

16. And it makes short nails more delicate

oval nail 19

17. You can make the colorful smile francesinha

oval nail 20

18. Combine different colors

oval nail 21

19. To make the oval nail very original

oval nail 22

20. And similar to your personality

oval nail 23

21. Animal print prints are classic

oval nail 24

22. Just like flower decorations

oval nail 25

23. If you love bold nail art

oval nail 26

24. Bet on ideas like this!

oval nail 27

25. Apply sequins to highlight nail art

oval nail 28

26. Or just draw a bow on the only child

oval nail 29

27. Bet on pastel colors such as green, pink and blue

oval nail 30

28. Or in the traditional nude that decorates with various shades

oval nail 31

29. The choice of colors depends on your taste

oval nail 32

30. See that amazing nail art and full of details!

oval nail 33

31. The oval nail is beautiful and stylish

oval nail 34

32. You can file your nails and keep them elongated

oval nail 35

33. That way, you’ll have more space to create effects

oval nail 36

34. And let your imagination run wild

oval nail 37

35. Be a romantic and delicate person

oval nail 38

36. Classic and chic

oval nail 39

37. Stripped and creative

oval nail 40

38. You can create multiple elements

oval nail 41

39. And make the oval nail exquisite

oval nail 42

40. To fall in love with this format once and for all!

oval nail 43

Now that you’ve checked out various oval nail inspirations, you need to know how to file your nails to achieve this shape. For that, just watch the videos below!

How to make an oval nail in a practical way

To obtain the oval shape, it is important to be careful when filing your nails so as not to break them. So watch the following videos and learn how to do it:

How to make oval nails yourself at home

In this video, youtuber Fernanda Coelho had her nails in a square shape and decided to make them oval. If you also want to change the shape of your nails, first of all, watch the video and check out the step by step!

How to file short nails in oval shape

As seen in the inspirations above, short nails also look beautiful filed in this format. So, watch the video and learn how to file them with the help of an adhesive to demarcate the nails and facilitate this process!

Oval nail with French smile

The francesinha is one of the favorite decorations and combines with various nail formats. So watch the video and learn how to do it on the oval nail!

Oval nail with reverse french

The reverse french can be made in acrylic or in gel leaving the nails elongated and in the shape you want. In other words, it looks amazing on the oval nail and makes your hands look amazing. Watch the video and see how the technique is done!

Now that you’ve seen beautiful oval nail photos and videos to make your own, enjoy and check out ballerina nail ideas, as it’s another nail shape worth betting on!

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