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Short hair with highlights: 45 photos of this versatile and stylish look (Beauty Inspo)

Short hair with highlights: 45 photos of this versatile and stylish look

Short hair with highlights: 45 photos of this versatile and stylish look

Short hair with highlights is perfect for those looking for a practical and stylish look. In addition to illuminating the face, the mechinhas innovate the look and are super-versatile. From traditional blondes to colorful and trendy, see how to get that hair and photos to inspire a transformation.

45 photos of short hair with highlights to fall in love with the look

The short hair is already stylish and, with locks then, it is even more devastating. Check out inspirations of this look and take courage to make yours!

1. There are several ways to achieve a short with strands

2. They can be subtle mechinhas

3. With only one or two shades lighter than your natural hair

4. Or superlines

5. How does this short hair with platinum streaks

6. You can make strands of hair all over

7. Or just two front

8. Short hair with Californian highlights is sophisticated

9. In this look, the tips of the hair become lighter

10. You can do it in very short threads

11. And it goes beyond stylish

12. In addition to the more traditional mechinhas, such as blondes

13. There are inspirations of short hair with colored streaks

14. They are authentic and leave the original look

15. On short hair, it is mega-stylish

16. Some tones are already known

17. Like short hair with red highlights

18. A killer, isn’t it?

19. Short hair with blue highlights is also a hit

20. May be lighter and grayish

21. Or darker and full of sophistication

22. You can choose a tighter shade, like dark purple

23. Or a neon, all highlighted

24. For a complete transformation, how about this colorful look?

25. You can invest in pink streaks scattered throughout your hair

26. Only at the tips

27. Or bet on colored strands in gray hair!

28. If you are discreet, you can invest in babylight locks

29. Caramels are versatile

30. And light up the wires

31. Some are very discreet, with a natural face

32. And others are more evident

33. Short hair with smoky streaks is full of originality

34. But there is no problem in concentrating the discolored threads

35. This look can be done with straight wires

36. In the corrugated

37. And in the curly, it becomes powerful!

38. There are inspirations for all tastes and types of yarns

39. Be your hair short and frayed

40. Or elegant and bulky

41. It is an idea to put together a razor cut

42. And innovate in color

43. Short streaked hair is a practical look

44. Which gives movement to the wires

45. And get any hair out of the basics!

For a discreet look, the tip is to bet on the thinner strands and in traditional tones, such as blonde or caramel. And for a complete transformation, how about a pixie cut with colored strands?

How to make locks in short hair

Have you fallen in love with any of the inspirations and can’t wait to do it on yours? Check out 4 tutorials and see how you can do it at home.

Smoky locks in short hair

In this video, you learn the trick so that your hair is not scarred. You can do the entire process yourself and you will need 30 volumes of hydrogen peroxide, bleaching powder, a fine comb and aluminum foil to enhance the bleaching.

How to make blue locks in hair

If you like the colors, check out how to make blue streaks in your hair. Remember that the toners only take on the discolored threads.

Platinum locks in short hair

In this video, we follow the complete step by step of how to get platinum strands in the ombré hair style. So that they don’t turn yellow, the tip is to use tinting products right after the discoloration.

Short hair with colored streaks

This tutorial shows us how to get colored strands in short curly hair. There is the process of discoloration of the threads, toning and finishing.

If you have doubts or do not feel safe to do the bleaching at home, look for a hairdresser. Convinced to bet on this stylish look? And if you like the shorts, check out 35 short bob ideas.

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