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Pineapple bun: learn to make and 30 photos of this stylish hairstyle (Hairstyle Inspo)

Pineapple bun: learn to make and 30 photos of this stylish hairstyle

Pineapple bun: learn to make and 30 photos of this stylish hairstyle

Favorite among the curly, the pineapple bun is a super practical hairstyle to make. It highlights the threads and results in a modern and stylish look. See the step-by-step how-to and passionate inspirations to rock the bun!

How to make pineapple coke:

Pineapple bun is easy and practical to make for different occasions. Here’s how to assemble and tie in varying lengths of hair:

Step by step: pineapple bun in long hair

  1. Gather all your hair strands on top of your head, as if you were going to make a high ponytail;
  2. To make it easier, you can use a little water or combing cream;
  3. To secure, remove a side mechinha from the wires you have joined and pass around the bun until it is firm;
  4. Finish by throwing the wires to the side you prefer.

Check out the video walkthrough and the option to secure with an elastic band to make it even firmer.

Pineapple bun in medium curly hair: tutorial

  1. Take your comb comb and unravel the strands, mainly from the top of the head, with the intention of giving a lot of volume;
  2. In the part that will be stretched, apply combing cream;
  3. With a brush, comb all the strands from the forehead to the top of the head;
  4. With a thin stocking stretched, pass around your curls and tie a knot at the forehead height .;
  5. Go pulling the stocking on the back of the head and on the sides so that the curls are up. As you adjust, pull the knot of the sock so that it is tighter;
  6. When the bun is at the desired height, secure the stocking with staples so that it is very firm;
  7. To make it more bulky, unravel the strands with a fork comb, bringing them “out” of the sock;
  8. At the back, finish by placing staples upright so that the wires do not come loose.

Watching the video walkthrough makes it easier to understand. See also how to finish with handkerchiefs!

Pineapple bun with bandana

  1. Spread a little gel on your hands and rub the hair from the bottom to the top;
  2. Join all the threads upwards and tie them once with an elastic band;
  3. Just tie the bandana around your head and finish with a knot on the top of your forehead.

See how to make pineapple bun and other hairstyles with bandana in the following video:

Pineapple bun with fringe

  1. Start by gathering all your wires to the top of your head;
  2. Take a large rubber band and tie the threads;
  3. Do not complete the second loop of the elastic. At this point, throw all your wires forward. They will create a fringe;
  4. Go straightening your wires and always put them forward so that the ends cover your forehead;
  5. To make it more firm and prevent the bun from falling apart, you can use staples.

It is that easy hairstyle that fits even for special occasions. Check out the full video tutorial

Pineapple coke is easy to make and there are several ways to style it. Still, you can do to sleep and not crumple your curls!

30 photos of pineapple bun to rock the hairstyle

Now that you already know several ways to make pineapple bun, check out 30 photos of this look and get inspired!

1. Pineapple coke is characterized by being very high

2. It is practical to do for everyday life

3. You can leave several wires loose

4. Or leave it tightly

5. No strands out of place

6. Despite being a favorite curly hairstyle

7. Pineapple coke can also be made in plain

8. To do this, just make a very high bun

9. And it is possible to complement in several ways

10. Can be with super soft loops

11. With a printed scarf

12. Or, how about a pineapple bun with bandana?

13. It’s the definition of style!

14. It is an idea for those who have curly and short hair

15. And you can make a pineapple bun in medium curly hair

16. You can leave your forehead free

17. Or bet on featured baby hair

18. Or, still, think of a pineapple bun with fringe

19. To do it, just throw all the wires forward

20. Or let your real bangs loose

21. To make it quite right, the tip is to use gel

22. Or cream on the part that is pulled

23. It is an original bet for those who have braids

24. And hairstyle highlights hair

25. You can make pineapple bun so you don’t knead the bunches

26. And there are super-stylish ideas for special occasions

27. That combine with the most sophisticated

28. Others do the style of the laid-back

29. Pineapple bun is that easy hairstyle

30. That goes with the most diverse occasions!

What is your favorite inspiration? There are several ways to do it, be quick and stripped down to everyday life, even the most elegant ones for parties and weddings. And if you love practicality, also check out 80 ponytail hairstyle ideas.

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