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Loose hairstyles: 100 inspirations to rock on different occasions (Hair Updates)

Loose hairstyles: 100 inspirations to rock on different occasions

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Loose hairstyles: 100 inspirations to rock on different occasions

Loose hairstyles are perfect for those who love practicality and a modern and stylish look. Easy to do, there are countless inspirations for different occasions and different hair types. Check out 100 photos to get inspired and tutorials on how to do these hairstyles.

Simple Loose Hairstyles

For everyday or for work, check out 25 photos of simple loose hairstyles and get inspired to do it. They are easy and sure, yet stylish.

1. Simple loose hairstyles are practical to do

2. And they will make your locks stand out

3. You can think of a natural-looking look

4. “I woke up like this” type

5. Holding on one side gets sophisticated

6. And you can complement it with an accessory

7. Like a tiara

8. Or a tie, superdelicate

9. One clip is sufficient

10. You can highlight the curls

11. Or make waves in straight hair

12. It is possible to fasten the fringe

13. Or leave two little pieces loose in the front

14. There are simple hairstyle ideas for the short ones

15. Even the longest

16. Brush making is a classic look

17. And you are right for the job

18. There are inspirations for the classics

19. And for the hippie girls too

20. Do you have an undercut? Get inspired by this look!

21. You can bet on a cool look

22. In a more delicate look

23. Or in a wet hairstyle, super trend!

24. The secret to a loose hairstyle is to keep the strands hydrated

25. And give full prominence to your locks!

Loose hairstyles for party

Have you been invited to a special occasion and haven’t decided on your look yet? How about a loose hairstyle? See 25 ideas for guests, graduates and bridesmaids!

26. The loose hairstyle is super stylish

27. You can complement with a clip

28. Or with a shiny accessory

29. There are loose hairstyle ideas for wedding guests

30. For trainees…

31. For godmothers

32. And even for brides

33. Some hairstyles, like the wet one, are super authentic

34. Others are delicate

35. Loose hairstyles are great for those who want to highlight curls

36. It is possible to define them

37. Or, how about betting on black power?

38. The mohawk is classic

39. And you can make it even more stylized

40. Putting your hair back is simple and modern

41. But if you like glamor, how about betting on retro waves?

42. They can be made from short threads

43. And in the longer ones too

44. They result in a vintage look

45. Up to celebrities like Lady Gaga

46. ​​There are loose hairstyle ideas for straight strands

47. Others that go with the curly ones

48. The brush is always accurate

49. Just like this delicate inspiration

50. Which of these looks is more your style?

Loose hairstyles with braid

If you think that the loose hairstyle is too simple it is because you did not see the inspirations with a braid! Take a look at 25 exciting ideas:

51. The braid makes the loose hairstyle more charming

52. You can make a single

53. Two separate

54. Or who are in the center

55. It’s an inspiration for brides

56. And it becomes superdelicate

57. And there is no shortage of ideas for those who already have braids

58. You can add sparkles

59. Or make two braids stand out

60. There are inspirations for the sophisticated

61. And other very relaxed hairstyles

62. Which one suits your style the most?

63. There are loose hairstyles with braid for short hair

64. As well as for medium

65. And for long ones too

66. You can make tighter braids

67. Or looser

68. There are ideas for loose braided hairstyles for alternatives

69. And for the more serious ones too

70. It’s a cool inspiration to enjoy a festival

71. You can do side braids

72. They are sophisticated and elegant

73. Making it more hidden is a charm

74. And the sausage is glamorous!

75. Passionate, isn’t it?

Loose hairstyles with curls

Check out 25 inspirations of loose hairstyles to enhance curly and curly hair!

76. Loose hairstyles in curly hair are powerful

77. You can attach from one side

78. Or leave it all loose

79. Wearing with an accessory adds style

80. Can be a track

81. Or shiny cleats

82. There are ideas for loose hairstyles for short hair

83. And the tip is to make baby hair stand out

84. It is practical to do a hairstyle on medium hair

85. And long locks offer countless possibilities

86. it is possible to choose a discreet hairstyle

87. Elegant for a social event, for example

88. Or a supermoderninho

89. With double bun

90. You can make curls with babyliss

91. Or use a modeler to make them defined

92. Some inspirations are relaxed for everyday life

93. And easy to do

94. Others are glamorous for parties

95. For a social look, make up and make up accessories

96. There are nostalgic looks, with the face of the 90s

97. Other loose hairstyles are timeless

98. Practical, yet stylish

99. So, you highlight the curls

100. And it rocks with a powerful look!

There is no shortage of loose hairstyle ideas for you to be inspired, whether to highlight the look on a daily basis or to rock on special occasions. Do you already know which one best suits your style and matches your hair perfectly?

Loose hairstyles: tutorials for yourself

One of the advantages of loose hairstyles is that they are usually easy to do. Check out 8 tutorials on how you can reproduce these visuals yourself!

Tutorial: simple loose hairstyle with waves

Do you know that hair with natural effect and volume? In this video, by blogger Victória Rocha, you will learn all the secrets to do using only the flat iron. It’s that super-stylish everyday look.

Easy loose hairstyle for parties

This is a sleek, sleek, easy-to-do hairstyle. He has a side “fake” braid and the rest of his hair down. To leave the threads with that glamor, the tip is to tie them and release them only around the time of the event.

Loose hairstyle for party

Have an event and don’t want to spend on a salon? See how to do a hairstyle with mohawk, but that most of the hair is loose. It is a versatile and elegant idea for parties!

Loose hairstyle with braid

The loose hairstyles with braid are the style of romantics and are full of delicacy. See the complete walkthrough of how you can make this look yourself.

Loose hairstyle for curly hair

This tutorial is perfect for those who want to value curly hair. It is simple to make and to make the curls more defined, you can roll with babyliss!

How to make vintage loose hairstyle for parties

The hairstyle with retro waves came back with everything! In this tutorial, you will learn how to reproduce this vintage look and rock it on special occasions!

Step by step: two buns and loose hair

And if you are a hippie, you can do a hairstyle in the tumblr style. Despite the two buns at the top of your head, this look allows you to keep most of your hair down.

How to brush hair alone

The brush is a traditional and accurate look for those who like to let their locks loose. If you are one of those who have no practice, check out this super detailed step by step and see the tricks to make the brush easier.

Remember that these tutorials can be adapted to your type of yarn and varying lengths. Convinced that the loose hairstyle is far from too basic? For other versatile and stylish looks, check out 80 ponytail hairstyle ideas.

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