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Julie Yamamoto
General information
Species Humanity
Residential Yamamoto Family, Bellwood, Earth
timeline Golden timeline
gender female
Profession Tennis player
status live
Birth details
born May 16, 1996
age 14 (Alien Force)
15 (Ultimate Alien)
Death details
Power and ability
vehicle Scooter
relatives Mr. Yamamoto (father)
Mrs. Yamamoto (mother)
Boat (pet)
relation Ben Tennyson (ex-boyfriend)
Elvi (boyfriend)
Debut Ben 10 is back: Part 1 (Alien Force)
Fame (Ultimate Alien)
Rules of Engagement (universal)
Voice actor Fan Fan

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Ben 10: Alien Power

Julie in Alien Force

Julie debut Ben 10 is back: Part 1After his team won a football match, she congratulated Ben. She introduced herself and agreed to see him at school the next day.

exist Wharf pressure, Ben was forced by Gwen to ask Julie out on a date, but was interrupted by Ship who kidnapped Julie. In a rescue attempt, Julie found Omnitrix, and she thought it was cool. Finally, it was revealed that Ship tried to take Ben to Baz-El, and Baz-El’s ship crashed and was about to explode. Ben and Julie helped repair Baz-El’s ship. He left Ship with them and said that he was in contact with Ben. On the way home, Ship took off behind a passing truck, and Ben and Julie walked home holding hands.

exist Save the last danceWhen Big Chill took control of Ben’s personality and started to eat all the metal objects he saw, Julie followed him on her scooter and reminded Gwen and Kevin. She also told them where Big Chill was going. Gwen managed to knock down Dahan, only to find that Dahan was building a nest for his eggs. The egg hatched into 14 little necromancers, and Kevin teased that he was a “mother”. When Julie took Ben home on her scooter, she told Ben that she thought he was a great “mother.”

exist Pet projectAccording to reports, Julie keeps Ship as a pet, which puts pressure on her relationship with Ben, because he is worried that Shipp will do something she cannot handle. The Knights of Eternity (including Sir Morton and Judith) kidnapped Ship, brainwashed him into a mindless slave, and turned him into the Antrian Obliterator. Julie managed to connect to Shipp, restoring his sanity. At the same time, she told Ben that he was not the only one who saw brain stealers from outer space. Julie allows Ben and others to use the ship as a spacecraft, provided that Ben helps take care of him.

exist World War: Part 1, Julie helps Ben fight the high race invasion.At the end of World War: Part 2, Ben and Julie almost kissed, but decided to object because Gwen, Kevin, and Max were watching them. Ben then told her that he would send her to school the next day.

exist Wilder, WilderThe octagonal and diamond-shaped Vreedle were hired by Baz-El to return Ship to him. As Julie refused, the Friedel brothers began to become more aggressive. Ben and Kevin went to court in Coda Coda, asking them to fight Baz-El on Ship, while Gwen stayed on Earth to ensure Julie and Ship’s safety. When the octagonal and rhombus came back, the ship “merged” with Julie and gave her a powerful combat uniform to fight back. Ben eventually won the judge’s favor, and Baz-El reluctantly accepted that Ship is now Julie’s.

exist one-hand, Julie found Ben’s separated hand and took it to Gwen and Kevin. She later used Diamondhead’s hand to fight Sunder. During the battle, Gwen helped her keep Ben’s hand away from Sander, but when Sander grabbed her, Julie was taken hostage. After Sander was knocked down, she held a beam on Ben’s arm under Kevin’s instructions. At the same time, they used Sander’s axe to restore Ben to normal. As a result, Sander was sent in unknowingly. Void.

exist The final battle: Part 1, Julie was briefly seen playing with Ship.

Ben 10: The Ultimate Alien

Julie in the Ultimate Alien

Julie returns to iIn FameWhen his identity was revealed, she comforted Ben. When he thought everyone would hate him, she kissed him on the cheek and told him that not everyone hates him.

exist Cheated, Julie is upset that Ben didn’t spend time with her because he chose to watch a sumo movie while leaving her an immature copy of himself, which embarrassed her.

exist Hero timeAfter that, Julie kissed Jennifer Nocturne after he had saved her and started to jealous of him. Later, she was kidnapped by the overlord. When he tried to kill her and Jennifer, Gup saved Julie and called her “his girl”. Then she assisted in taking down the Overlord.

exist Absolute Power: Part 2, Julie and Ship help Gwen escape from Ultimate Kevin.

exist Eye of the beholder, Julie and Ben are experiencing relationship problems. Ben apologized to Julie, saying that he was a bastard, and he promised to work hard to become a better boyfriend.

exist Revenge of the SwarmWhen Ben and Julie arranged a date, she was kidnapped by Nanochips. When Amodro released Julie, Elena used nanochips to try to suffocate Amodro. If she really loves Ben, Julie can persuade Elena to stop. Then she watched Elena sacrifice herself to stop the nanochip and save Ben’s life. When Ben mourned Elena’s death, Julie gave him some comfort before they drove Ben’s car home.

exist Greetings from Techadon, Julie and Ben are playing on the golf course. Ben wins as a brainstormer, but Julie accuses Ben of cheating. At the end of this episode, Ben said that he must go to the rematch with Julie as promised.

exist Flame Guardian Circle, Julie joined a charitable organization called Flame Keepers’ Circle because she agreed to use Diagon’s technology to advance the humanitarian efforts on the planet and create a utopian theology. She tried to get Ben and Kevin to understand this, but failed because they said that the earth was not ready to accept advanced alien technology. When Ben laughed at catheter Edwards’ face, she was very angry with Ben, and Ben himself used Ultimatrix, which is advanced alien technology technology to protect the earth. She believed this to the point that she pretended to be a hostage to Kant Edwards and allowed Ben to recover from Big Chill. She tried again to advertise the benefits of the Flame Guardian circle to Ben, but when Ben told her that the person they thought was the diagonal was actually Wilgax, she realized her mistake. She firmly believes that humans should not be exposed to alien technology, although her fanaticism is much lower.

exist Perfect girlfriendWhen Julie goes to Europe to participate in a tennis match, Elena pretends to be Julie trying to win Ben’s heart. Just after Elena showed up, Julie came to Ben’s home. When Elena choked the ultimate echo, Julie persuaded her again, prompting her to leave, and vowed to retaliate.

exist The Ultimate Enemy: Part 1When human beings become mystics, Julie is playing tennis. Through the ship that merged with her, she was saved from becoming Esoterica.

exist The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2When Julie arrived at Mount Rushmore, Ben used Ascalon to deprive Wilgax of the power of the diagonal and other powers he had absorbed, and tried to persuade him not to selfishly destroy all evil. Julie kissed Ben’s lips for the first time after Ben brought all mankind back to normal.

Soon after, during a phone call with Ben playing Sumo Slammers, Julie thought that Ben was breaking up with her, so she started dating Hervé.

Ben 10: Omniverse

Julie in the universe

Julie is back Rules of Engagement With Hervé and Ship. They were kidnapped by Luma along with Esther and Luke. Julie fought Luma and defeated her with the help of the ship and the ball trunk. Ben and Julie then reached an agreement to continue to be friends after they broke up.

exist The most dangerous game show, Julie is one of the women chosen to compete for the hands of this marriage. She was not interested in the game at all, and texted Hervé during this period. This resulted in her being hit in the water during the “hole in the wall” round. After being sent to the void with the other losers, she was later released.


  • According to Ben, Julie got an A.
  • According to Dwayne McDuffie, Julie’s family is from Denver.
  • Although she had not seen her before Alien Force, due to the passage of time, Julie was only 10 years old in the original series.
  • She is his predecessor

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