Byron Baxter’s mother has some explanations to do! ! ! – Update – Ear Kandy Radio

Byron Baxter’s mother has some explanations to do! ! ! – Update – Ear Kandy Radio

Update time 12-5-18 @ 8:48 am

This story has been updated to include Ebonie’s “reply/explanation” of all the terrible things she texted her daughter! In my opinion…this is a bad excuse, but I will let you judge. Check out the video, and then you can read the background story below.

Now I’m pretty sure that everyone now knows and likes the cute little Byron Baxter from social media (check their page on FB The Baxter Boys)

I just came across a very interesting story! Well, fun is not actually a good description of the story…disgust may be a better word. Obviously, Byron Baxter’s mother (Ebony) posted on Instagram a few months ago about her daughter (Ashley) who gave up her adoption about 22 years ago (this post has now changed from Deleted on her page). Ebonie claimed that her estranged daughter resented her because she was abandoned for adoption.

Now resentment is a legal feeling experienced after being adopted, so there is no real foul, right? Wrong… The daughter of Ebonie, who she gave up on adoption, decided to speak up for her mother’s allegations on Instagram and defend herself! She posted the background story and some old screenshots of her “mother” texting her when they were arguing a few years ago. I’m sorry, but the news is really hard to read. I just feel sorry for my daughter. No child should hear that their mother does not want them and throw them away. Let me post all the screenshots for you to see for yourself, then let’s talk about it.

right? ! ? ! Man, I swear this story hurts my heart so much, because how can you say such nasty things to a kid who didn’t even ask to come here? ! ? ! Well, of course, she has already replied…Look at her BULLSHIT ASS explanation.

Uni Marie Baxter

Just before something big happens, the enemy will be distracted…
That just showed me how big tomorrow will be!
However, whenever I receive hatred, I rarely face it…
But now I choose to reveal the situation about me released by my daughter who gave up adoption.

I will make a video about it and it will always be there… so 3 years from now, when she publishes the same screenshots again (because this is the third time she publishes them) I can simply Recommend people to videos…
In addition, I will explain why I chose not to associate with a brother and sister who is still alive and still full of hatred…
I have an important meeting tomorrow, so I won’t post a video tomorrow, but it will be released soon.
You can’t let people blackmail you for fame…sometimes silence will make them do it.
I hesitate because I don’t want people to have a bad view of the child I gave up for adoption.
This is the third time she has done this in 5 years, but God is expanding my platform, so let me use it to illustrate the ugly side of adoption.
I will clarify why my child had to argue with her after she stole and ran away from her adoptive mother and moved in with her girlfriend… how they robbed me…
After I faced them, it became ugly…
Because she robbed me, I kicked her out, because I really didn’t know her… How did she attack my child on social media…
However! ! !
After that, I forgave her! !

I persuaded her to go back to school, and when she walked across the stage, I was there to cheer for her with the biggest mouth! !
I want to post videos of her girlfriend, her and my husband, Joy and my sons riding a horse together!
I want to show a video of her girlfriend and my husband at an event I paid for them to participate, and even dress them up to look and feel great! !
I want to tell her how I will send her to see my husband’s work so that he can give her some money…
You see, yes, there are two aspects to this story, I just didn’t tell me, because I don’t care what you think of me, I just don’t want people to see her lies and her hatred, and then leave…
However, I should provide people with the truth…
These screenshots will appear in the video!
After that, she can no longer take screenshots and twist…
They said the truth would set people free… well, I hope this is the end for her.
stay tuned.

Now the aunt still loves you little Byron Baxter, but mom has some explanations to do.

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