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Learn about nail shielding, a strengthening technique (Nail Inspo)

Learn about nail shielding, a strengthening technique

Learn about nail shielding, a strengthening technique

Have you ever heard of nail shielding? The technique, which consists of applying layers of gel or acrylic, makes the nails more resistant, increases the durability of the enamel, among several other benefits. Specialist Agda Souza explains how the procedure works, how much it costs and much more. Check out!


What is nail shielding?

According to specialist Agda Souza, “shielding is a procedure that consists of applying a gel or acrylic barrier to the nail. This barrier works like a contact lens for natural nails. It is like a thin film of glass and its main function is to prevent peeling, improve the durability of common enamel, increase resistance and correct nail imperfections”.


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The procedure is ideal for those who have weak nails or for those who seek more practicality in everyday life and do not have time to go to the salon often. The shielding can last from 15 to 20 days and its price varies according to the region, “in São Paulo, the procedure costs from 60 to 80 reais, depending on the salon, the professional and the material used”, explains Agda.

The pros and cons of nail shielding

Like any little or very invasive cosmetic procedure, nail shielding has its pros and cons. Next, check out the main benefits of the procedure and learn in which situations the technique is not recommended.


Pros of nail shielding

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  • Improved enamel durability: “thanks to the acrylic or gel film that we insert on the nails, the enamel can last up to 15 days intact”.
  • Practicality: Nail shielding is the ideal procedure for those who like to keep their nails always beautiful, but don’t have time to go to the salon weekly, “for 20 days your nail stays intact, the enamel lasts longer and it doesn’t break”.
  • Natural nails: Shielding is a great technique for those who want to have bigger nails, but prefer a more natural look. Unlike stretching, in shielding, the gel inserted is exactly the same size or slightly larger than the client’s natural nails.
  • Decreases breakage and stimulates nail growth although nail shielding is not a treatment, it can help your nails grow quickly and healthy. This is because the procedure forms a layer of protection preventing the nail from breaking easily, which helps to stimulate growth.
  • Stronger nails: “Weak and brittle nails can be caused by dermatological problems, nutrition, hormonal dysfunctions or even daily wear and tear. Shielding is indicated exactly because it helps to boost natural growth, in addition to fixing the enamel for longer than the traditional enamelling technique”, explains Agda.
  • The specialist also emphasizes the importance of looking for a doctor to treat the problem, “it is important to be attentive, because the shielding is only an aesthetic treatment and not a medical treatment. So if your nails show more serious deficiencies, you should see a dermatologist.”

    Cons of nail shielding

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    • Allergic reaction to UV Gel: some people may have an allergic reaction to the UV gel used for shielding. Before performing the procedure, the ideal is to do an allergy test on the client.
    • Professional error: if the technique is not applied by a competent and experienced professional, the result will not be satisfactory. Some common mistakes are: polishing your nails wrong, applying too much product, etc. “Nail shielding is not harmful at all, on the contrary, in my opinion it is only beneficial. The reports of a bad procedure are when the professional does not know how to do it or has not studied the technique”.
    • Therefore, nail shielding is a safe procedure. However, for the success of the procedure, it is essential to seek a serious and experienced professional in the application of the technique.


      Nail armor X gel bath

      Many people still confuse the nail shielding procedure with a gel bath. However, the techniques serve different purposes. “The function of shielding is to prevent nail peeling, improve the durability of common enamel and correct nail imperfections. It is important to remember that shielding does not offer as much resistance as a stretch. The gel bath has the function of offering resistance to the natural nail, as well as stretching”, explains Adga.

      How nail shielding works

      The specialist explains that, in shielding, “first, the professional will file the nails to remove all the oil. Afterwards, she will apply a dehydrator, an alcohol-based solution to allow the products to “stick” well to the nails. Then it’s time to apply the adhesive, an acid-free primer that works like a glue for the gel.”

      The shielding can be removed at home, “using a hand sandpaper carefully, but it is recommended to look for a professional specialist in the technique”, explains Agda. Below, check out a selection of videos with various tips and information on the subject:

      Gel bath x shielding

      In this video, professional Isabele Nail Designer explains the main differences between nail shielding and gel bath, in addition, she simultaneously shows the step by step of each procedure.


      Find out how nail shielding works

      Want to know how nail shielding works? In this video, check out a detailed explanation, showing the procedure step by step.

      The before and after of nail shielding

      Camila Pinto decided to do the shielding as a way to treat her brittle and small nails. In the video, she shares the result of the procedure and gives tips to keep the shielding longer.

      Anyway, nail shielding is a great procedure for those who want to have beautiful nails in a natural and simple way. If you like strong and healthy nails, learn more about fiberglass nails, a technique that can last 6 to 8 months.

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