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40 pictures of indie nails that are full of style (Beauty Ideas)

40 pictures of indie nails that are full of style

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40 pictures of indie nails that are full of style

Indie nails are a proposal beyond fun and perfect for those who want to get out of the routine. This style has a lot of colors and has no rules. The idea is to unleash creativity and play in different shades to create a very stylish look. Interested? So, see below photos and tutorials to bet on this trend.

40 pictures of indie nails that will convince you to adopt the style

To get started, see a selection of colorful and creative nail images. You can use them as inspiration to create your own nail art:


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1. How about each nail with a personalized nail art?

indie nails 4

2. This is one of the ways to adhere to indie nails

indie nails 5

3. What’s great for those who can’t choose their nail design

indie nails 6

4. You can mix colors

indie nails 7

5. And even write a word

indie nails 8

6. Indie nails are a lot of fun

indie nails 9

7. You can use several ideas in a single trip to the manicure

indie nails 10

8. Invest in different prints

indie nails 11

9. And get an amazing result

indie nails 12

10. Even francesinha can join the game

indie nails 13

11. The glitter adds a touch of extra charm to the nails

indie nails 14

12. The versatility is so great that you can even draw fried eggs

indie nails 15

13. Have fun with colors and shapes

indie nails 16

14. Play with the different themes

indie nails 17

15. And get successful indie nails

indie nails 18

16. It’s worth mixing trends

indie nails 19

17. Like the tortoiseshell and the cute designs

indie nails 20

18. Or how about a retro theme?

indie nails 21

19. Indie girl nails are sure to be a hit

indie nails 22

20. Surely one of these proposals can have your style

indie nails 23

21. You can choose a color to use on all nails

indie nails 24

22. But adding a different touch to each of them

indie nails 25

23. As this light background with various designs shows

indie nails 26

24. If you want, you can opt for simple indie nails

indie nails 27

25. It’s even worth a Christmas theme

indie nails 28

26. This fluid aesthetic is just amazing

indie nails 29

27. Have ideas for those who want to use more sober colors

indie nails 30

28. Abstract drawings

indie nails 31

29. Or dare at the time of francesinha

indie nails 32

30. Tie dye is also not left out

indie nails 33

31. Just like your favorite characters

indie nails 34

32. Add a lot of shine

indie nails 35

33. And here the rule is to have no rules

indie nails 36

34. So, enjoy and already save your favorite inspirations

indie nails 37

35. To start thinking which one will be your next nail art

indie nails 38

36. The good thing is that you can mix different proposals

indie nails 39

37. To create a unique effect for your nails

indie nails 40

38. After all, there are no limits to creativity

indie nails 41

39. Indie nails are stylish

indie nails 42

40. And great to rock the week’s nail polish!

indie nails 43

As you can see, it’s easy to jump into the universe of indie nails, after all, just choose fun designs or formats and let your imagination run wild. Now, if you want to learn how to do this at home, check out the following topic.

How to make very creative indie nails

Want even more ideas before painting your nails? So, just play the videos below, which have amazing tips for you to play at home:

easy indie nails

This is a tutorial option that teaches you two ways to get indie nails: using stickers or making the designs with brushes. The first option is the simplest, but the second is also easy to reproduce at home. It is worth checking!

Indie nails with stickers

In this video, you can see several proposals using stickers. In addition to this accessory, you can also vary the colors of the enamel. Thus, you can have a variety of combinations beyond fun. See all the tips in the tutorial.

indie kitty nails

The cow print is pure charm and, to make it even better, it is very easy to make. First, you need to apply white nail polish on your nails, then it’s time to make black spots with the help of a wooden toothpick. Check out the step by step video.

aesthetic nails

In this video, you learn how to make five different patterns using a brush. Thus, there is an option for each nail of a hand. In addition, the idea is to use nail polishes of different colors as a background to make the result very colorful.

It’s very easy to fall in love with indie nails, isn’t it? And if you love colorful proposals, you may also want to know more tie dye nail options. There are several combinations and ways to abuse this trend.

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