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Blue hair: 45 photos, tutorials and tips for an authentic and stylish look (Hair Trends)

Blue hair: 45 photos, tutorials and tips for an authentic and stylish look

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Blue hair: 45 photos, tutorials and tips for an authentic and stylish look

Blue hair is a sensation among people who love colored strands. It is an original, stylish look that takes any look out of the ordinary. Check out 45 photos of blue locks, tutorials on how to paint at home and the necessary care to keep the hair healthy and full of color!

45 photos of blue hair for an original look

Turquoise, pastel, navy … Check out 45 photos of looks with blue hair for you to choose the perfect shade for you.

1. Blue hair is full of originality

2. And there are several nuances of color

3. Pastel blue hair is alternative and delicate

4. And this lighter shade is subtle

5. It’s super stylish

6. Dark blue hair is still a hit

7. It can be teal tints

8. Or all hair in royal

9. The color looks stunning in long locks

10. And the short blue hair is full of attitude

11. Making a long bob to complete the look is pure style!

12. And you can make a gradient of tones

13. Or mix with other colors

14. Blue and purple hair makes the look all colorful

15. For a discreet change, how about passing the blue at the ends?

16. Or else, you can make locks like this

17. This color matches the straight and short

18. And in the long and curly ones it gets powerful!

19. You can make light streaks in blond hair

20. And the blue hair in brunettes super matches

21. You can even make the root dark

22. And lighten the hair according to the length

23. Turquoise blue hair is a trend

24. And that color is original and stylish

25. Navy blue hair is classic

26. There are countless shades for you to choose one that suits you

27. Light blue…

28. With grayish background

29. Or very vibrant

30. You can bet on blue hair with mechinhas

31. Or bet on a look with just a shade of blue

32. It looks amazing too!

33. How about betting on a fringe?

34. Color matches white skin

35. And highlights black skin

36. Blue curly hair is pure power

37. In addition to combining several cuts

38. With classics and vintage

39. Even with the most modern, with bangs

40. Or the peaked and stripped

41. Blue streaked hair is super-stylish

42. Well-bleached hair results in a lighter blue

43. The dark background yields original tones

44. The nuances of blue combine with the delicate

45. And with the most fashionistas and authentic ones too!

Passionate, isn’t it? For a subtle change, bet on the fuses and blue tips. And for a bold transformation, just choose a vibrant shade and dye all your hair!

Blue hair: 6 tutorials for you to dye at home

You don’t have to go to the salon for a complete makeover. Check out these tutorials with various techniques on how to dye your hair blue at home.

Coloring your hair at home: from black to blue

This is a detailed step-by-step with all the steps you must follow to move from dark, natural strands to blue hair. First, it is necessary to discolor the strands to a light tone and then apply the colored paint.

Blue hair with toner

This video shows us how to dye your hair blue with toner. Remember that the product has no bleaching action and only picks up the threads that are already light. If you have blonde highlights or highlights, it’s a great idea to transform the look.

Blue hair: how to change the color of the strands

And if you love colored hair and change colors frequently, check out the trick to get it blue without getting stained. Before applying blue dye, you need to correct the base of your hair. If you have green, for example, use gentian violet with cream to balance the tone of the strands.

How to make blue locks in hair

And if you want to make subtle blue streaks in your hair, see the full walkthrough in this video. You will need hydrogen peroxide and bleaching powder to lighten the locks and a dark blue toner.

Blue and purple hair with aniline and gentian violet

And there are other techniques to make your hair blue without having to use a colored dye. This tutorial shows us two super accessible ways to dye your hair: with gentian violet and aniline!

Blue curly hair

And if you have curly hair and want to know how to tone your hair at home, check out this video. To keep the blue vibrant, it is necessary to make frequent touch-ups and a tip for the color to get better on the strands, is to wash your hair only with shampoo before application. This process will leave your locks open to receive the dye.

There is no problem in toning your hair at home, but remember that the strands must be discolored. And if you have doubts about the discoloration or the best product for your type of yarn, consult a hairdresser.

Blue Hair Care

Care is needed to keep the hair colored without the strands breaking. Check out some tips for applying the paint and maintaining the locks.

  • Do a wick test: before dyeing all the hair, do a strand test. This avoids possible allergic reactions to paints and bleaches and allows you to know how the result of the dye will be.
  • Invest in good cosmetics for bleaching: to lighten the threads, invest in good bleaching products. This will help your hair to become less brittle after the chemical.
  • Apply a cream to the skin: before applying the paint, apply a cream or oil to the forehead and neck area to prevent the paint from staining your face.
  • Wear gloves: when dyeing the threads, be sure to wear gloves. In addition to the possible allergic reactions that the tincture can cause on the skin, it does not come off easily with water.
  • Follow the instructions on the package: following the instructions of the product, how to apply to clean hair and respect the indicated pause time, it is necessary for the paint to have an effective action on the threads.
  • Invest in a reconstruction: after coloring your hair, it is worth investing in a reconstruction with creams, ampoules and oils so that the strands are not too damaged.
  • Hydrate frequently: to keep your locks healthy, moisturize your hair once a week. You can make homemade moisturizers with the cream of your choice.
  • Use special products for colored hair: shampoos, creams and conditioners for colored threads are available on the market and help in maintaining the locks. Some assist in the reconstruction of the hair while others make the pigment last longer.
  • Follow a capillary schedule: as the hair goes through the bleaching chemistry, it is necessary to follow a capillary schedule to recover the strands and keep them healthy. These are stages of nutrition, hydration and reconstruction.
  • Tone to maintain color: colored inks are usually well pigmented, but they fade with few washes. To maintain color, you need to tone your hair frequently. For this process, it is not necessary to discolor.

Despite the care necessary to keep the hair healthy and shiny, the blue hair is stylish and full of attitude! And you, convinced of a colorful transformation in the visual?

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