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50 photos of nails with black francesinha for stylish hands (Instagram Ideas)

50 photos of nails with black francesinha for stylish hands

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50 photos of nails with black francesinha for stylish hands

The little black francesinha makes your nails amazing, gives a stylish and laid-back touch to your hands. It’s perfect to get away from conventional glazes and do something different. So, check out beautiful nail models decorated with black francesinha and tutorials to do it yourself. Follow the matter!

50 photos of nails with black francesinha to innovate nail art

Below, check out a selection of photos of nails decorated with black francesinha that will convince you to join this trend. Check it out:


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1. Black francesinha became a trend

francesinha black 4

2. Makes your nails beautiful and stylish

francesinha black 5

3. And it’s ideal for those who like to get away from the traditional

francesinha black 6

4. The francesinha that does not have the white color

francesinha black 7

5. Also known as inglesinha

francesinha black 8

6. You can create black francesinha in several ways

francesinha black 9

7. And in any nail shape and length

francesinha black 10

8. You can draw your favorite superhero symbol

francesinha black 11

9. Or just make black francesinha

francesinha black 12

10. Matte black looks amazing on nails

francesinha black 13

11. Just like the famous leopard print

francesinha black 14

12. How about making black francesinha on a yellow background?

francesinha black 15

13. You can combine it with gold

francesinha black 16

14. Or make the francesinha smile with animal print

francesinha black 17

15. Roses make nail art romantic and sweet

francesinha black 18

16. Just like the heart designs

francesinha black 19

17. And the kitty decoration

francesinha black 20

18. Here, the black ribbons added a little extra

francesinha black 21

19. You can combine three colors to create the francesinha

francesinha black 22

20. Or apply sequins to the decor

francesinha black 23

21. You can add stickers on the only child

francesinha black 24

22. Or choose a gothic nail art

francesinha black 25

23. The francesinha in V is one of the versions of the decoration

francesinha black 26

24. And it’s also known as a tie

francesinha black 27

25. See what an amazing idea to draw hearts in francesinha!

francesinha black 28

26. The black francesinha can be made wider

francesinha black 29

27. Or thinner like this nail art

francesinha black 30

28. The decoration looks beautiful on elongated nails

francesinha black 31

29. Looks charming on short nails

francesinha black 32

30. As with medium and square nails

francesinha black 33

31. You can apply silver glitter

francesinha black 34

32. Or gold glitter to make your nails luxurious

black francesinha 35

33. The white and black color is a right combination

francesinha black 36

34. Just like adding pebbles to nail art

francesinha black 37

35. The nude glaze highlights the little black francesinha

francesinha black 38

36. And the glitter provides a perfect finish

francesinha black 39

37. Just like the encapsulation technique

francesinha black 40

38. You can opt for delicate nails

francesinha black 41

39. With simpler decorations

francesinha black 42

40. You can create the double diagonal francesinha

francesinha black 43

41. Or make a well-crafted nail art

francesinha black 44

42. Another option is to combine black with other colors

francesinha black 45

43. Just choose your favorite color

francesinha black 46

44. A decor that has your style

francesinha black 47

45. And combine it with the little black francesinha

francesinha black 48

46. ​​After all, it is very versatile and goes with everything

francesinha black 49

47. Just let the creativity flow

francesinha black 50

48. Unleash the imagination

francesinha black 51

49. And create amazing nail art

francesinha black 52

50. What a further highlight of the little black francesinha!

francesinha black 53

There is no lack of ideas with this trend, isn’t it? So, now, just follow the videos below and learn some of the decorations shown in the photos!

How to make black francesinha in a simple and easy way

The selected videos feature black francesinha models that are very easy to make and will leave your nails wonderful. Watch the tutorials:

Black Frenchie in matte enamel

Professional Fran Alves teaches you how to enamel your nails with common black enamel and make the matte effect with foundation. In addition, she shows you how to finish the nail polish by decorating your nails with francesinha using only extra shine. Watch the video and check the result!

francesinha black tie

The francesinha Gravata or V-shaped francesinha as it is also known, is one of the variations of the traditional model and has been very successful. Nail designer Fran Alves shows the tutorial on how to make it in black. Watch the tutorial and see how easy it is!

Little black Frenchwoman with ribbons

In this tutorial you will learn how to make black francesinha decorated with crossed ribbons. The accessory adds an extra touch to nail art, leaving it wonderful. Check it out!

little black and gold french

Gold is luxurious, matches any color and gives an air of sophistication. In this video, nail designer Gersoni Ribeiro teaches how to make black francesinha with a gold finish. Watch and see what amazing decor!

Black Frenchwoman with nude nail polish

The classic francesinha is always made in white, but it is possible to make it in your favorite color. Thus, when made with other colors, it is also known as inglesinha. Learn how to make this decoration with the nude background and see how amazing it looks!

Did you like the selected photos and tutorials? But, if you also love cute and fun decorations, be sure to check out ideas for kitty nails that are the big hit of the moment!

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