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60 photos of nails decorated in black and white to explore the shades (Beauty Collection)

60 photos of nails decorated in black and white to explore the shades

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60 photos of nails decorated in black and white to explore the shades

Nails decorated in black and white combine two of the most popular colors and are perfect for any nail art. Therefore, we selected photos with ideas for decorations and videos that show you step by step for you to learn how to make your own nail art. Follow the matter!

60 photos of nails decorated in black and white for inspiration

If you love these two colors and need ideas to combine them, see the most beautiful photos with stylish decorations for your nails and get inspired!

1. Black and white decorated nails are killer

2. They guarantee beautiful and stylish nails

3. Because the combination of the two colors are perfect

4. Allow to explore creativity

5. And create beautiful decorations

6. You can make simpler decorations

7. Only with enameling

8. Add glitter to the only child

9. Or create more delicate designs

10. Nails look very stylish with the animal print

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11. Just like this little owl on the ring fingernail

12. You can opt for a minimalist nail art

13. With a very delicate flower on one of the nails

14. Or paint the tip of the nails diagonally

15. See how creative this decoration is!

16. How is it that it had a sticker on the only child

17. You can add gemstones

18. Make nail art with a zebra print

19. Or as a kitty in an only child

20. The creamy enamel and the matte go together very well

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21. You can draw a happy face!

22. Or a heart, if you’re more romantic

23. And add glitter, if you like glitter

24. You can decorate your toenails in black and white

25. And running away from traditional decorations

26. For both feet and hands

27. Colors decorate very well

28. The traditional francesinha is always a sure bet

29. As well as glitter and animal print

30. This decoration is perfect for those who like to be daring

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31. And this one for those who prefer discreet nail art

32. With few details, but full of charm

33. or bold prints

34. Just like symbols that mean something to you

35. The choice of nail art depends on your style

36. And your preferences

37. Well, with the nails decorated in black and white

38. You can go beyond imagination

39. Express your feelings

40. Create a different francesinha

41. Draw whatever you want to highlight the only child

42. And innovate with francesinha

43. Marbled enameling creates an incredible effect

44. As well as several black and white strokes

45. How about expressing your gratitude on your nails?

46. ​​Or make a very delicate drawing?

47. After all, there are several options for decorations

48. For all tastes and styles

49. For those who like to escape the traditional

50. Mixing colors and designs

51. And do nail art

52. Just like this beautiful decoration

53. You can abuse the stickers

54. Make easier drawings with the brush

55. Or create amazing effects like this

56. You can choose a sweet decor

57. That has more to do with your way of being

58. Because nails decorated in black and white can be delicate

59. Just choose a cuter nail art

60. So, have you already chosen the decor that suits you best?

Now just buy your nail polishes, follow the videos we’ve selected with tutorials and make your favorite nail art!

How to Make Nails Decorated in Black and White

Watch the videos below and learn how to make amazing nail arts that are very easy to rock in your day-to-day or at the hottest events. It’s worth following the tutorials:

3 nail models decorated in black and white

In this video, professional Gersoni Ribeiro teaches how to make three types of decorations using black and white enamels. Follow the step by step and see how easy it is to do!

3 easy-to-make black and white decorations

The decorations presented in this video are very simple to make using a ballet and a fine brush. Check out the tutorial, separate your nail polishes and make art on your nails!

5 black and white decorations to rock

In this video, you can see 5 nail art options to use for any occasion. To make the decorations you will need black and white nail polish, brush, ribbons and silver glitter. Watch the video, check the step by step and see how amazing the result is!

Nails decorated in black and white for beginners

There are amazing and easy decorations for those who are not very skilled in creating nail art. If you are one of those, watch the video and learn how to make 5 nail models for beginners. It’s worth watching!

As we have seen, the nails decorated in black and white guarantee beauty and style. But if you prefer to enamel your nails with just one of the colors, enjoy and check out inspirations from black decorated nails full of power and personality.

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