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45 kitty nail options for you to rock nail art (Nail Collection)

45 kitty nail options for you to rock nail art

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45 kitty nail options for you to rock nail art

The kitty nail is a sure bet for those who like to innovate in the style of decorated nails. The idea is to imitate the animal’s skin with stain designs and for that, you can use nail polish or adhesives. Interested? Check out different models and some kitty nail tutorials below to make a really cute nail polish.

45 kitty nail photos to create a stylish nail polish

The animal print trend leaves the look with more personality and fun, in addition to being very successful in clothes and other accessories. Nail art couldn’t be different, kitty nail art is super flashy, easy to make and very cute. Check out the different options for you to choose your next glaze:


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1. There are many possibilities to bet on the kitty’s nail

kitty nail 4

2. To get away from the traditional, it’s worth investing in a colorful only child

kitty nail 5

3. For the most basic ones, a light background is great

kitty nail 6

4. How about adding a green for a very rural result?

kitty nail 7

5. The francesinha de vaca is a killer, be it coarse

kitty nail 8

6. Or thinner

kitty nail 9

7. It even has diagonal inspiration

kitty nail 10

8. The white background highlights the spots

kitty nail 11

9. And it can be combined with other colors

kitty nail 12

10. A colorful proposal guarantees a fun touch

kitty's nail 13

11. The short kitty nail is pure charm

kitty's nail 14

12. Just like the longer ones

kitty nail 15

13. In fact, the nail shape doesn’t matter

kitty nail 16

14. A fun suggestion is to leave black and white aside

kitty's nail 17

15. It has more delicate versions

kitty's nail 18

16. Something more vibrant and full of personality

kitty's nail 19

17. It’s even worth creating an explosion of colors

kitty's nail 20

18. How about making a normal francesinha combined with the inverted one?

kitty nail 21

19. Unleash your creativity when painting your nails

kitty nail 22

20. To get a result that suits you

kitty's nail 23

21. The black kitty’s nail does not go unnoticed

kitty's nail 24

22. Especially if each nail is different

kitty's nail 25

23. It even has the option of an only daughter with a cow face

kitty nail 26

24. Which makes the result even more cute and fun

kitty nail 27

25. Even children’s kitty nails are pure charm

kitty's nail 28

26. You can make very small spots

kitty nail 29

27. Or larger, to highlight the print

kitty's nail 30

28. What matters is playing on the animal print

kitty nail 31

29. Be it with a touch of glitter

kitty nail 32

30. With very long nails

kitty nail 33

31. If you prefer, stickers are a good bet

kitty nail 34

32. Pinterest-style kitty nails are a hit

kitty nail 35

33. Just like indie kitty nails

kitty nail 36

34. Rhinestone appliqués highlight the nails

kitty nail 37

35. How do you in this inspiration

kitty nail 38

36. You could see that there is no lack of options, right?

kitty nail 39

37. Look at the pink kitty nails

kitty nail 40

38. Option is ideal for lovers in this tone

kitty's nail 41

39. If playing in this trend is very easy

kitty's nail 42

40. And you can make the most of a kitty’s nail

kitty nail 43

41. Because she oozes style

kitty nail 44

42. Helping to take nail art out of the ordinary

kitty nail 45

43. If you liked this proposal, save your favorite photos

kitty's nail 46

44. Just to get an idea of ​​how to leave your nails

kitty's nail 47

45. Then it’s just a blast with the result!

kitty's nail 48

Now that you’ve seen these amazing photos, how about learning how to do kitty nails at home? To do this, just continue reading.

How to do kitty nails at home

Do you want to learn how to make this beautiful nail art without having to go to the manicure? So, the selection of videos below has different models using the kitty print, check it out:

indie kitty nail

This is the classic version of the kitty’s nail. Here, the white background is covered with black spots. To make the print, the tip is to use a wooden toothpick. Check out all the details in the video.

interspersed kitty’s nail

Just want some kitty-print nails? Then this video is perfect for you! Here, two nails from each hand are painted white and covered with stains. Meanwhile, the other nails are completely painted black. See how to do it on the video.

pink kitty nail

With a more romantic feel, this is a tutorial on how to make a kitty’s only daughter. The other nails get pink and glitter. Learn how to get this result by checking the step by step.

Kitty’s nail decorated

This is another video that teaches how to make a kitty’s only child, however, the other nails, which are painted blue, also gain details with the print. Press play to check the details.

4 ways to get kitty’s nails

This video shows you how to use the print in four different ways. So, it’s easy to innovate whenever you want! Check out all the tips in the video.

There are so many beautiful options for cow’s nails that you can always innovate betting on this print. And if you liked these proposals, the nails decorated in black and white can also be a good option for you to get to know.

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