Where are the daughters of Samira and Adam Frasch today?renew

Where are the daughters of Samira and Adam Frasch today?renew

ID’s “American Monster” tells the details of the murder of Samira Mbotizafy Frasch. After her death in 2014, her husband Adam Frasch was listed as the main suspect. Several pieces of guilty evidence and testimony led to his conviction in 2017 and later sentenced to life imprisonment. He continued to guarantee his innocence and even talked about it on the show.

After Samila’s death and Adam Flash’s conviction, people became more and more curious about their daughters, especially Hella Flush, who was trained as a child model by her mother.

Who is Hella Flasch?

Hyrah Frasch is the eldest daughter of Samira and Adam Frasch. Her mother died in 2014 when she was only two years old. Hyrah was born in 2011 and became a public figure after her mother. Samira began to wear leopard bows and other brand clothing for her. Hella has made many public appearances in Derby, Bahamas and other places. Samila’s friend Jackie Watson said that Samila is a very dedicated mother. She said: “I want the girls to know their mother. She is the most beautiful person in mankind. She has taste, love and compassion. She loves them very much.”

Hela grew up since she was a child, she has her own social media page and leads to a website. She has taken photos and videos of guests shopping with her mother, participating in various activities, and top hotels in tourist resorts. Hella is often photographed by professionals. Joel Silver, who was hired by Samira as a videographer, said: “When you watch these videos, you will see. This is not a normal website. When Samira, Adam and Hella are walking on the street. This is not what you do every day. I can see it.”

Before Samila’s death, she and her husband Adam were caught in a noisy divorce. She has just obtained temporary custody of most of the children and Adam’s assets, which is believed to be the motive of the case. In addition, Hyrah and her sister were taken from their home a few hours before their mother was found dead. Adam faces custody charges, even though he said he took the children with Samila’s permission. In any case, once Adam Flash was treated as a suspect, Hela and her sister were taken away by Flash’s brother in Omaha, Nebraska. During the trial, the children should stay away from the public as much as possible.

Where is Hyrah Frasch now?

Since Hela is still a minor, detailed information about her current whereabouts is not known to the public. Although as far as we know, she is safe and sound under the custody of a relative. Hyrah Frasch’s Facebook and the Instagram account created by her mother are still online, but since Samila’s death in 2014, they have not had any activity.

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