Who is Kimberly Morgan and where is she now?

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Who is Kimberly Morgan and where is she now?

Doctor Death It is Peacock’s new real crime drama, based on the 2018 podcast series of the same name. This eight-part series tells the heart-wrenching true story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, who injured 32 of the 38 patients in two years. Two of his patients, Floella Brown and Kellie Martin, died. In 2017, he was convicted of disabling one of his elderly patients, Mary Efurd, and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Doctor Death Joshua Jackson played Dr. Christopher Duntsch, Christian Slater played Dr. Randall Kirby, and Alec Baldwin played Dr. Robert Henderson. These two surgeons once fought for Duntsch not to operate. Mr. Robot Grace Gummer plays Kimberly Morgan, Deng Qi’s former assistant in the series.

Who is Kimberly Morgan?

In August 2011, Duntsch hired Kimberly Morgan, a senior nurse practitioner, as his assistant while working at the Minimally Invasive Spine Institute in 2011.

Morgan will continue to play an important role in helping Duntsch build his career, and in helping him establish his own clinic, the Texas Neurosurgery Institute, in October 2011.

As you can see Doctor DeathAccording to reports, Morgan and Dun Qi started a romantic relationship after two months of working together. D magazine.

At that time, Deng Qi’s girlfriend Wendy Yang (Molly Griggs) was pregnant with their first son. Deng Qi told Morgan that his girlfriend was his secretary and close friend. He also told Morgan that Yang’s husband will soon move to Texas to be with her.

As his assistant, Morgan will appear in many spinal surgeries at Duntsch.

After Duntsch’s best friend Jerry Summers had his quadriplegia undergoing a botched operation, and after Summers told the staff that he and Duntsch had taken cocaine the night before, Duntsch and Morgan were ordered to take a drug test.

Morgan immediately took the exam and passed it, but Duntsch delayed it for five days. His results finally came back.

Duntsch also passed a psychological evaluation and his surgical privileges were restored. However, he was also instructed to perform minor surgery.

Since the drug test, his first patient was Kelly Martin, who was the first person to die as a result of Dunche’s operation.

In March 2012, the 55-year-old underwent minor surgery to repair a herniated disc. On the operating table, Martin began to bleed, but Deng Qi refused to stop the operation.

After the operation, Martin fell into a coma due to medical reasons, but she never regained consciousness.

As heard above Doctor Death On the podcast, Morgan’s close friend BJ Ellison told the podcast host Laura Bell that Morgan was frustrated on the day Martin died.

Ellison said: “King called me from the operating room, she is not Kim” and shared that Morgan resigned shortly after the death of her Martin.

According to ProPublica, in March 2012, Morgan and Dunge ended their professional and romantic relationship.

Ellison said to Dr. Death: “He’s crazy, she just doesn’t want to connect with him anymore.”

Grace Gummer as Kim Morgan in Doctor Death Scott McDermott/Peacock

Where is Kimberly Morgan now?

Unfortunately, little is known about Morgan’s whereabouts today.

As you can see Doctor Death, Morgan applied for a temporary protection order against Duntsch in April 2012. D magazine, Duntsch appeared at her house uninvited early in the morning.

The relationship between Morgan and Deng Qi will be one of the key factors determining Deng Qi’s fate. She will also continue to serve as a key witness for the prosecution, providing her testimony via Skype from the military base.

ProPublica reported that Morgan will continue to describe Duntsch’s different personalities, how kind and friendly he is to patients, but angry and confrontational when working behind closed doors.

The jury then heard an email from Duntsch to Morgan at 4 am on December 9, 2011, stating that he was ready to become a “cold-blooded killer.”

As you can see Doctor Death And hear Amazing In the podcast, the email read: “Anyone around me thinks that I am between God, Einstein, and the Antichrist, because how can I do whatever I want to do, across every discipline, just Like a playground, never lose.

“Unfortunately, you cannot understand that I am building an empire, and I am so far away from the box that the earth is small and the sun is bright.

“I am ready to leave all the love, kindness, kindness and patience I have and become a cold-blooded killer.”

Prosecutor Michelle Shughart used this email as part of her evidence in Duntsch’s criminal trial to prove that Duntsch’s murder of the patient was intentional.

Duntsch was convicted of disabling his elderly patient Mary Efurd and sentenced to life imprisonment in February 2017.

Doctor Death It is now live on Peacock.

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