13 German Comedians Show Off German Humor

Practice your language skills with these 13 German comedians. From stand-up to satire and impressions, German humor is for everyone.

13 German Comedians Show Off German Humor

German humor probably isn’t the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when you think of Germany. In general, one might think of a fast train or a good beer. But comedy? no way. NedankeIn fact, many would even say that Germans don’t even have a sense of humor. This is clearly not true. When it comes to comedy, I think Germany is vastly underrated and underrated. That’s why I’m highlighting thirteen German comedians to help disprove this stereotype.German humor Do exist!

For those trying to learn a language, comedy is also a great way to practice and learn about the culture. Just like German music or movies, there is something for everyone. The list includes German stand-up comedians, satirists, cabaret and Impressionists, and others whose German humor you can experience in German. Get ready to tickle your funny bones.


American born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, Hazel Brugger is a stand-up comedian you might have thought of as a “journalist” Heute-Show, she often offers a younger perspective. Bruegger’s comedy performances are boring. Is she kidding? Or just retell a story? Brueger didn’t provide a bunch of setup and punch lines. It’s more subtle, and it’s all part of her comedy. Her first full “cabaret” show was Hazel Brugger passiert in 2015.

Oliver Pollack

Fans of German rapper KIZ already know comedian and author Oliver Polak as the sloppy, sickening dictator in the band’s 2013 music video for “Ich bin Adolf Hitler”. This reflects Polak’s sense of humor: satirical, and sometimes dark. His comedies often recount his experiences growing up as part of the only Jewish family in a small German village and the son of a Holocaust survivor. He often focuses on fighting racism and anti-Semitism, such as in his live performances and books Ich darf das, ich bin Jude.

Bulent Ceylon

With long black hair and a triangular soul-patch goatee, Bülent Ceylan looks like he should be part of a heavy metal band. But the German, with his Turkish background, is a popular comedian in Mannheim. (Though he has made appearances at major metal festivals! Spoiler alert: He also starred in the German version of the TV show The Masked Singer.) The comedian has won numerous awards throughout his career, even on TV Hosted his own comedy show. four seasons. While his performances are filled with stories of growing up with a Turkish father and German mother, Ceylon has many of the characters he portrays. With his dedication, he brings these characters to life!

Enissa Armani

Anyone who has browsed Netflix’s comedy specials probably already knows Enissa Amani. Born in Iran and raised in Germany, Amani studied law and literature before entering the fashion industry. But by 2013, she had started doing stand-up comedy and never stopped. Armani’s comedies have been broadcast on German TV. In 2017, she became the first German female stand-up comedian (and the first in Europe!) with her Netflix comedy special, Paeonia. Amani is bringing German humor to the world!

For language learners like us, the German comedian’s Netflix special is great because it offers subtitles in English and German, as well as other languages.

Olaf Schubert

Wearing his signature yellow diamond sweater vest, it’s hard to miss Olaf Schubert. Schubert was actually the invention of Michael Howbold.The character is confident but outspoken and, like Hazel Brugger, is often seen as a commentator Heute-Show. Schubert also has his own show on ZDF and 3sat, Olaf TV – von Schubert Zumensch. Many jokes exist in word games that can be difficult for German learners. If this is the case, subtitles or subtitles may help.

Dieter Noor

Noor in Berlin From German stand-up comedian Dieter Nuhr is the first Netflix stand-up special from Germany. But Nuhr’s career dates back to his 2016 special.His first comedy stage production was in 1994 Nuhr am nörgeln!. Since then he has been a regular on German TV shows, comedy shows and on stages all over the country. Nuhr is known for bringing “smart cabaret” to German humor, with plenty of sarcasm where no topic seems off-limits.

Oliver Carl Coffey

If you like skit comedy, Oliver Kalkofe might be just for you. The longtime comedian seems to have no shortage of characters to portray, as evidenced by his plethora of shows, performances, and audiobooks. This is a prolific comedian! Kalkofe also worked on German dubbing, and when Little Britain was adapted for German-speaking audiences, he considered himself the “voice” of Matt Lucas. Carl Kofis Mattshebe is the German comedian’s long-running satirical TV show, offering extensive commentary on current events and pop culture.

Monica Gruber

Monika Gruber is considered the most successful cabaret in Germany. Also, she is an actress who can be seen in TV and movies. Gruber has always been recognized and won awards, especially in her native state of Bavaria. (Gruber wrote about her childhood in a small Bavarian village in her memoir.) Her most recent show was in 2017 Wanxin!.

Michael Mittmeier

There was certainly a new generation of German comedians sweeping Europe, but there were also people who helped pave the way. Michael Mittermeier has been performing comedy since the early 1990s. A longtime German stand-up comedian, his style also incorporates some classic German cabaret comedy.With his 1996 plan electric shock, Mittmeier gained national attention. His routines have won numerous awards and even went abroad to perform in English.

Felix Lobrecht

German stand-up comedian Felix Lobrecht is the new generation bringing German humor to the masses. Lobrecht is in high demand after winning Best Newcomer at the German Comedy Awards in 2018. He regularly performs his comedy on German TV shows and tours, and also hosts the podcast Gemischtes Hack. He also produced the Was machen Sachen? show for 1LIVE Comedy, which consists of quick, short episodes. Both projects are collaborations with Tommi Schmitt. You can check out the first episode of the show in the clip below.

Hans-Joachim robbery

American comedian Lewis Black started his career as a grumpy old man who wasn’t afraid to share his thoughts or raise his voice.Like Gernot Haßknecht, Hans-Joachim Heist Heute-Show. While Heist is a German comedian, actor and director who is not only known for his most recent role as a grumpy commentator, his performance as Haßknecht has brought him many awards and recognition.

Experience the skills of German comedians and German humor

  • Looking for more German comedians? Amazon Prime created a global franchise called LOL: Last One Laughing. Adapted from a Japanese documentary documentary, a group of comedians compete for a laugh. The twist is that they can’t laugh or be eliminated. The German version of the show, hosted by Michael Bully Herbig, was a huge hit in the country. The first group is an interesting mix of German stand-up comedians, cabaret performers and performers.
  • If you need a little help with your language and understanding German humor, subtitles are always helpful. Ideally, you need German subtitles. In my experience, YouTube’s auto-generated subtitles have improved significantly, and German subtitles are pretty good. Remember, they’re “very good”; they’re not perfect.
  • If your German skills are not ready for German humor, try English. Some of the German comedians on the list do English routines with similar jokes. Check out Oliver Polak at Caroline’s in New York City from January 2020.

Photos of German comedians: D4Mance’s Ceylan, Nuhr’s Nuhr, Netflix’s Amani, Willi Weber’s Heist, Jens Oellermann’s Böhmermann, Olaf Heine’s Mittermeier, Tibor Bozi’s Gruber, Amac Garbe’s Schubert, Steffen Jänicke’s Kalkofe, Shashatainment’s Polak, Bruegh, Noelle Guidon. This post contains affiliate links.

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