Wendy Renee Young is not the wife of Dr. Reaper, but they have children

Wendy Renee Young is not the wife of Dr. Reaper, but they have children

Facebook Wendy Renee Young and Christopher Duntsch.

Wendy Renee Young had a romantic relationship with Texas doctor Christopher Duntsch, who was called “Dr. Died during his criminal trial.” The couple have two children together. But Young and Duntsch never married.

Duntsch was sentenced to life imprisonment by a jury in 2017 after he injured an elderly patient during a surgical operation; the patient was paralyzed. The police accused Duntsch of disabling several patients and causing at least two deaths. But he was found guilty only on one count. As reported by ProPublica, Duntsch’s conviction is the first in the United States.

Duntsch’s case was recorded in a new episode of the Peacock streaming network.Eight episodes series Doctor Death It premiered on July 15th. According to IMDB, Young is played by actress Molly Griggs in two episodes.

Meet the young’Doctor. “Death” in a Memphis bar & they moved in together after dating for 3 months

In November 2016, Young published an in-depth article to D Magazine reporter Matt Goodman. At that time, Duntsch had been arrested and charged with assault and elder abuse. By then, Young’s relationship with Duntsch had ended for a while.

Yang explained to the magazine that she first met Duntsch in 2011 at a bar in Memphis, Tennessee. She was 27 years old at the time and he was 40 years old. Young said that Duntsch bought her a drink and they quickly established contact. She said that when they returned to his house that night, they danced “under a disco ball” in his office. Young added that when she met Duntsch, she had been working as a dancer in a strip club.

Young said that the relationship with Duntsch has developed rapidly. “We talked about marriage very quickly. We moved in together within three months, and then I got pregnant,” she told D Magazine. But the couple never tied the knot in the end.

Young also explained that in the early days of their relationship, Duntsch was looking for a job in the hospital. She said he received invitations from medical centers in New York, San Diego, and Dallas. When he decided to accept the Texas offer, Yang decided to move with him because she had relatives in Dallas.

Young and Duntsch have two sons, but they broke up before their second child was born

Dr. Christopher Duntsch on Facebook’s first day as a neurosurgeon.

Young and Duntsch have two sons. She told D Magazine that they named the boys Aiden and Preston.

According to D Magazine, Deng Qi began to deceive Yang with his assistant shortly after moving to the Dallas area. His assistant Kimberly Morgan told investigators that she and Dunche had spent romantic time together in his office at the Baylor Regional Medical Center in Plano. (She also explained that Duntsch put a handful of vodka under his table).

Young said she lives with Duntsch and their eldest son Aiden in a five-bedroom house near the hospital. She told the magazine that Morgan was often there, but at the time, Yang thought they were just working together. But Morgan was also told that Yang was just a friend.

It is unclear when Young and Duntsch separated. According to the Dallas Observer, his license to practice medicine was revoked in December 2013. ProPublica said that shortly thereafter, he filed for bankruptcy and moved to Colorado with his parents.

But Yang stayed in Texas. According to the baby registry on Amazon, Yang was pregnant with their second child during this period. The baby Preston was born in September 2014. Yang told D Magazine that when Preston was born, she and Deng Qi had broken up, and she had been living with her sister in Garland, Texas.

Yang said she is an adviser to NBC and listed her relationship status as “single” on Facebook

Wendy Renee Young has 2 children, and their children are “Doctors”. Death” Chris Dunche.

When Young met with a reporter from D Magazine in the November 2016 article, she had already left Duntsch. She had just given birth to her third child and lived with her boyfriend’s parents at the time.

Yang said that she left Dallas to escape all the negative attention she received due to her involvement in Duntsch. At the end of 2016, she said she lived in Springtown, about 60 miles west of Dallas. It is unclear whether she is still there. Searching Park County property records in her name yielded no results.

Searching online records also failed to clarify whether she was married to the father of the third child. Marriage records in Texas are not available online.

Wendy Renee Young in Park County, Texas received a protection order against a man in 2019.

But court records filed in Park County in July 2018 indicate that Yang had problems with a romantic partner named David Sean Mingze. She requested a protection order against him, which the judge approved in February 2019. The type of case is listed as “Protection Order-No Divorce”.

On her Facebook page, Yang’s relationship status is listed as “single” as of the time of writing. She wrote in the “About” section that she works as a consultant for NBC. In the biography, she pointed out that “part of my past was in the Dr. Death NBC series.” She also promoted the “Dr. Death” series on her Facebook page many times.

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