Rest Gift: Cuban Doll

Rest Gift: Cuban Doll

Twenty-five years ago, Queen Latifah achieved the greatest success of her career by singing Unity. Like 1993’s “UNITY,” rookie Cuban Doll wanted to spread the same sentiment among the thriving female rapper in hip-hop—as she puts it, “work harder, work together.”

“Women are intimidated by other women,” 740 Project/Capitol Records signer told XXL. “They just need to put their insecurities aside. We’re all in the same industry.”

Thanks to a stint as a model, Cuban Doll had built a following in her hometown of Dallas long before she started rapping. “I feel like I’m all over the place, in and out of school. I always like things,” she said. “I’m always in trouble, and in fights or whatever, I just got over that. The music really separates me from the chaos and the drama.”

In 2016, Cuban Doll dropped her first song, titled “On Point.”But this is her first tape Cuba Links This propelled her career.Her stream, reminiscent of the Midwestern artist, has been critically acclaimed since the release of her latest mixtape Arya Keefe, inspired by the voices of two of her favorite artists, Chief Keef and the late R&B diva Aaliyah Haughton. The 2017 tape is Cuba’s most successful to date, featuring Mozzy, SOB x RBE and OMB Peezy.she is currently finishing Cuba Link Pt. 2including her old friends Asian Doll, Yhung TO, Young Lyric, and Gangsta Boo at “WAB [Wack Ass Bitch]. Cuban also hinted at a track with YBN Nahmir and Asian Doll, which has yet to appear.

The “Broken” rapper, who now lives in Los Angeles, is gearing up to release an official mix for SOB x RBE’s West Coast tour. In May, Cuban will make her Rolling Loud stage debut — for her 20th birthday — which she calls “a blessing.”

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I grew up listening to: “Chief Keefe – he’s my favorite rapper. Of course, I listen to a lot of Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Lil Kim, Trina and Nicki Minaj. I watch Nicki Minaj the most.”

My style is likened to: “Now it’s being compared to a lot of Detroit rappers like Sada Baby. And Chief Keefe. Chicago and Detroit artists.”

Most people don’t know: “I’ve only been rapping for a year. Before I rap, I had a following because I used to try modeling. It didn’t work out for me, it was slow and didn’t really pay the bills. Modeling is hard work. work.”

My standout records or moments so far are: “My standout record right now is ‘Broken.’ It just hit 2 million on YouTube and we just dropped it [in January]. “

My goals in hip hop are: “To be successful, radio dramas must be commercialized.”

I will be the next: “I don’t want to be next to anyone. I want to create my own lane so fans can say, ‘Oh, that’s Cuban,’ and not be compared to everyone else.”

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