Duane “Dog” Chapman’s five wives and twelve children-know them

Duane “Dog” Chapman’s five wives and twelve children-know them

In addition to his bounty hunting skills, Duane “Dog” Chapman’s history with women preceded him, and that’s why.

In the past few years, bounty hunters have been married five times and have had twelve children with six different women. Here are all the details you need to know about his vibrant love life.

Dog bounty hunter Duan Chapman visits SiriusXM studio in New York City on April 24, 2015. | Photo: Getty Images

As early as 1969, when Dog was serving 18 months in prison, Debbie became Dog’s first baby mother because she welcomed his eldest son Christopher Hecht. The Mirror reported that Debbie concealed her pregnancy from her little dad and raised their son by herself until she committed suicide in 1978.

With her death, Christopher was adopted, and the dog finally discovered his existence, which caused the father and son to re-establish contact. However, it is not clear whether the couple are still in touch.

Duan’s first marriage took place in April 1972, when he and La Fonda Suu were on the red carpet. However, their union did not last long, as it was full of legal issues with bounty hunters.

In fact, when Duan went to jail for first-degree murder, the two had broken up. The couple have two children, Duane Jr. and Leland Chapman.

By 1979, two years after his first divorce, Du An was ready to walk this aisle again, and he continued to marry Ann. Although the two had three children in total, their son Zebadiah died just a few weeks after his birth in 1980.

Their other sons Wesley and James were born in the following years of their union. The two broke up shortly after the arrival of their third child, James.

Duane got married for the third time in 1982, when he married Lysa after a few days in the bar. According to Mirror, it was reported that Dog offered Lyssa US$1,000 to give birth to his child, and she agreed.

Later, she divorced her husband at the time and married Du An. The couple welcomed three children together-Tucker, Barbara (who died in a car accident in 2006) and Lysa “Lisa Baby” Chapman. Duane and Lyssa Snr. Divorced in November 1991.

Duane’s turbulent relationship with Tawny began when he arrested her for possession of drugs, and she became his secretary. Although they were married in 1992, doubts began to emerge soon afterwards, which led to their separation in 1994. They finally divorced in 2002 and have no children.

Dog’s fifth marriage, the so-called last marriage, was to Alice “Beth” Barmore, who had previously married Cecily Barmore. Belle married a daughter adopted by a dog to a son she had separated since she was a teenager.

Beth and Duane married in May 2006, and subsequently gave birth to two children, Bonnie and Gary Chapman. Unfortunately, their union ended after Beth’s death in 2019.

However, during their union, Beth tried her best to help him rest, because the Sun stated that his murder led to him being barred from entering the UK in 2012.

Beth is also known for sharing sweet posts about important milestones in family celebrations. As early as 2019, Access revealed that the late reality TV star uploaded a photo to celebrate the 26th birthday of her daughter Bonnie.

The 51-year-old also shared a post with a photo of her and her stepson Leland, and a sweet headline. After KKTV reported that Duane’s eldest son, Christopher, was suspected of beating a blind man in Pueblo and was arrested on suspicion of a level three assault.

However, although Christopher took a fugitive into the Pueblo prison at the time, the dog refused to release Christopher on bail. Many people were not surprised by the bounty hunter’s reaction, because they recalled the time he turned one of his children into authorities.

According to the mothers, he realized that his stepdaughter Nicole was wanted because the local news broadcasted her illegal video. With Beth’s help, Duane immediately called the police, even though they were related to her.

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Duane “Dog” Chapman’s five wives and twelve children /

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