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60 leopard nail options to play in this trend (Nail Hot trends)

60 leopard nail options to play in this trend

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60 leopard nail options to play in this trend

The leopard print became a fashion trend and is present in clothes, shoes, accessories and, of course, it is also very successful in decorated nails. With fun, colorful and very charming proposals, the leopard nail is perfect to complement your look and show off style. Here are some ideas for your next manicure.

60 leopard nail photos for inspiration

Check out the beautiful pictures of leopard nails, from the simplest to the most detailed:


leopard nail 160 amazing options of nude decorated nails to explore the hueleopard nail 280 ballerina nails and tutorials in a format that never goes out of styleleopard nail 390 pink decorated nails that combine delicacy and style

1. The leopard is one of the variations of the animal print print

leopard nail 4

2. She is very successful wherever she goes

leopard nail 5

3. Not just in clothes, shoes and accessories

leopard nail 6

4. But also in nail decoration

leopard nail 7

5. The leopard’s nail is stylish

leopard nail 8

6. Pleases women of all personalities

leopard nail 9

7. After all, there is a great variety of decorations

leopard nail 10

8. And they look perfect in any nail shape

leopard nail 11

9. You can do black leopard nail with yellow

leopard nail 12

10. You can combine black with a nude tone

leopard nail 13

11. Or create the pattern using a light color like lilac

leopard nail 14

12. You can add glitter and stones to nail art

leopard nail 15

13. Choose a red leopard’s nail

leopard nail 16

14. Or make the print in blue on the only child

leopard nail 17

15. The leopard design perfectly matches the nude tone

leopard nail 18

16. And it looks amazing drawn in francesinhas

leopard nail 19

17. Making them more original

leopard nail 20

18. You can make nail art with other colors

leopard nail 21

19. There are no rules for designing the print

leopard nail 22

20. Just choose your favorite color

leopard nail 23

21. And let your creativity flow

leopard nail 24

22. As in this nail art rich in detail

leopard nail 25

23. The leopard’s nail guarantees sophistication

leopard nail 26

24. Also, make your hands glamorous

leopard nail 27

25. How about combining the print with the little francesinha tie?

leopard nail 28

26. Another option is to make the encapsulated nail decorated

leopard nail 29

27. Because the technique guarantees durability

leopard nail 30

28. This nail art mixed leopard and francesinha with glitter

leopard nail 31

29. This one has already combined the print with black francesinha

leopard nail 32

30. You can opt for the traditional leopard

leopard nail 33

31. The choice will depend on your style

leopard nail 34

32. If you want to innovate, you can combine colors and stones

leopard nail 35

33. Make decor simpler

leopard nail 36

34. Or more exquisite

leopard nail 37

35. Pink and black guarantee powerful nails

leopard nail 38

36. As well as neutral colors with a more flashy touch

leopard nail 39

37. How about daring with a different leopard’s nail?

leopard nail 40

38. It’s even worth including some flowers

leopard nail 41

39. You can make the pattern on a neutral background

leopard nail 42

40. Or just halfway through one of the nails

leopard nail 43

41. The leopard print is easy to make

leopard nail 44

42. It can be made with a toothpick

leopard nail 45

43. But for those who love practicality, you can use the stickers

leopard nail 46

44. The leopard design can be done on almond nails

leopard nail 47

45. Looks very charming on short nails

leopard nail 48

46. ​​On square-shaped nails gives an elegant effect

leopard nail 49

47. On the elongated nails, the cap oozes personality

leopard nail 50

48. Small details made the difference in nail art

leopard nail 51

49. Bet on colorful and creative decor

leopard nail 52

50. But if you like stunning nails

leopard nail 53

51. You can bet on gems

leopard nail 54

52. Choosing nail art and accessories

leopard nail 55

53. And customize your nails your way

leopard nail 56

54. The leopard stands out with the white enameled background

leopard nail 57

55. Matte enamel is a sure bet for nail art

leopard nail 58

56. Just like the creamy nail polish

leopard nail 59

57. A leopard’s nail oozes versatility

leopard nail 60

58. It makes your hands beautiful and dazzling

leopard nail 61

59. They look good on any occasion

leopard nail 62

60. And they complement your look with a lot of beauty and style!

leopard nail 63

Did you like the leopard nail ideas? Now just choose your favorite and run to the manicure! If you want to learn how to make yours, just follow the videos below!

How to make a leopard’s nail to rock out there

Leopard decorations are easy to make and don’t require a lot of skill. So, check out the videos below that show you how to make leopard nails for all styles:

easy leopard nail

If you don’t have a lot of practice in making leopard decorations, this walkthrough is for you! Nail designer Juliana Santos gives infallible tips for beginners. Watch and do it yourself!

Leopard nail with toothpick

In this video, you will learn how to make nail art with leopard and francesinha. This combination is amazing and leaves your nails wonderful. Follow the tutorial step by step!

Leopard nail in black and gold

How about a bold and romantic decor? In this video you will learn how to make a leopard print on your ring finger and write the word “love” for your index finger. Press play and rock your nail polish!

5 models of leopard nails

In this video, you will learn how to make different leopard decorations that are super easy to make. In addition, professional Jana Taffarel gives you several tips and teaches you some tricks for you to rock in any occasion.

The world of nails is full of ideas to make nail polishing even more fun. Enjoy and see ideas for colorful francesinha, another trend that is here to stay!

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