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50 nails with white nail polish that prove the beauty of this classic shade (Beauty Hot trends)

50 nails with white nail polish that prove the beauty of this classic shade

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50 nails with white nail polish that prove the beauty of this classic shade

White nail polish is very versatile and is usually the main choice of brides for nail polish. But it’s also a great option for everyday or other types of events. So, see below for best product tips and pictures of nails with white nail polish to choose your favorite nail polish!

The best white nail polishes

Choosing a quality enamel is essential to achieve good coverage and perfect enamel. Therefore, check out the best brands according to the opinion of bloggers who have tested the products:

1. Nati Paz White Nail Polish – $

Nati’s enamel offers excellent coverage, quick drying and intense shine. It is ideal for an even enamelling with a long-lasting effect. In addition, the brand’s nail polishes strengthen, treat and moisturize your nails.

“It’s a nail polish that surprised me, as I hadn’t had access to this color yet. The coverage is very good! With two layers you have a perfect white and no blemishes. He does what he promises!” – Nailfe

2. Avon Color Trend Milk White Enamel – $

Currently, Avon is one of the most popular enamel brands in Brazil. The brand has several product lines with different colors and finishes. the nail polish white milk, from the Color Trend line, has a 5free formula – free of formaldehyde, toluene, formaldehyde resin, camphor and dibutylphthalate (DBP). Furthermore, the brand promises high coverage and drying in up to 6 minutes.

“It’s a nail polish that surprised me this past year because I bought it because of a referral. Until then I only knew the absolute white of the Mark line […]. This Color Trend nail polish is 5free, has a flat brush, but discreet, it’s not a hard brush that marks the bristles. The coverage surprised me! Two thin layers, no secret for enameling!” – Nailfe

3. Colorama White Petal Enamel – $

the nail polish white petal by Colorama is perfect for those who love francesinha, as the brand’s enamel promotes excellent coverage from the first application. The product also has an applicator with more bristles to facilitate nail polish, ensuring beautiful and impeccable nails.

“In relation to the consistency of the white petal is basically very similar to the bianco very pure [Risqué]. It has a very good coverage, realizes that just a layer without any pearlescent or glitter underneath is really strong.” – Manicure school

4. Latika Daisy Petale White Enamel – $$

Latika is a Brazilian cosmetics brand that surprised, not only for the quality of the enamel, but also for the delicacy of the packaging. White Daisy Petale enamel has great coverage, long lasting and creamy finish.

“It covers with two layers, and in the first one, it already has good coverage. It’s a very creamy nail polish and if you don’t handle it correctly, it runs the risk of getting thick, you know? It’s an easy-to-clean nail polish and I haven’t noticed that its pigment leaves the cuticles dry.” – Nailfe

5. Risqué Diamond Gel White Tea Enamel – $$$

Gel nail polish is on the rise due to durability and perfect nail finish. With that in mind, Risqué launched the gel nail polish White tea. Best of all, you don’t need a UV cabin for drying. The brand only advises you to apply a Fixative Top Coat to guarantee the product’s durability and shine.

“O White tea is the most delicate nail polish in this collection […]. The first coat, before I didn’t apply any pearlescent or glitter, I went straight with it giving the first coat. It dried a little bit – it dries fast, very fast – I went to the second layer. Then I thought it was transparent and I said: I’m going to apply the third layer. But like that, afraid of the nail polish getting thick […], but it didn’t, it dried extremely fast!” – Larissa Leite

6. Vult 5Free Lets Go Enamel – $$$

Vult’s enamel has great coverage and quick drying that provide a perfect finish to the nails. In addition, the product is 5free and has a big brush brush with 900 threads that facilitate nail polishing with greater precision.

“This white boy is just perfect, guys! In terms of coverage, flat brush, its formula is 5free, not to mention the impeccable finish. It doesn’t stain and doesn’t need fancy techniques to apply!” – Nailfe

7. Avon Absolute White Finish Gel Enamel – $$$$

Avon has another white enamel option with the Gel Finish line. The product has a gel finish and does not need a UV cabin for drying. According to the brand, the enamel contains calcium, keratin and acrylic gel – components that protect and strengthen the nails.

“Just look at this first layer, what perfection! […] As I’m a perfectionist right, I made a second layer of it, but as it happens, it doesn’t need to, guys! It dried in 3min42s and this is the finish that I consider excellent.” – Cybele Ferraz

Now just choose the brand of nail polish that you most identify with and play with different nail polishes. To help you with this choice, see below for ideas on how to enamel your nails with white nail polish.

50 photos of white nail polish to fall in love

White nail polish is used both in the traditional francesinha and to create beautiful decorated nails. So, check out amazing ideas for nail polishes and decorated this shade:

1. White nail polish is a true classic

2. Because white is a democratic color

3. That goes with everything

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4. And it is used by people of all styles

5. With white nail polish you can decorate your nails

6. Create nail art for every occasion

7. And put your personality in each decor

8. You can express your faith

9. It can create a lacy effect on the tips of the nails

10. Or make a little francestie tie

11. Stones add an extra touch to nail art

12. Turning Simple into Sophisticated

13. You can bet on silver ribbons

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14. Putting sequins on the only child

15. Or opt for the encapsulated baby boomer nails

16. There are decorations for all tastes

17. Just explore your creativity

18. And create the perfect decoration for you

19. After all, white nail polish makes your nails charming

20. You can add glitter

21. Or a red flower to highlight one of the nails

22. See what a perfect combination of white and gold!

23. White really is very versatile

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24. It looks amazing with black

25. Another perfect match in any nail art

26. The traditional francesinha can’t be missed

27. Just like hearts in the only daughter

28. Glitter makes decor more glamorous

29. Just like the stones

30. White enamel is a sure bet on toenails

31. You can make francesinha

32. And add your favorite flower

33. Whether in toenails or fingernails

34. With white nail polish you can be more daring

35. Create a more romantic nail art

36. More minimalist

37. Or richer in detail

38. The options are diverse

39. And white enamel allows for several possibilities

40. And color combinations and accessories

41. Like red and gemstones

42. The white nail polish is a show apart

43. In longer nails

44. Or the shorter and more discreet

45. Perfect for everyday use

46. ​​At the hottest parties

47. And especially at weddings

48. Be like a guest

49. Or as godmother and the bride herself

50. White enamel is a guarantee of success!

See how beautiful white nail polish provides to your nails? Now just get inspired by one of the photos above and rock the nail polish!

Tips on how to paint your nail with white nail polish

Enamel nails with white nail polish is quite a challenge not to get stained. To help you, follow the videos below and check out tips for perfect glazing:

Perfect nails with white nail polish

Enameling your nails with white nail polish can be a little tricky. After all, if they aren’t painted properly, the coverage can fail. But, there are some tricks to make glaze more beautiful and uniform. Watch the video to unlock all the little secrets!

How to apply white nail polish without staining

Toenails are beautiful and delicate with white nail polish. But for that, you need some tips for a spotless and flawless enamelling. Check out the step-by-step video!

Tips for the francesinha not to turn yellow

In this video, the professional talks about some products that contribute to francesinha turning yellow. She also gives tips on products to use before glazing to avoid this effect. Follow all the information in the video.

Did you like the product tips, ideas and tutorials? If you like nail polish and decorated nails, check out nude nail decor ideas and rock them on every occasion!

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