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50 overwhelming encapsulated nail ideas to get inspired (Beauty Collection)

50 overwhelming encapsulated nail ideas to get inspired

50 overwhelming encapsulated nail ideas to get inspired

Encapsulated nails is yet another innovative technique that has become a trend in the world of nails and is here to stay. Learn more about the procedure and check out incredible nail art ideas that will impress you!

What is encapsulated nail

The encapsulated nail is a technique considered as nail art and can be done on natural or artificially elongated nails. The professional applies a layer of gel or acrigel on the nail, performs the decoration and takes it to the UV light booth for drying. Then, apply another layer of product to seal the enamel. This process creates a more sophisticated finish, protects nail art and increases its durability.

Encapsulated nail x fiber nail

The fiber nail is a stretching technique made with fiberglass threads attached to natural nails. After drying the material in a UV light booth, the nail can be shaped into the desired shape and size. The encapsulated nail is a technique that seals the nail art with gel or acrigel and creates a protective layer around the nail. Thus, the encapsulated nail gives greater durability to the enamel.

50 photos of encapsulated nails for all styles

Now that you know more about encapsulated nails, check out our list of inspirations we’ve set out for you. Follow:

1. Encapsulated nails arrived with everything

2. And conquered their space in the world of nails

3. The trend is a success that is here to stay

4. And it has become an option for those looking for a lasting enamel

5. With encapsulated nails you can unleash your imagination

6. And put all your creativity into practice

7. Because the technique allows you to choose any nail art

8. You can choose to decorate your nails with flowers

9. Decorate them with beautiful butterflies

10. Or do create a 3D effect

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11. The red-gold combination never misses!

12. Just like the rose decorated with sequins

13. Black encapsulated nails could not be missing

14. Or the traditional wine with the only daughter decorated

15. And the glamorous silver with black on the nails

16. Abuse creativity like that French smile on the ring finger

17. Add pebbles to give it a special charm

18. See what an incredible effect this encapsulation has provided!

19. But it is clear that the traditional francesinha could not be missing

20. And pink glitter for those who love to shine

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21. You can choose from several decorations

22. Like this most exquisite nail art

23. Or the babyboomer technique

24. If you prefer a cleaner look

25. Now if you are more daring

26. You can choose the stiletto encapsulated nail

27. There are options for all tastes and styles

28. Blue is one of the most requested in salons

29. Just like gold, which is a divine color

30. And the rose that is a symbol of female beauty

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31. Play in your favorite color

32. And combine it with beautiful nail art

33. A tip: abuse glitter

34. In addition to giving an incredible shine

35. Glitter is able to transform any nail polish

36. You can combine glitter with francesinha

37. Or create some points of light

38. Look at what a wonderful job!

39. Small details enrich nail art

40. And makes the simple a beautiful work of art

41. In addition, this technique allows for several fun decorations

42. Like these butterflies and glitter with pink English

43. Adding the stones brings all the sophistication

44. Bandages leave a beautiful finish

45. The only daughter is perfect for those looking for something more classic

46. ​​In addition to great durability

47. Encapsulated nails have an impeccable finish

48. Ideal for those who like beautiful and modern nails

49. So make an appointment with your trusted manicure

50. And rock a lot with your super-stylish nails!

There are several ideas for you to personalize your encapsulated nails, right? Now, if for some reason you don’t have big nails, learn more about fiberglass nails, the perfect stretching technique for those who want long nails.

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