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40 brown nail options for amazing nail polish (Beauty Ideas)

40 brown nail options for amazing nail polish

40 brown nail options for amazing nail polish

Dark shades convey mystery, elegance and a lot of power. So bet on brown nails without fear of making a mistake! Next, see inspirations and videos that will help you find your perfect style. You can now separate the nail polish because you will love all the options.


40 photos of brown nails that are killer

Do you want to innovate and are looking for ideas to use brown on your nails? So, see 40 nail polish ideas with this earthy and mysterious shade.


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1. It is possible to use brown nails with stickers

brown nails 4

2. Create gradients with shades of your choice

brown nails 5


3. And bright decorations

brown nails 6

4. There are different shades of brown

brown nails 7

5. You can create an infinite number of combinations

brown nails 8

6. Stones match the beauty of this color

brown nails 9


7. But you can also opt for traditional enamelling

brown nails 10

8. Light shades create beautiful marbled effects

brown nails 11

9. Do you like francesinhas? Look at this alternate idea

brown nails 12

10. Nude brown also allows for beautiful francesinhas

brown nails 13


11. Gather your favorite shade with animal print stickers

brown nails 14

12. Or with a very simple only child

brown nails 15

13. Elegant and sophisticated in the right measure

brown nails 16

14. Use and abuse of colors that create contrast with brown

brown nails 17

15. Mix the color with lots of glitter

brown nails 18

16. A shimmery brown will stand out wherever you go

brown nails 19

17. Your hands will look beautiful with this color

brown nails 20

18. Brown goes with everything!

brown nails 21

19. So use it to your advantage

brown nails 22

20. And show your personality

brown nails 23

21. Bet on an extra shine finish

brown nails 24

22. Look at the charm of this idea!

brown nails 25

23. A chocolaty shade is awesome too

brown nails 26

24. There are many decoration options

brown nails 27

25. And you can test each of them

brown nails 28

26. Charming and delicate

brown nails 29

27. Elegant and powerful

brown nails 30

28. Mysterious and devastating

brown nails 31

29. In addition, there are several ways to use animal print

brown nails 32

30. Details can be discreet

brown nails 33

31. Or Too Bold

brown nails 34

32. With a brown nail, you’re ready to cause

brown nails 35

33. And be present

brown nails 36

34. Show your personality

brown nails 37

35. With flashy nail arts

brown nails 38

36. Or with more minimalist formats

brown nails 39

37. Anyway, brown is perfect

brown nails 40

38. Whether matte or glossy

brown nails 41

39. You can and should use the power of brown

brown nails 42

40. So renew your nails today!

brown nails 43

Did you like these ideas? Choose your shade of brown and get ready, because, in the next topic, there are great tutorials for you to rock nail polish.

How to make stylish brown nails

Do you have your enamel kit in hand? It’s time to check out 3 tutorials full of tips. For sure, you will achieve beautiful and charming results. Follow up!

Brown nails with glitter and nude

In this video, Carol teaches how to create a beautiful only daughter with shades of brown, gold glitter and nude. She learns a new design that is very simple to make, just with a sticky tape.

Brown nails with glitter waterfall + 3D sticker

Check out how to make brown enamel and how to apply glitter in a waterfall format. On the ring nail (only child), learn to apply the adhesive and see the beautiful result.

Dulce de leche brown nails with flower decoration

Want to learn how to decorate your nails with shades of brown? In the video, see how to enamel, use a stamp, draw flowers with an impeccable gradient and finish your nail art. With all the tips, there’s no mistake!

Did you like the brown nail inspirations and tutorials? You can now test this nail polish shade any way you want. Enjoy and see the black francesinha ideas for your next enamelling!

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