Korean Makeup Guide: Korean Cosmetics Tips & Products to Try

Korean makeup adheres to in the steps of Korean skin treatment to assist all of us look younger as well as glowy because Korean, skin-comes-first type of method. Whereas there is a perspective of “extra is extra” when it comes to layering on the skin treatment products, the precise reverse holds true for Korean makeup products.

Korean Makeup Guide: Korean Cosmetics Tips & Products to Try

Korean cosmetics are commonly slim, mild, as well as not extremely pigmented, as well as they are best used minimally in soft cleans. The strategies themselves are equally as essential as the products, as they are suggested to be refined yet impactful. This mix of great deals of skin treatment as well as simply a little bit of really meticulously used makeup leads to an extremely all-natural appearance that is a little ethereal.

Beyond that, Korean cosmetics likewise stick out as a result of a specific enjoyable element. Innovative structures as well as product packaging make the Korean makeup getting procedure really feel amazing as well as speculative, as the products are crafted not just to feature yet likewise to shock.

In this short article, we have actually profiled the absolute best Korean makeup products that you can obtain quickly throughout the globe. We likewise explain concerning the Korean makeup groups, which are a little various from the Western ones.

Then we damage down the complete Korean makeup regular to ensure that you can change on your own right into your favored K-pop idolizer. We end with a couple of tips as well as methods to assist you attain that younger appearance!

Korean Makeup Guide: Contents

11 Best Korean Makeup Products to Get

From lip colors to BB lotions, discover the very best Korean makeup products in the sector listed below!

1. Laneige BB Cushion Hydra Radiance SPF 50

Perfect, glowy skin is very easy to attain when you have this super-popular pillow BB lotion handy. As ought to constantly hold true for pillow structures, it includes a 50 SPF as well as great deals of skin-nourishing components. It moisturizes the skin as well as offers it a fresh coating that is best for those with completely dry skin. It is cost Sephora in 6 shades.

Best Korean Makeup Products: Laneige BB Cushion Hydra Radiance SPF 50

2. Eyeko Yoga Waterproof Mascara

One of the very best features of Korean makeup products is that their product packaging is constantly ingenious. This mascara from Eyeko is available in an enjoyable press tube that makes the application especially special. The formula itself is water-proof as well as tubes, so it offers size as well as holds a crinkle well. The curved brush likewise aids enhance the curling result, as well as it is thick sufficient to assist with quantity. You can get it from Net- a-Porter

Best Korean Makeup Products: Eyeko Yoga Waterproof Mascara

3. Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer

“Chok chok” skin has to be moistened as well as damp, yet it likewise has to be smooth– unnoticeable pores are a must, while the mattifying result ought to be refined! That’s precisely what this silicone-based makeup guide provides. It completes the pores as well as maintains makeup looking fresh all day, for obscured skin that is impossibly smooth. It functions well for both oily as well as completely dry skin kinds. Find it at Sephora!

Best Korean Makeup Products: Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer

4. Too Cool For School Milk Tint

Korean makeup products offer us a selection of ingenious structures to collaborate with, with these milklike, large lip colors as an excellent instance! They offer a refined, shiny laundry of shade to the lips, as well as they have a remarkable moisturizing result. They can be accumulated to have a more powerful shade, yet that’s not actually the factor– they are suggested to look soft as well as all-natural. You can likewise use them to your cheeks for a mild flush. You can pick your favored shade or just purchase all 4 atUlta

Best Korean Makeup Products: Too Cool For School Milk Tint

5. Kaja Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush

This could be the prettiest flush we have actually ever before seen. It’s a lotion flush with a semi-matte, creamy coating that takes place light yet can be accumulated quickly. It is available in the kind of a pillow portable with a heart-shaped stamp application– you simply mark on a cute heart, and after that mix it in for an excellent laundry of shade. It is readily available at Sephora in 4 extremely wearable tones.

Best Korean Makeup Products: Kaja Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush

6. Sulwhasoo ‘Perfecting Cushion’ Foundation Compact

Glass skin has to be perfect as well as glowy– something that is difficult to attain with Western structures. This pillow portable structure offers considerable insurance coverage with that said extremely desirable fresh, glowy coating that is fantastic for those with completely dry or boring skin. It has a 50 SPF as well as a lots of anti-oxidants, as well as the plan likewise consists of a refill. Our just review is that the shade array alters light. It is readily available in 6 tones atNordstrom

Best Korean Makeup Products: Sulwhasoo 'Perfecting Cushion' Foundation Compact

7. the SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer SPF28 ++

This little concealer uses some severe insurance coverage. It is best for lightening up the location under the eyes or for hiding acnes as well as inflammation. It has a creamy matte coating, as well as it stays without wrinkling or splitting, also without a setup powder. It is available in 9 shades on YesStyle, consisting of a highlighter as well as shape color.

Best Korean Makeup Products: the SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer SPF28 PA++

8. Peripera Ink Airy Velvet in Elf Light Rose

These fluid lip colors are remarkably pigmented as well as durable. This certain color offers a pinky laundry of shade to the lips that brightens them up without being extremely significant. It has a beneficial, creamy coating that really feels lovely on the lips yet does not look as well shiny. It is readily available by means ofAmazon

Best Korean Makeup Products: Peripera Ink Airy Velvet in Elf Light Rose

9. Clio Waterproof Pen Liner in Kill Black

Whether you enjoy young puppy eyes or pet cat eyes, this black eye liner will certainly offer you that best flick that will certainly hold one’s ground. It’s a water resistant fluid eye liner that is available in pen kind, so it is actually very easy to use. It has actually won a great deal of honors both in Korea as well as the West, so offer it a try! You can get it online fromSoko Glam

Best Korean Makeup Products: Clio Waterproof Pen Liner in Kill Black

10. Erborian Pink Perfect Creme 4-in-1 Primer

This guide offers immediate lighting to the skin. It ravels the skin, completes as well as obscures pores, as well as prolongs the long life of structure also. However, what makes it special is its pearly coating, which offers the skin a radiance as well as its pink tone, which aids negate yellowness as well as sallowness from the skin. You can purchase it viaRevolve

Best Korean Makeup Products: Erborian Pink Perfect Creme 4-in-1 Primer

11. Innisfree Auto Eyebrow Pencil

Shading in eyebrows in the Korean design is a little various from the Western design, so you may also choose a Korean brow pencil. These pencils from Innisfree have a lengthy as well as slim applicator best for mapping out hairs, as well as they roll up so no sharpener is called for. They are actually very easy to use given that the shade develops gradually, once the shade gets on it does stagnate. They can be found in 7 shades, so you are ensured to discover a suit to your hair shade on YesStyle

Best Korean Makeup Products: Innisfree Auto Eyebrow Pencil

Korean cosmetics are just one of one of the most ingenious as well as best worldwide, which is why we have actually seen numerous various other Western appeal brand names introduce the products Korean makeup brand names initially thought of. Here you’ll discover one of the most prominent Korean makeup products both ends of the globe love using.


Much like in the West, Korean makeup guides feature all sort of desired functions, with the major one being to enhance the appearance as well as long life of structure used over them. While there are pore-blurring as well as mattifying guides, nonetheless, there are a whole lot even more guides that are suggested to brighten as well as shade remedy the skin, to consider that “chok chok” glass skin radiance.

Korean guides will certainly likewise can be found in a lightening up color like lavender or pink to counter sallowness, as well as may likewise have light-reflecting pigments to brighten the skin.

Types of Korean Makeup Products

Alphabet Creams

I have actually discussed BB lotions as well as CC lotions in a great deal of information in the past, so I’ll simply offer you an incredibly fast recap. BB lotions (which represent either appeal balms or imperfection balms) as well as CC lotions (shade correctors) are multiple-in-one structure as well as skin care products. They can have either high or reduced insurance coverage, a selection of skin care advantages, as well as they commonly likewise have high sunlight security scores. For numerous Korean makeup fanatics, they are full substitutes for structure.


These days, practically any type of Korean makeup item can can be found in a pillow compact, although generally pillow compacts are full of structure or BB lotion. These are compacts with a sponge-bottom layer that is saturated with makeup, and after that an applicator sponge on the leading layer that is flexible as well as anti-bacterial.

Because of the aerating result of the pillow the products often tend to be extremely light as well as fresh, while the components themselves are extremely great for the skin as prevails in Korean makeup.


Korean concealers are really various from structures as well as BB lotions. Whereas most Korean skin products are suggested to be fresh as well as glowy, the concealers are self-setting as well as high-coverage.

This is due to the fact that establishing powders are not an usual component of the Korean makeup regimen, to ensure that concealers have to remain in area all by themselves. Like most various other Korean skin products, the concealers likewise often tend to have high SPF.

Korean Cosmetics Guide

Low-Pigment Eyeshadows as well as Blushes

While we’re gradually beginning to see powder products out of Korea being extra pigmented, essentially Korean cosmetics aren’t suggested to be nontransparent or sturdy. In certain, powder blushers offer a soft flush of shade instead of a hefty, pigmented coating.

Eyeshadows likewise often tend to be much less pigmented, yet not in an irregular or milky method– they simply transfer a little much less shade on the eye, as well as are much better for subtler appearances.

Cream Blush

Cream blushers are a little bit extra prominent in Korean makeup than they remain in theWest This is due to the fact that they offer one of the most all-natural laundry of shade, as well as they likewise do not remove from the desirable “glass skin” look the manner in which powder blushers do. Cream blushers can can be found in the kind of a mousse, a fluid color, as well as also a pillow!

Lip Tints

Korean lip colors, similar to Western ones, have a fluid structure that spots the lips instead of covers them. However, unlike Western ones, they often tend to be ultra-hydrating as well as really large. They offer the lips a great deal of dampness in addition to a light laundry of shade, so they are very easy to use promptly as well as they do not look as well nontransparent on initial application. Tinted lip balms are likewise extremely prominent inSouth Korea

How to Embrace the Radiant Korean Makeup Routine?

There is no person Korean appeal appearance or one Korean makeup strategy, yet there are a couple of fads that stick out in Korean makeup that are various from what you would certainly see in theWest You can definitely make use of Korean makeup products to attain an even more “Western” appeal appearance, yet where’s the enjoyable because?

Korean Makeup Routine

This is an excellent opportunity to increase your perspectives as well as to welcome a somewhat various design. Korean makeup design is everything about making the skin appearance intense as well as glowy, as well as softening various other attributes to ensure that the face looks young as well as womanly.

Complexion Makeup

• Start your Korean makeup regimen by smoothing a guide on your skin. Ideally, choose a skin-brightening guide– if you actually require a mattifying or pore-blurring guide, utilize it moderately as well as just for your face that obtain really oily, instead of throughout the face.

• Apply structure, BB lotion, or pillow structure to your skin. Apply it in descending movements, as well as make use of an extremely slim layer, utilizing either a moist makeup sponge, an applicator, and even fingers to mix. Apply a 2nd layer just to the components of your skin that require a little bit extra insurance coverage.

• If needed, spot-conceal any type of acnes or dark marks or use a little bit of concealer under the eyes to conceal any type of inflammation.

• Instead of utilizing powder throughout the face, just use it to the locations of your face that obtain oily– for the majority of people, that would certainly be the T-zone. Use a little, cosy brush, as well as tons it up with the tiniest quantity of powder. Tap the extra off on a cells. Use a touching remedy to use the powder to your skin.

Korean Makeup Steps: Complexion

• Use a blotting sheet or a cells to soak up excess dampness from the various other components of your face rather than powdering.

• A soft laundry of flush is really essential for obtaining that younger radiance! Start your flush application at the peak of your cheek, as well as gently mix it out downwards as well as in the direction of the holy places. A lotion flush is liked, yet you can likewise make use of a powder flush with a little, soft brush.

• Contouring can be made with either lotion or powder products– it’s completely up to you. Your contouring color needs to be as all-natural as can be, with no red or orange touches to it.

• The function of contouring is to soften the face, so instead of using dark, noticeable contouring, choose lighter, extra mixed contouring. You can still contour under the cheekbones as well as alongside the nose, albeit gently, given that you do not desire an excessively angular face. Also use a little bit of contouring along the jawline, to soften as well as round it out.

• Highlighting is not a big component of the Korean makeup regimen, given that the skin needs to radiance from the beginning, yet you can definitely go all out if you would certainly such as the added illumination! Opt for a cream-based highlighter, as well as use it down the bridge of your nose, at the facility of your temple, over the Cupid’s bow, as well as down the facility of your chin. You can likewise swab a little bit over your flush. Make certain it’s well mixed, obviously!

Korean Makeup Trend

Eye Makeup

• Apply a little bit of structure or concealer to the eyelids, to function as an eye shadow guide. Since eye shadow looks do not often tend to be as well hefty or pigmented, there is commonly no requirement for a committed eye guide. If you are opting for a much more pigmented appearance, nonetheless, after that certainly choose an eye shadow guide rather.

• The most prominent eye shadow looks just make use of a solitary color used over the cover. Using your fingers for a lotion eye shadow or a brush for a powder eye shadow, touch a medium-toned darkness over your eyelids, covering the cover as well as going a little up right into the fold. The eye shadow used to your cover can have a metal coating if you would certainly favor a much more extravagant appearance, with peaches as well as pinks being one of the most prominent tones for a daily appearance.

• With a smaller sized brush, move that exact same eye shadow under the facility of the reduced lash line, which will certainly offer a sultry appearance that is not dark.

• Use a brighter color in the internal edge of the eye to open it up.

How to Do Korean Makeup

• You can mix a little bit of that exact same shade out under the eye to improve the “aegyo sal”. “Aegyo sal” is Korean for “lovely fat” as well as it refers to a little bit of puffiness under the eyes– not fairly an eye bag, which looks puffy where the under-eye location satisfies the cheekbones, yet simply under the reduced lash line. This little bit of puffiness can make the eyes look larger in such a way that is extra younger than using a darker eye liner to the under-eye location.

• To grow your fold, do not make use of a dark eye shadow– utilize your shape powder or lotion rather, as well as use it in an extremely mixed way from the external edge of the eyes, over the reduced component of the eyebrow bone as well as around to the side of the bridge of the nose, in a rounded form.

• To actually grow the entire appearance, you might use a little of a darker eye shadow to the external edge of the eye, yet ensure to mix it out well!

• The eyebrows are suggested to have a straight or rounded, a little enlarged form, without excessive of an arc (or without an arc in all). They requirement to look soft as well as cosy– absolutely nothing like the sharp eyebrows prominent in Western appeal nowadays. These days, slim pencils are likewise prominent for filling out eyebrows with slim strokes suggested to imitate the hair, specifically in the direction of the front of the eyebrow.

• Tightlining is the very best method to use eye liner, also if you’re opting for an incredibly soft appearance. It will certainly open the eyes as well as make the lashes look darker as well as lusher. You can make use of a gel lining on a little brush or a pencil eye liner. You can make use of black, dark grey, dark brownish, or dark purple. To tightline, use eye liner from listed below the lashes, as well as try to actually obtain your eye liner in between each specific lash. You can make use of upright, populating movements to use your eye liner in between the lashes.

• For a much more noticeable eye liner appearance, you have 2 choices. Puppy eyes as well as angled-up winged lining are both appropriate in the Korean makeup regimen.

• For a more youthful, cutesier appearance, make use of “puppy eye liner” by expanding your fluid, gel, or pencil lining from the external fifty percent of the top lash line in an outward direction complying with the all-natural contour of the eye, which will certainly bring you right out or a little downwards. This will certainly make the eyes appear a little rounder, which will certainly likewise make you look a little more youthful.

Korean Makeup Tips

• Apply eye liner just to the external fifty percent of your reduced lash line, in order to make the eyes look larger as well as rounder yet without making them look as well dark.

• For a bonus offer eye-enlarging result, use off-white or white eye liner in the waterline.

Lip Makeup

• Choose a lip color or lipstick in the exact same shade family members as your flush, so if your flush is peachy choose a warm-toned lip, while if your flush is pinky pick a cool-toned lip rather.

• Start by using the lip color to the facility of your reduced lip. With a brush or fingers, mix the shade in an outward direction in the direction of the leading lip as well as completions of lower lip.

• The result ought to be a growing lip, where the shade is extra saturated at the facility of the lips as well as it kind of goes out at the lip line.

Korean Makeup Tips for That Youthful Glow

• Forget concerning desired functions. Korean makeup strategies commonly neglect desired functions of products, as well as concentrate on simply obtaining the result you desire via any type of ways needed. For instance, you can make use of a lip color like a lotion flush, use your shape powder as an eye shadow, or utilize your brow pencil to shape your nose. As long as the shade as well as structure are an excellent fit, it matters not what the name of an item is.

K-Beauty Makeup Routine

• Fingers are remarkable applicators. While brushes as well as sponges are fantastic, utilizing fingers is completely appropriate for using Korean cosmetics– specifically lotion products. Don’ t hesitate of utilizing your fingers to ravel structure, bit on lotion flush, or spot out lip color.

• Get as much hydration as you can. The extra moisturized your skin is, the glowier as well as much healthier it will certainly look. This suggests that prior to using your makeup, ensure your skin is as moisturized as can be (a Korean skin treatment regimen can certainly assist with that), as well as follow it up with hydrating makeup products that have skin treatment advantages.

• Start light as well as develop points up. With Korean makeup, it’s much better to use points in extremely slim layers as well as just include even more if needed. This holds true for whatever, consisting of structure, flush, trail, contour, as well as anything else you may desire.

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