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Ben’s name, it’s my game to become an alien.

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Benjamin Kirby “Ben” Tennyson He was an ordinary 10-year-old kid until he discovered Omnitrix, a powerful watch-like device that could turn him into ten different aliens. Although immature and clumsy, he uses Omnitrix to stop evil, but that doesn’t stop him from using it for personal needs.

Power and statistics

grade: 10-B | Low 5-B Use Omnitrix

name: Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, also known as “Ben 10”

origin: Ben 10 restart

gender: male

age: 10

Classification: Humans can use Omnitrix to change species

Power and ability:

With the help of Omnitrix, transformation, power imitation, biological manipulation (Omnitrix can record the DNA of any species that its holder has never encountered before, Omnitrix can repair mutant DNA, such as when Azmuth uses it to restore Alien V to Vilgax Shown), automatic translation, supernatural willpower, anti-mind control, hypnosis and illusion creation (resisting high transcendence of mind control, King Koil’s hypnosis and concentration enough to get rid of Zombozo’s illusion world

Space flight and protection in outer space and other planetary environments, self-sustaining (Type 1)

Attack power: Human level | Little Planet Level (By transforming into Way Big)

speed: Ordinary people | relativity Combat speed and response

Lifting strength: Human | Grade G With aliens like Shock Rock higher Full form

Impact strength: Human | Asteroid Class (Injury Alien V by transforming into Way Big)

Durability: Human level | Little Planet Level (Hurt by Alien V because it is too big)

endurance: Unknown (depending on what type of alien he is currently)

Scope: Standard melee range, some instruments with DNA scanning, use Omnitrix to scan planets (reverse the terrain of the earth)

Standard equipment: Omnitrix, space armor (generated by Omnitrix)

intelligence: Above average. Ben is naive and arrogant and likes to have fun, but through outsmarting them, he defeated many enemies (he was able to find out the Weatherheads storm and defeat them by himself, and even resisted the possession of High Overrides. In addition, he won his belief after meeting Azmuth Ben He is a true hero and even left a deep impression on Azims through a successful trial. Ben defeated the 10,000-year-old magician Hex, and was enlarged by dozens of magic books. Ben’s creation The force enabled him to outsmart and defeat the warlord Wilgax, conquer the entire planetary galaxy, and contend with Agent No. 6, known as the “sixth deadliest man on earth.”)


weakness: The 10-year-old Ben is still immature and may be a little overconfident. Later, he met Azmuth and won his trust by saving the world through experience.

Notable attacks/techniques:

  • Active mode: Omnitrix’s default mode allows Ben to transform into an alien, and only ten of these DNA samples can be provided at any given time, while Omnitrix contains the DNA of thousands of aliens from all over the universe. Omnitrix will enter “charging mode” and lock itself for at least five minutes to prevent irreparable damage to the user’s DNA.
  • Translator: Omnitrix’s default translator can translate any alien language, so Ben can communicate with them
  • DNA manipulation: Omnitrix has a DNA scanner that allows it to sample, absorb and collect DNA or use it to heal DNA, just like Azmuth uses it to restore alien V to Vilgax
  • A shortcut: Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben
  • Translator: Can translate foreign languages
  • safety measures: Omnitrix has protective measures for anyone who tries to delete it forcibly
  • Communicator: Omnitrix has a communicator (Ben uses to contact Azmuth)
  • DNA scanner: Omnitrix can scan the DNA of organisms and allow Ben to transform into them
  • DNA repair: Omnitrix can restore and repair the DNA used by Azmuth to turn Alien V back into vilgax
  • Omni-Kix: Omnitrix provides Omni-Kix Armor, which provides many aliens with new powerful abilities to upgrade them.
  • Omni-Naut space armor: Omnitrix provides Omni-Naut armor for some aliens, enabling them to fly and protect in outer space and other planetary environments. Ben does not need to activate the armor himself, because this feature will be automatically activated during the battle.

key: Humanity | Use Omnitrix


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