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How to dress to attend a wedding

You have an invitation to a wedding this summer and wondering how to dress to attend?

here are the 5 basic rules to follow to avoid missteps in addition to some ideas of trendy outfits.

1. For a wedding, it is NO to white, unless otherwise indicated

Unlessexplicit contrary notice, we absolutely avoid wearing white and all its variations (ivory, cream and company) to a traditional wedding. This color is reserved for the bride, it is an unwritten rule!

Even in the case of a less traditional wedding, if you have any doubts, check directly with the bride and groom or abstain.

Woman wearing a patterned dress with some white how to dress for a wedding

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Note: Yes, there may be some white in your dress print. The important thing is that he does not dominate.

dress with white mauve turquoise blue attend a wedding

2. Dressing in black at a wedding: it’s allowed and even trendy!

My clients regularly ask me if they can wearing black to a wedding. While there was a time when it was not recommended to wear black to a wedding, it is no longer the case today.

It is above all about harmonizing our little black dress with wedding style which we will attend. A long black dress can be very elegant for a chic wedding in a large hotel, while a black cocktail dress is quite appropriate for an urban and trendy wedding.

Simply add a festive touch with colorful accessories.

black dress with pink accessories - how to dress at a wedding

House of Sienna

3. Choose an outfit that respects the theme of the wedding, if necessary

To choose an appropriate outfit, it is essential to consider the general theme and the location of the wedding.

If you know the bride and groom well, trust their personal style : it’s a good clue to consider! For example, this dress would be ideal for a retro themed wedding:

How to dress for wedding: retro golden silver dress

4. We harmonize our look with that of our companion

Without doing too much “little coordinated kit”, which is also very inadvisable, we make sure that our respective outfits coexist harmoniously. And it will be so much prettier in the photos!

how to dress for a wedding, match the companion

How to dress at a wedding: 5 trendy inspirations

After these few basic rules for dressing well at a wedding without misstep, here are some trendy outfits to inspire you. All you have to do is choose your hairstyle and makeup for the wedding!

1. Outfit inspiration for a wedding: combo high waist skirt + cropped top

Black cropped top and matching midi skirt how to dress for a wedding

Small reminder: we do not reveal the navel.

2. Outfit inspiration for a wedding: the jumpsuit

how to dress for a wedding

For those who want to wear something other than a skirt or a dress. We love the lace back of this sophisticated jumpsuit.

loose jumpsuit chic mauve trend wedding guest how to dress for a wedding

Asos Fashion Finder

3. Wedding outfit inspiration: floral or botanical prints

What to wear to a wedding: pink floral print floral dress trendy how to dress for a wedding

Right in the bucolic tone of the beautiful season!

how to dress for a wedding

A dress with a tropical neoprene print: ultra trendy!

how to dress for a wedding

4. Outfit inspiration for a wedding: dare the bright colors

how to dress for a wedding

To have fun with sparkle!

how to dress for a wedding

Yellow is on trend this summer, so why not adopt it!

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