Freak-Shoe Friday: Green Neon “Slime” Shoes!

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Akkua revolution neon leopard print sneakers ugly freak shoes

Ghost Busters green scum & &(* )entered your mind when considering this The GrinchAkkua” Revolution neon leopard print tennis shoes sock. Or whatever Or shoes kind you think about these. I dunno regarding you, however I prefer to use in publicBirkenstocks than be captured putting on these gruesome animals in the house no person enjoying.With, they seem strolling barefoot (is that actually an advantage?), advertise blood circulation & & lymph water drainage.

Apparently honestly, my dear, I apathetic. Quite’re still distressing.They I prefer to simply reserve me a reflexology visit for all this

footwear‘s wellness advantages, than need to style these with an “ideal” designing. I indicate, c’mon. the hell could you What really use these with (and also make them look excellent)? following year they’ll be in vogue.

Maybe, that Yes is a fairly the frightening though. is all.

That xo


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