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Coconut oil for the face

Coconut oil for the face

Coconut oil is not only wonderfully suitable for cooking but can also be used in the bathroom in a variety of ways. The unique combination of agents in the scent oil is perfect for facial care. The face is indeed one of the most important and most followed parts of the human being. It is of overriding importance for making a good first impression, for communication and determines outward appearance. Since the skin of the face is not protected by clothes unlike the rest of the body, it is therefore exposed to external factors including UV rays, wind, dry air from the heating and all other environmental influences. are part of. This is why it is important to pay a lot of attention to the face, to treat it and protect it regularly and carefully. As a natural facial care medium, coconut oil is best suited for this. The condition is however that it is not industrial coconut oil but a native organic coconut oil.

Coconut oil for unhealthy skin and blackheads

Many people fall victim to oily, large-pored skin that leads to impurities. Coconut oil can help against unhealthy skin and against blackheads thanks to its important substances and especially its large amount of lauric acid. The fact that lauric acid is an effective and natural substance against viruses, bacteria and fungi has been scientifically proven time and again. After a thorough cleansing, a small dose of coconut oil can be spread on the unhealthy skin of the face, which represents a beneficial massage. Also spread native organic coconut oil on the neck and décolleté in case these skin surfaces are in danger of impurities and blackheads.

Coconut oil for pimples and acne

Many people suffer from pimples and acne not only in puberty but also in adulthood. It is especially annoying when such inflammations leave marks on the skin in the form of pigment spots or scars. Coconut oil can be an effective remedy against pimples and acne thanks to its rich content of lauric acid. In the case of pimples, these are small inflammations. Coconut oil can help inhibit inflammation and soothe and heal affected parts of the skin in a lasting way with its antibacterial properties. Coconut oil can be used against pimples at the same time. In order to smear coconut oil on the pimples, the hands should be washed or a fresh cotton swab should be used. If not, the danger of spreading more bacteria or other harmful substances will persist. Used regularly and carefully, coconut oil can help fight acne and pimples.

Coconut oil against wrinkles

Wrinkles can really spoil our mood when looking in the mirror in the morning. The cosmetics industry promises to alleviate the problem with preparations at horrifying prices. However, these products are produced industrially and often contain artificial substances. The risk of negative side effects such as allergies or intolerances is therefore greater. This risk is rather implausible for natural cosmetic products against wrinkles. Everyone gets old sooner or later but coconut oil can be used as a natural preventative against wrinkles and can thus minimize and prevent them. Valuable substances are the strong point of coconut oil against wrinkles. Coconut oil contains a dose of vitamin complexes, minerals and nutrients. Coconut oil acts especially against wrinkles with the antioxidants and lauric acid it contains. These substances can tighten the skin gently and effectively. Thanks to the care rich in vitamins and moisture, the skin remains elastic and future wrinkles can be avoided. In order to use coconut oil against wrinkles, a small dose should be smeared on the affected areas of the skin. Preferably, use coconut oil for wrinkles several times a week after washing your skin and before going to bed. Coconut oil can fight wrinkles during its nighttime reaction time.

Coconut oil against dark circles

Dark circles are annoying and ugly things that make the tiring days or weeks of our lives visible. Too much stress, not enough sleep, the flu or a wild party: dark circles are predestined. Besides relaxation, beauty nap, and refreshments, you can once try coconut oil to fight dark circles. It is precisely the skin around our eyes that is very sensitive and thin. This is where you should avoid aggressive skin care products and use natural products. Coconut oil can also be smeared around the eyes. Take coconut oil on your clean finger and smear it under the eyes. A gentle massage of the head stimulates circulation for a fresh grain and ensures that the active substances in coconut oil infiltrate the skin more quickly.

Coconut oil for eyelashes

The eyelashes give the eyes a beautiful and natural frame. In order to have a particularly expressive look, it is important that the eyelashes are dense and soft. It is precisely the women who use the means of support that make the eyelashes look darker and longer. This is why the eyelashes undergo daily procedures such as their training with the eyelash curler and the use of mascara. But the eyelashes can, like our hair, suffer from such treatments and become brittle. Regular eyelash care is therefore very important. A gentle and rigorous cleaning of the eyelashes in the evening is inevitable. Otherwise, the leftover mascara can harden the eyelashes, causing them to break and fall out during sleep. Regular use of coconut oil contributes to dense and soft eyelashes and gives them important nutrients and vitamins. It is enough to spread a little coconut oil between your thumb and your index finger and thus make it liquid and then spread it on your eyelids. In order to optimally care for the eyelashes, coconut oil should be used several times a week.

Coconut oil against herpes

Many people suffer from ugly and chronic herpes. Herpes labialis primarily affects the mouth but can also spread to other areas of the face or body. Herpes is highly transmissible not only to others but also to yourself. With simple physical contact, herpes can also spread to other parts of the body. Quick and effective measures are therefore important to combat herpes. Thanks to its antiviral effect, coconut oil can be used against herpes. As for the outdoor use of coconut oil for herpes, the oil should be smeared on the affected inflamed surface. At this point, care should be taken that this is done with a cotton swab or otherwise with freshly washed hands which should be washed again after use.

Coconut oil as a makeup remover

Coconut oil can be used as a natural and gentle makeup remover. It is also suitable for the sensitive part of the eye because the native organic coconut oil does not contain any artificial substances that could irritate the skin. In order to use coconut oil as a natural makeup remover, just take a dose approximately the size of a hazelnut on the tips of your fingers and spread it on the face and then remove it with a gentle cosmetic handkerchief or cotton pad. Superb side effect: Thanks to the rich care properties of coconut oil, other care measures like the use of moisturizers become unnecessary.

Lip care with coconut oil

It is precisely in winter that the lips are dry and rough. Coconut oil can also be used for velvety and soft lips. Just rub native organic coconut oil between her fingers and spread it on her lips. The antibacterial effect of coconut oil can also attack nasty herpes bacteria as a preventative measure. The advantage of coconut oil as a lip care medium is that it is also a food product. When the oil is licked off the lips during the day, it is not paraffins or silicone that is eaten, but rather beneficial and natural coconut oil. Just fill a small crucible with it and the natural lip balm will always be on hand for velvety skin.

Coconut oil as aftershave

Coconut oil can also have a cooling effect on sensitive male skin after shaving. Used as an aftershave, coconut oil ensures that the skin receives enough moisture along with its vitamins and nutrients. The calming and anti-inflammatory content of coconut oil ensures that the skin is soft, relaxed, without irritation and without redness.

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