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Autumn Wardrobe Must-Haves (and things to get rid of)

autumn wardrobe

Dark mornings and cool nights are creeping up on us with Autumn’s slow arrival. It’s time to say goodbye to sunny, floral sundresses and frilly, strapless gowns, and time to say hello to something new, and much more demure. With a new season comes a whole new colour palette to match. Get your hot chocolates and thick blankets ready, because winter is on its way!

In the meantime, it’s time to turn over a new leaf, and adjust your autumn wardrobe accordingly – and luckily, lookart is here to help you do just that. But, the age old question is: where do we start?

Clean out your wardrobe

There’s no better way to make room for new clothes than to get rid of old ones. Single out pieces of clothing that you haven’t worn in twelve months, or longer. Find pieces that no longer fit correctly, or things you can’t see yourself picking up to wear out again, and consider selling them on eBay, or better yet – donating them to charity.

Sometimes, a simple re-arrangement can lead you to discover clothes you’d forgotten – or even lost! – in the depths of your wardrobe.

Take note of what you have, and start to think about how you can build new, and dynamic outfits based off items of clothing you already own. Sometimes, a new outfit can be spiced up just right with something old! Vintage and chic is always, always in style – no matter the season; but pieces like these are always perfect for an autumn wardrobe.

Identify items of clothing you need to update, or replace – knits, jackets, and boots never go out of style in autumn, and winter. Consider pieces from last season that you can carry over into this one, and build off a solid foundation.

burberry runway autumn wardrobe
Source: Burberry

Find the right colours

Dark reds, purples, and browns make for perfect Autumn colours. Think of the changing leaves, and the cool atmosphere – and how you might dress to match. Just like bright and colourful florals are easily paired with spring – nudes, neutrals, and warmer shades pair effortlessly and elegantly with autumn.

A neutral colour palette will stand out amidst the seasonal stormy greys, and give you plenty of dynamic outfits to work with. Colours such as these can easily be mixed and matched to create fresh, and interesting ensembles with varying accessories to truly pop, and draw the eye.

the jetset diaries labyrinth paisley maxi dress autumn wardrobe talulah blind love mini autumn wardrobe

Create a colour story with our Jetset Diaries Labyrinth Paisley Maxi Dress, a perfect addition to your autumn wardrobe. Chic prints and free-flowing skirts with full-length sleeves are the perfect ensemble to step outdoors for a function, or a formal event in; especially when the autumn chill starts to set in. Dress yours up with a pair of nude heels and a simple gold statement necklace, or a pair of glittering, eye-catching earrings. Keep the look understated with a simple nude clutch to keep the focus on those eye-catching prints.

Our Talulah Blind Love mini dress in rosewood is the perfect Autumnal piece, featuring the season’s saturated warmth in mono-coloured floral lace, and a frilled mini-skirt hemline, this dress is both flirty, and bold. Dress it up with a simple nude heel, and matching pod clutch, and bring attention to the lace, and the florals with a classy up-do and dark, auburn lip for an edgy finish. It might be Autumn, but it’s still the perfect time for washed-out and simplified florals – put your own twist on the springtime stereotype with something different, and something dynamic! It’s the season to be bold, and unafraid.  

mossman spinning the web dress autumn wardrobethurley babylon lace dress autumn wardrobe

Black is a timeless, and effortlessly elegant look. A little black dress is always, always the perfect addition to any autumn wardrobe. Spread your comfort zone into mesh lace, full-length, free-flowing skirts, knee-length hemlines, and off-shoulder cuts that show just enough skin to draw the eye. Dress your Mossman Spinning the Web dress up with a statement necklace or earrings with a glitter clutch and some bold lip for a flirty look. Add a touch of colour and flare to your Thurley Babylon Lace dress with a statement clutch and a pair of bold heels for a dash of unique flare that’s bound to leave an impression. It may be the season of reds and purples, but it’s never the wrong time for a dash of black.  

Check out your favourite celebrities


Cara Delevingne autumn wardrobe
Source: celebmafia

Leather jackets will never go out of style, and will last the test of time through the years. The perfect way to turn a look from cute to edgy, and one of the best ways to stay warm in the season’s chill – a leather jacket is a must-have addition to your autumn wardrobe. Take a leaf out of Cara Delevingne’s book and pair it with a mini dress and some thigh-high socks to keep your look fresh, and stylish. Stick to neutral, and warm shades to match the season, and a statement, nude lip.

Gigi Hadid autumn wardrobe
Source: celebmafia

For a more laid-back ensemble, opt for a Gigi Hadid look in simple skinny jeans, boots, and a bright overcoat. Just like leather jackets, denim is always in season – whether it’s washed-out, bedazzled, bootleg, or skinny – a pair of new jeans is never a bad investment, and a great starting point when it comes to updating your wardrobe. Check out the condition of your latest pair, and consider buying a new, and unique style to you! Do you often reach for skinnies? Maybe try a bootleg! Do you usually go for ripped, acid-washed jeans? Maybe try a boyfriend fit!

Play around with colours that best suit your complexion – cool and warm tones compliment different skin tones, and what looks great on your favourite celeb might not look great on you – but that doesn’t mean you can’t draw inspiration from your fashion icons!

For more outfit inspiration and exclusive style tips, check out the rest of our blog. Visit our website to draw some inspiration from our new arrivals, and extensive collections of designer dresses for something that is guaranteed to make you glow this autumn!

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