Who is Tara Anderson?Wiki, biography, age, husband, cause of death

Tara Anderson

Who is Tara Anderson?Wiki, biography, age, husband, cause of death

Tara Anderson

Tara Anderson Wiki-Tara Anderson Biography

Tara Anderson is best known as the wife of Australian professional dart player Kyle Anderson.

He was declared dead on August 24, 2021; he was 33 years old. From 2012 to 2021, Kyle Anderson worked at the Professional Darts Company (PDC).

He won the 2017 Auckland Darts Masters Championship. He is the brother of Bo Anderson, a dart player.

The couple have two children in total.


Tara Anderson’s age is not yet known.

Kyle Anderson’s cause of death

Anderson moved from Australia to Nottingham, England to become a professional dart player. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he returned to Australia. Anderson suffers from diabetes and tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after returning to Australia from the UK in March 2020 and spent four weeks in self-isolation. On August 10th, he posted a picture of himself in the hospital on his Instagram account with the text: “It’s too regular now.”

His death was announced on August 24, 2021; he was 33 years old.

PDC Chairman Barry Hearn said: “At this sad moment, we extend our condolences and best wishes to Kyle’s family and friends, especially his wife and children. He is one of the best on the tour. A popular player, his talent and dedication allowed him to inspire other players around the world.”

Michael Van Gerwen wrote in a tweet: “A lovely person. It is always fun to be with him. It is a pity to hear about Kyle. We have a lot of great games and an outstanding player. Australia and the world Credit for the darts. RIP buddy.”

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