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What They Are, Where to Buy & How to Apply

Have you found out about magnetic eyelashes yet? Every every now and then a brand-new item appears on the scene with a case that seems also great to hold true, and also I assume magnetic lashes most definitely suit that group.

Magnetic Eyelashes: Magnetic False Lashes .

When I initially found out about magnetic incorrect eyelashes I figured there had to be a catch– could there truly be stunning falsies that do not need any kind of adhesive or hassle and also are completely multiple-use? I made certain it was a rip-off.

But after that the evaluations and also video clips appeared, and also I understood that possibly magnetic eyelashes truly deserved attempting. I dove in, did my study, and also I can inform you with self-confidence that magnetic lashes are a complex monster that is finest come close to gradually, with self-confidence and also a daring spirit.

In this write-up, I’ll describe precisely what magnetic eyelashes are, what they’re constructed from, and also how they function. I’ll allow you learn about the very best magnetic eyelashes that you could desire to purchase for on your own, and also I’ll describe precisely how to apply them.

I additionally offer some benefits and drawbacks for magnetic eyelashes, so you can find out if they are best for you, and also to end points off I’ll offer you every one of the creative hacks that will certainly make the magnetic lash application simpler for you, whatever sort of magnetic falsies you wind up deciding on.

Guide to Magnetic Eyelashes: Contents

What Are Magnetic Eyelashes and also How Do They Work?

Magnetic lashes are just strip lashes, with magnets along the strip where eyelash adhesive would typically be used. There are 2 strips of lashes per eye: a leading item that exceeds the lashes and also provides the wonderful impact, and also a lower item that goes listed below the eyelashes and also attaches to the leading item, maintaining it in position. The all-natural lashes being in between the leading and also lower items of the magnetic lashes.

Magnetic lashes been available in all type of layouts, consisting of huge, remarkable alternatives, slender all-natural alternatives, and also also demi-lashes that just rest along the external edge of the eye. Different brand names make magnetic incorrect eyelashes out of the precise very same products as glue-on incorrect eyelashes, consisting of mink, silk, and also human hair.

What Are Magnetic Eyelashes and How Do They Work?

5 Best Magnetic Eyelashes to Buy

So which magnetic lashes should you rely on and also attempt? Here we offer 5 of the very best choices!

1. Ardell Magnetic Lash Accent # 001

Ardell has actually been making a few of my preferred incorrect eyelashes for years currently, so it is not unusual that they have actually additionally made a few of the very best magnetic eyelashes. These lash accents are the very best evaluated due to the fact that they occur to need the least quantity of initiative to look great.

They are the most convenient magnetic lashes for newbies to begin with, and also without a doubt the most convenient to apply. Once you have actually understood them, you can attempt Ardell’s complete strip magnetic lashes. They are constructed from actual human hair and also they offer an all-natural looking accent to the external edge of the eye, and also a positive pet cat eye impact. Buy them from Ulta!

Best Magnetic Eyelashes: Ardell Magnetic Lash Accent #001

2. Eylure Luxe Magnetic Baroque Corner Lashes

These choices to Ardell are additionally collar lashes that are wonderful for newbies. They are a little bit a lot more remarkable, so using them calls for a little bit a lot more job, yet they are the best selection if you are a follower of significant dramatization. They are constructed from a mink-like artificial product, and also can be acquired at Ulta.

Best Magnetic Eyelashes: Eylure Luxe Magnetic Baroque Corner Lashes

3. Lash FX Dramatic Lashes in Gigi

These are most likely the very best magnetic lashes with a complete strip, given that they look soft and also mix right into the all-natural lashes really conveniently. They have 4 magnets that hold on firmly, and also a form that is incredibly complementary to most eyes. The lashes obtain considerably much longer in the direction of the external edge for an attractive 1960s appearance. You can buy them straight from Lash FX, where various other forms are offered too, or from Amazon.

Best Magnetic Eyelashes: Lash FX Dramatic Lashes in Gigi

4. One Two Cosmetics Bombshell Lash

This is the firm that made the initial magnetic lashes, at the initial $60 cost. These days there are a lot more budget-friendly alternatives around, yet none contrast to the deluxe of obtaining a smooth One Two Cosmetics bundle of lashes.

The finest magnetic eyelashes from One Two are in fact not the originals, yet the sophisticated collection lashes, which have one complete strip leading item yet 2 lower items per lash, for a less complicated application that rests better to the lash line. I selected to checklist the Bombshell lashes to include some dramatization and also prestige to this checklist, although the sophisticated collection additionally flaunts some even more all-natural looking alternatives. You can buy them on the internet straight from One Two Cosmetics, or Amazon.

Best Magnetic Eyelashes: One Two Cosmetics Bombshell Lash

5. PU Beauty Triple Magnetic Eyelashes

You have to beware purchasing magnetic eyelashes online, yet these ones are the actual bargain and also are without a doubt the very best magnetic eyelashes offered onAmazon They have an extremely soft, all-natural appearance, and also they provide an extremely close application many thanks to 3 different lower items. If you like the appearance of a complete strip yet do not desire anything over the leading after that these are your best choice. As currently pointed out, you’ll have to go to Amazon in order to buy them.

Best Magnetic Eyelashes: PU Beauty Triple Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic Lash Pros & & Cons

So it’s quite clear that magnetic eyelashes do function, yet are they any kind of far better than normal incorrect eyelashes? We’ll damage down the advantages and also downsides of magnetic lashes, so you can find out if they are best for you. With that being stated, the only means to truly understand if magnetic lashes will certainly benefit you is to in fact attempt them!


• Magnetic eyelashes are used without an adhesive, so there is no mess!

• No requirement to stress over latex allergic reactions from the adhesive.

• Once you master it, using magnetic incorrect eyelashes fasts and also very easy.

• Magnetic lashes are virtually constantly multiple-use, which is much better for the pocket and also the atmosphere.

• Removal is additionally much quicker and also simpler than with typical incorrect lashes, and also it does not leave any kind of adhesive deposit.

• You do not require to stress over giving up any one of your very own all-natural lashes, which regrettably is not constantly the situation with typical incorrect eyelashes.

Magnetic False Eyelashes Hacks & Tips


• It takes a long period of time to discover how to apply magnetic eyelashes. Consider spending a minimum of a pair hrs of your time in simply messing around and also identifying how to apply them.

• Since they are in fact constructed from 2 strips of lashes, magnetic lashes often tend to look a little bulkier than typical incorrect lashes.

• The most typical problem with magnetic incorrect lashes is that it is tough to obtain them to set effectively at the internal and also external edge.

• It is tough to obtain magnetic lashes to rest as close to the lash line as typical falsies.

• Some magnetic incorrect eyelashes are stiffer than their typical equivalents, and also are harder to obtain to healthy certain eye forms.

• Sometimes magnetic incorrect lashes just do not function. Whether the magnetic lashes will certainly look great or otherwise greatly depends upon the eye form of the individual attempting them out, and also regrettably the only means to locate this out is to acquisition them and also provide a shot both with and also without the hacks. With many budget-friendly alternatives out on the marketplace nowadays it is not a hefty cost to pay.

How to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes?

• Start off by cleaning and also drying your hands. You desire to see to it that your hands are tidy prior to you do anything that brings them close to your eyes.

• Make certain that you have a comfy workspace, with a tidy vanity, counter, or table. Your magnetic incorrect eyelashes will certainly drop sometimes throughout your initial application effort, and also you do not desire them dropping on the flooring, right into the sink, or on an unpleasant counter covered in make-up products.

• Before you truly begin using the magnetic incorrect eyelashes in earnest, gauge them along your eye to see if their size is proper, particularly if you have actually gone with a complete strip of lashes. Do so by holding the linked top and also lower components of the lashes over your top lash line.

If they rest over it flawlessly you do not have to trim, yet if they appear long or if they can be found in also close at the internal edge, after that you most definitely should. Most individuals locate that they require to cut off one magnet (particularly for magnetic lashes with 4 magnets) and also 3 collections of lashes from the external edge of the eyelash.

• Get begun by using your eye shadow as you typically would, or miss it entirely if you’re not a follower of eye shadow.

• Apply a little of eye liner, to make sure that the magnetic lashes have something to assimilate with at your lash line. You do not have to apply a complete line of fluid eye liner with a wing, as that may be far better to do after you have actually used your magnetic eyelashes.

How to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes?

• Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curling iron in order to provide a little of lift.

• Apply a couple of layers of your preferred mascara, beginning with the origin of the lashes and also delicately relocate to and fro while you draw it upwards. Give the mascara a couple of mins to completely dry.

• Take the leading component of your magnetic lashes, and also contour it for a couple of minutes to make sure that the strip tackles a horseshoe-like form, which will certainly enable the lashes to circulation much better with the contour of your eye.

• With your fingers or with a set of tweezers, take the leading component of your magnetic lashes and also apply it over your lashes as close as feasible to the lash line.

• Hold the leading lashes in position with your much less leading hand, and also with your leading hand get the lower component of your magnetic eyelashes.

• Place the lower lashes right listed below your top lash line– the magnets of the leading and also lower items will instantaneously get on to each various other, and also hold each various other in position, with your all-natural lashes sandwiched in between.

• Make any kind of tiny changes to the lashes if essential.

• To make completions of the magnetic eyelashes mix far better with your eye line, apply some black fluid eye liner along the internal and also external edges of your eye and also right over the line of the magnetic lashes.

• If in the beginning you do not be successful, attempt once more! Magnetic incorrect eyelashes virtually never ever look best at the initial shot– using them firmly and also close to the lash line takes some experimentation. If you still can not obtain them to job also after duplicated application efforts, have a look at a few of our magnetic eyelash hacks!

• To eliminate the magnetic eyelashes, just draw them apart by getting the leading and also lower items, or move them apart in contrary instructions.

Magnetic Lash Hacks to Know

• The initial and also most preferred magnetic eyelash hack was produced by youtuber Blushing Brush, and also it was particularly recommended for the Ardell magnetic lashes. She recommends reducing the lower lash item right into 3 components.

Apply the leading item to your leading lash, and after that apply the lower component in 3 areas: initially the area that goes closes to the internal edge, after that the center area, after that the 3rd area. This means you can make certain that the internal and also external edges are effectively bent to your lash line, are safeguarded, and also are resting as close to the lash line as feasible.

Magnetic Lash Hacks to Know

• Another wonderful hack, produced by youtuber Ashley Nicole Stiles, recommends reducing both the leading and also lower items! Have your magnetic eyelashes allured with each other, to make sure that the leading and also lower items are connected to each various other flawlessly, and also just reduce them between.

This functions well for magnetic lashes that have 4 or 2 magnetic items, and also for individuals that just can not obtain the leading component of their magnetic lashes to contour with their eye. Simply apply the external edge component of the lash initially, and after that apply the internal edge component.

• This last hack is particularly for incorrect eyelashes that just have one magnetic strip in their facility– i.e. the initialOne Two Lashes For these, as opposed to using the leading component initially, start by aligning the lower fifty percent of the magnetic lashes and after that shutting your eye to maintain it in position. With your eyes shut apply the leading component. The lashes must stick conveniently and also as close as feasible to the lash line.

Photos by means of @janicejoostemaa, @thesaraengel.

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